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I’m hoping to resurrect this feature – we had some fun with it a while ago and it was great that people replied to some of the issues we highlighted – looking forward to hearing from you.

Was reading the old Sunday ‘Lies’ this week and seen that stalwart of truth and honour, Richard Sullivan, had an article reporting on the alleged tensions in North Belfast, featuring the LVF, UVF and the UDA. Some of the stuff he was relaying was very specific, if it was the truth, and it got me thinking as to whether the PSNI has visited him to find out who the sources are that he quotes.

A lot of people believe that these so called ‘sources or insiders’ are fabricated in a way that prohibits any real way of finding out if it’s the truth, meanwhile the Ballysillan area is brought down again with rumours of feuds. I also see that Sullivan’s old mate, Jim McDowell, is still gurning 9 years later about the few slaps he got down at the City Hall. Get over it Jim, you handed out a few black eyes in your day and people weren’t going on about it 9 years after.

Another of Sullivan’s friends, Hugh Jordan, had a couple of articles that highlight the sense of ambiguity journalists exhibit in the search for ratings and wages. Having watched ‘I, Dolours’ myself and been quite enthralled at times when Dolours Price was being interviewed. I found myself believing her account and this was down to Ed Moloney’s input. Jordan says something similar. Jordan then, in a separate article, accuses a dead man of taking part in the events surrounding what has been called by republicans as the ‘Ballymurphy Massacre’. Accusing a dead man of ‘firing relentlessly’– what a noble piece of Journalism, Hugh. By the way, how do you know this? Did Richard Sullivan tell you? Jordan also comments on a local business man being found guilty of a sexual assault – nothing wrong with Jordan reporting this, I hear you say, true I say. But what Jordan was more interested in was the fact that the man convicted had links with the Irish Football Association. He never misses a chance to slip a knife into all that he opposes. Well, that’s enough negativity for the time being.

Following the alleged harassment of a local businessman by some Northern Ireland fans, our own wee Jamie Bryson offered the businessman a spare ticket to the next game he had – very noble Jamie but methinks a free curry for Jamie and ‘the lads’ is the only real reason this was offered – it would have been interesting if the businessman had been the franchise holder for haemorrhoid cream rather than a restaurant owner – but maybe that’s the old cynical me rising!

Just on the GAWA – what a young man Carl Frampton is. There was a great picture of Carl and his daughter attending Windsor Park. A shining example to all of us – loyal, someone who unites people, articulate, a family man and many other things beside. The people of Tiger’s Bay and the Shore Road should feel proud of him – he doesn’t forget who he is and where he comes from – unfortunately not all are like that, what do you think McDowell?

A south Belfast observer.



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