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No Surrender!!!: Beware: It Does Not Suffer Fools Gladly.


It has been hinted at, in East Belfast that, the tactic of writing NO SURRENDER, across the ballet sheet in the upcoming election, would be a more preferable option than, voting for a United Unionist Candidate in East Belfast.

This suggested act of treachery, could well result in the treacherous, non- union and non- National Standard supporting alliance party, being re-elected by default in East Belfast.

It would be a betrayal of the thousands of ordinary decent Loyalists, who have been protesting and in many cases prosecuted, for making a stand in defence of our National Standard.

It would be a betrayal  of every Ulster Volunteer who had ever charged into no-man’s land, with the cry of NO SURRENDER, on their lips.

It would also be a total betrayal of every Ulster Volunteer of the early seventies, who defiantly proclaimed NO SURRENDER in the courts upon sentencing and throughout their entire imprisonment.


Every sincere Unionist in East Belfast needs to realise the seriousness of our countries present situation, Country must be put before petty, party, or petty, personal aspirations, remember every split, spoiled, or unused Unionist vote, will be a vote for the treacherous, alliance party.


“NO SURRENDER” is not a declaration to be made lightly, or insincerely, especially by fraudulent Loyalists, it has a habit of coming back to severely bite, those who use it dishonestly.

Now would be a suitable time to remember the words of, “Where now the no surrender men.”


Where now the no surrender men, where now their cries of never?

Where now the pledges cheaply made, without the courage to deliver?

Where now the hands that would not shake, the bloody hands of slaughter?

Where now the papers boastfully waved, for guns that would not utter?


Where now the wavers of the flag, where now the ranks of marchers?

Where now resistance Red Berets? all sold out by your masters.

All sold for riches power and fame, lie cast aside the cannon fodder.

Misused, disowned, shamefully cast aside, in exchange for Stormont Plunder.


Charlie Freel.




New Saint Patrick Needed: Dr. John Coulter

Wanted: A new St Patrick who can rid Ireland of the python politicians who are crushing the heart out of our Emerald Isle!


Where do we find such a new saint? Simple solution, the ordinary people of Ireland become that communal saint!


Heaven knows, given the mess the bankers and politicians have made of this wonderful island, we would need the patience of a saint not to start a violent revolution.


So everyone Irish must take my St Paddy’s Day Pledge – take politics away from our patron saint and put the Bible back into Ireland.


The sad reality is that St Patrick’s Day has become politicised and polarised by republicans, who have rebranded him across the globe as a nationalist, anti-British saint.


This has prompted knee-jerk reactions from Unionists as they try to introduce Orange marches to combat the legions of Irish tricolours on display at parades across the island.


The advance of the Godless secular and pluralist society has also seen a dilution of the real Christian meaning of tomorrow.

St Patrick brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle, not British imperialism or militant republicanism, so get with the programme, Ireland!


Our patron saint is credited with the following wisdom: “Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.”


The true meaning of St Patrick’s Christian crusade to Ireland has been pulled apart by centuries of sectarian infighting between the religious denominations and the scandals which have rocked the Christian Church on the island like an Old Testament Biblical plague.


The credibility of the Irish Catholic Church has been rocked to the core with all the clerical sexual and physical abuse scandals.


If Jesus and Patrick came back tomorrow, on reading many of the abuse inquiry findings, they would jointly issue the famous Christian maxim – Get thee behind me, satan!


The Protestant community is not far behind as it is split into so many denominations and cliques within churches that it is almost impossible to determine who actually speaks for the so-called Reformed Faith.


Many Protestant churches are locked in wars of words over issues such as forms of worship, translations of the Bible to read, women wearing hats, and men with loud ties with their suits!


Wednesday is my 26th wedding anniversary. Yet I was refused membership of the church I was married in because my wife chooses not to wear a hat to Sunday worship!

So with pervert priests preying on children on one hand, and nutball militant fundamentalists screaming about who is the Anti Christ on the other, is it any wonder Ireland has turned its back on the Biblical principles of Patrick?


The homosexual community as a minority section of society has shouted about its beliefs to such an extent that Gay Pride marches are now an annual part of many town and city calendars.


While thousands will be on parade tomorrow to commemorate Patrick as a saint, I wonder how many people would march if there was a Christian Pride event instead? Is St Patrick’s Day becoming like Christmas Day – another commercial event without the true meaning?


If Patrick did come back to look at modern Ireland, he’d probably cry at the spiritual state of the island, and get back on his boat and bog off back to Britain.


But that would be a cry of defeat. Knowing the real spirit of St Patrick, he would stay in Ireland and rid the nation of all the snakes.


What Ireland needs is a new spiritual champion to campaign for the Biblical standards which Patrick instilled into the island.


How many young people have been put off joining the priesthood and other holy order for fear of being branded a paedophile or have their sexual preference questioned?


How many people don’t want to admit they have a strong Christian faith for fear of being branded a Bible-basher or tub-thumper?


Have the antics of Hell fire preachers spoiled it for a generation of new evangelists?


Is a time really coming in Ireland where being a follower of the beliefs of St Patrick will get you banned from a job or refused entrance to a restaurant or school?


As we walk in honour of Patrick tomorrow, as Irish people, let’s take the pledge to continue his spiritual legacy by putting the Bible back into Ireland.



Friday the 13th: Or an Early April Fool’s Day Out with the Loony Left: Charlie Freel



Last Fridays farcically meaningless, one day token strike, by the looney lefters, without a doubt resulted in the weirdest collection of strange bed-fellows, ever to be seen in Northern Ireland.


Old original trade unionists, from the days when trade unionism was directed by the workers on the shop floor and strikes lasted until the clearly defined, achievable goal was achieved, will have watched on in disbelief as workers were conned into participating in such a farcical sham strike, by the heavily infiltrated, republican supporting, big house, fur coated, managing directors of the treacherous, Irish trade union movement.


Genuine, solidarity sincere, original trade unionists, will have watched on in disbelief as some deluded workers trooped out, at the behest of the same treacherous, Irish congress of trade unions who had stood silently by, as the NIPSA Classroom assistants were betrayed, by the black legging, Unite, Unison and GMB, non-solidarity supporting, so called trade unions, who actively encouraged their members to undermine the Classroom assistants totally legitimate strike, by crossing the NIPSA picket lines.

It was obvious by their black legging, solidarity destroying behaviour, that the treacherous Unite, Unison and GMB leaderships, were willing to abandon every principle of basic trade unionism rather than offend their friends in the IRA/Sinn Fein and Catriona  Ruanne, the IRA/Sinn Fein education minister.


It was therefore totally unbelievable for old original, sincere trade unionists, to witness the shameful spectacle of the betrayed, NIPSA trade unionists, allowing themselves to be associated with and tarnished by, the treacherous, black legging, non-trade unionists of Unison, Unite and GMB, at last Fridays farcical, token strike.


As expected the usual collection of extreme, looney lefters of the communist party, the IRA, the dissident IRA, the dissidently dissident IRA, the in your face, homosexual brigade and the ever dependable, never done an honest day’s work in their life brigade, were all in attendance.


The hypocrites of the day award was a close run match between, the IRA/Sinn Fein, for having the hard neck to turn up to protest about the policies they are supporting up at Stormont and the pink section of the PUP.  Very recently the pink section of the PUP, in support of farcical, same sex sham marriage, were telling everyone daft enough to listen, that the Loyalist people of Northern Ireland should slavishly obey the dictates of the Sovereign British Government. Last Friday they suddenly changed their minds and started marching to a republican tune instead, in opposition to the dictates of equality, from their Sovereign British Government.  The event was about to be declared a draw until, one of the East Belfast Pink section of the PUP was reported to have said that, at the upcoming election, he would be casting his vote for the treacherous, alliance party, by writing No Surrender across his ballot paper, rather than support a United Unionist Candidate.


Charlie Freel.



Votes Threaten Church Power: Last Stand for Irish Bishops: Dr. John Coulter

Votes threaten Church power: Last stand for Irish bishops.


The South’s May 22 gay marriage referendum and the North’s Conscience Clause campaign represent a Custer’s Last Stand for the Catholic Church in Ireland.


Lose both battles and the Irish Bishops will be permanently confined to the dustbin of history so far as political influence is concerned.


George Custer was a famous American commander and Indian fighter. He took his invincibility for granted.


But in June 1876, he led his troops into the Battle of the Little Big Horn in the Montana Territory against the Indian tribes – and got himself and most of his soldiers massacred.


There is the real danger the referendum and clause campaigns could be used to register a massive vote of no confidence in the Catholic Church because of the clerical abuse scandals and allegations of cover-ups.


And heaven knows what other sexual abuse allegations have still to surface. During the presidency of Eamon de Valera, Ireland was a Catholic bastion and one of the Vatican’s leading global examples of the Church and State partnership.


With opinion polls so far indicating the Catholic Church will lose both votes, de Valera must be spinning in his grave with rage at how the Church leadership has lost control of the nation.


The Catholic leadership’s cassocks are in such a twist, it has even climbed into bed politically with Robbo’s DUP at Stormont to try and save the Conscience Clause from defeat at the hands of the Shinners and their allies on the issue.


In the South, mainstream Prod churches will keep quiet publicly on how to vote in the referendum so as not to rock the boat as the Protestant population in the Republic begins to rise after generations of decline.


Privately, these mainstream Prod churches will advise their flocks to vote No. Publicly, the No campaign will be fronted in terms of Prod churches by the Baptists and Elim Pentecostalists.


Win or lose, the results north and south should prompt the need to reform the Irish Catholic Church. My three-fold plan is needed to rescue the Church from eventual social oblivion.


Firstly, it must allow priests and nuns to marry; celibacy should be optional, not compulsory.


Traditional Catholic claim that if priests’ marriages ended in divorce, the women could walk away with the keys to parochial houses. That’s a red herring.


Relaxing the celibacy pledge would also scupper the stereotype that the priesthood and holy orders were havens for homosexuals.


Secondly, the Irish Church must distance itself from the Vatican in the same way many of the more politically active churches in South America have achieved. The Irish Church urgently needs to declare structural independence from Rome rule.


Thirdly, the Irish Church must follow the example of Christ Himself when he advised the rich young ruler to sell all his possession and give the money to the poor.


Given the cash-strapped Dail, the Irish Church is ironically in a prime position to use its vast wealth to help those caught in the poverty trap.


Such a move could also restore the Irish Church’s influence in the community to the privileged non-elected role it enjoyed during the de Valera era.


Whatever the referendum outcome, the Irish Catholic Church is facing its biggest upheaval since the Reformation which created Protestantism.



Sack Incompetent Stormont Terrorists and Their DUP Partners Immediately: Charlie Freel


In any other occupation, profession, business, or corporation, with the incompetence, lack of meaningful productivity, untrustworthiness and ridiculous loss of capital funds, similar to that of the Stormont Assembly, those responsible would be immediately dismissed without notice, with total loss of all benefits, on the grounds of gross incompetence.

This dishonestly created, totally undemocratic, terrorist riddled, distortion of justice, was doomed for failure from day one of its shameful creation. Its constantly shaking foundations, were laid on top of the still unsettled graves of over three thousand innocent victims. It was dishonestly and shamefully created to appease, unappeasable, unrepentant terrorists, with total disregard for the innocent dead, maimed innocent victims and the innocent relatives of victims. It was shamefully created as a source of alternative, overpaid employment, for the sectarian unrepentant terrorists who had failed in their merciless attempts, to slaughter their way to an intolerant, republican dominated, united Ireland achieved by terrorism.


The British Government has a duty of care, to the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, to immediately disband this totally dishonest charade, of totally dysfunctional, gerrymandered government. It must immediately make it illegal for a convicted terrorist to be elected into a position whereby, they can inflict further suffering on their innocent victims, via the constant media attention and totally undeserved financial reward that, they are very publicly seen to be receiving, as a reward for their unrepentant

terrorism.    How can innocent victims ever be expected to, or hope to find

closure, as things shamefully stand at this moment in time?


There must be a return to the proven, functionally workable, single vote, non transferable electoral system. Then we can be assured we have a system of Government, capable of making decisions, while as the same time having an opposition capable of mounting concerned opposition, but without the ability to disrupt good Governance, with these ridiculously undemocratic, motions of concern.


Now is the time for all sincere Unionists, to abandon petty, party differences and petty, personal aspirations of political power, Country must be put before party, we must all unite again under the authentically original and undefeatable, principles and cause of Original Ulster Loyalism, “FOR GOD AND ULSTER”.


If we are sincere in our cause, then due to the ever increasing, intolerantly bigoted, sectarian, actions of militant republicanism, we must in all future elections ensure that only one, agreed, un- divisive, United Unionist, stands for each electoral seat.

Remember every split Unionist vote and every Unionist refusal to vote, is an extra vote for the IRA/Sinn Fein and an extra plank in their Trojan horse of delusionary equality.

Charlie Freel.



The DUP’s Conscience Clause: Dr. John Coulter

The DUP’s Conscience Clause

Written By: John Coulter
Published: March 8, 2015 Last modified: March 6, 2015

Pink power will either be crimson in the face with rage or red with embarrassment as the gay and lesbian community across the island of Ireland faces a number of crucial votes in the coming weeks.

On May 22, less than three weeks after the Westminster general election in Northern Ireland, voters in the Irish Republic will have a referendum to decide whether to approve same-sex marriage.

Opinion polls suggest victory for the pro-same-sex marriage lobby, a result which will further damage the once-dominant Irish Catholic Church.

In Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party is rallying evangelical Christian support behind the campaign for a so-called conscience clause that would allow companies to opt out of supplying customers with products if it went against a firm’s religious beliefs.

A row erupted after a bakery owned by evangelical Christians refused to provide a cake decorated with a pro-gay slogan. The situation has now developed into a benchmark legal case that could have major implications for the Christian churches.

There is a suspicion the DUP is bringing the conscience clause before the Stormont Assembly as a pre-election stunt ahead of polling day on May 7.

Sinn Fein hopes to scupper the conscience clause using an Assembly petition of concern. This needs the backing 30 of the 108 MLAs to succeed.

If Sinn Fein can garner support from smaller parties, such as Alliance, the Green Party and NI21, it will be a massive slap in the face for Unionism’s fundamentalist wing, which is searching for a new political messiah following the death last year of Ian Paisley senior.

Defeat for the conscience clause will be interpreted as a growing trend towards secularism in Northern Ireland, which once boasted it was the centre of the United Kingdom’s Bible belt and the source of the famous 1859 spiritual revival which swept across the British Isles. In the Republic, a victory for the same-sex lobby could be interpreted either as the development of pluralism, or a two-fingered salute to the Irish Catholic Church in the wake of the clerical abuse scandals.


Ever since the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty paved the way for the modern Republic, the Catholic Church in Ireland could boast of having one of the best examples of church-state control outside the Vatican. But as clerical abuse allegations became court convictions, the Catholic Church’s power has been steadily eroded. During the Eamon de Valera era, the Church held almost as much influence over legislation as the Dail in Dublin.

Just as Sinn Fein is using anti-austerity as a political platform, there is the real danger that those who want the Catholic Church brought to boot over the sexual abuse allegations may hijack the same-sex campaign to attack Catholicism, which is vehemently opposed to same-sex marriage. Although the gay and lesbian community is one of the best organised in Ireland publicity-wise, if it is too successful politically, there could be a backlash from religious militants sparking a new wave of homophobia.

Across Ireland, Sinn Fein has always had an uneasy relationship with the Catholic Church. And a  victory for the same-sex lobby on May 22 will benefit Sinn Fein in its quest to become a coalition government partner in the next Dail. In Northern Ireland, if Sinn Fein can defeat the DUP’s Conscience Clause, it will be a massive electoral boost for the party and may well sound the death knell for its long-time rival, the moderate Catholic SDLP.

Since the demise of Paisley senior, Christian fundamentalism has been struggling to regain a political foothold within Unionism. At one time, the DUP was dominated by the Free Presbyterian Church, formed by Paisley in 1951 – two decades before he launched the DUP. Under First Minister Peter Robinson modernisers have taken control of the party, pushing the religious fundamentalists to the fringes of the movement.And with the demise of the Ulster unionist Party electorally, along with the DUP rebranding itself as a middle class Unionist movement, the Protestant Loyal Orders also have reason to feel uneasy.

A conscience clause defeat at Stormont might galvanise the Orange and Black Orders to put up their own candidates in future elections.


Don’t Get Mad: Don’t Get Even, Just Get Smart: Charlie Freel




Seanna Walsh-who classes
Raymond McCreesh as a hero.

I am no fan of the Nolan Show, but in his last show, regarding the disgraceful behaviour of Mid Ulster Republicans concerning the Poppy and the children’s play park dedicated to Terrorism, Nolan has to be congratulated for helping to remove the balaclava from the face of bitter, twisted, sectarian republicanism. The totally belligerent, unadulterated, bigoted hatred that, was displayed by the two republican representatives, should be a lesson to ALL THE ORDINARY DECENT PEOPLE OF NORTHERN IRELAND.(Protestant, Catholic and non-aligned), that bitter, twisted, sectarian republicanism, is totally incapable of sincere peace or reconciliation.

It is time for the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, to stop wasting their time getting mad, it is now time to get smart.

With regard to the Poppy, The Poppy is a Worldwide recognised symbol of Remembrance for the war dead regardless of Religion or Nationality. This year, all the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, can use the belligerent hatred, of bitter twisted republicans To raise a lot more money for our disabled Ex- Servicemen, by all donating an extra pound each this year for our poppies on behalf of, and in remembrance of, the poor bitter, twisted, republican councillors of Mid Ulster.


As for the play park dedicated to terrorism, this is a clear warning light for all the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, of the sort of belligerently warped, civil and religious lack of liberty that, we can

expect in every area where militant republicanism is elected.   The smart

and only sensible answer to this belligerent display of hatred is, for all the sincerely Unionist supporting people and political parties of Northern Ireland to unite.

In the upcoming Westminster election and in all future elections, we must Unite behind one democratically agreed, non divisive, sincere Unionist candidate in each seat.


Charlie Freel.


Stuck Outside Of Lisburn With The Long Kesh Blues Again: Beano

Stuck Outside of Lisburn with The Long Kesh Blues Again.


Bob Dylan was one of those artists who had a universal appeal amongst the Loyalist Prisoner population throughout my tenure at Her Majesties various establishments during the seventies and eighties. 

When us young ones started getting turned on by the Zimm—that’s seventies hippy parlance by the way-in the wake of Dylan-Planet Waves and the live Before the Flood which appeared in 1974-Before The Fire-many of the auld hands let us know that Bobby D was in fact old hat and that they were humming his protest songs ten years earlier.  They bored you with the stories that Dylan ripped the Seegers off or that he  was poor man’s protest singer compared to Tom Paxton.  We weren’t deterred.  Of course we had our own recollections of the Byrds Tambourine Man or Blowin in the Wind by his auld flame Joan Baez.  Come to think of it there was hardly a song of his she didn’t cover but that was the one that was best known I suppose.
By late 75 there were new songs in our rapidly filling Bob repertoire.  From Planet Waves we were introduced to Forever Young and from the masterpiece Blood on the Tracks in early 75 you could have your pick of classic songs.  If you overdosed on Shelter from the Storm or Idiot Wind sure you could always fall back on You’re a Big Girl Now-which of course could arguably contain one of the greatest lyrics of all time. “ –with a pain that stops and starts—-like a corkscrew to my heart” —a corkscrew to my heart….You could almost feel it piercing your skin.   A true wordsmith and genius at work.  There was talk in mid 1975 of a proposed massive tour coming later in the year.  The Rolling Thunder Review.  A huge tour with a wonderful ensemble of musicians-a travelling caravan of troubadours as it was described in one music magazine. The tour was split in two..and the first half kicked off in the North West states and Canada in the autumn of 75.  The southern states and the west coast welcomed the troupe in the Spring of 1976.  In between times the epochal Desire was released-January 1976.  It received the highest of critical acclaim and this was echoed through sales.  Almost forty years later it continually ranks in the top ten of Dylan albums in polls.  In 2013 a reader’s poll for the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine listed it as the 5th best Dylan album of all time.

There are no sub standard songs on Desire-many of the compositions on the album are character driven-either real or imaginary.  There is an 11 minute biography of famed Mafia don Joey Gallo and the album closes with a tribute to Dylan’s long suffering wife Sara.  Many of the songs were co-written with Jacques Levy-who was, amongst other things, a songwriter-a theatre director and a clinical psychologist.  But it is the opening track that will linger longest in our retrospective catalogue.  From the first, immediate staccato lyrics—“ “Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night-enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall”-
we are flung head first into that maelstrom of a night in The Lafayette Bar and Grill, Patterson New Jersey in 1966.  For those of us who who didn’t know the background to the song it led us to search for that information.   We revelled in the story that such was Dylan’s interest in Carter that he organised a concert in Clinton State Prison in December 1975.  This led us to thinking that maybe we should request Clubsound or Big Tom and the Mainliners to play for us in Compound 21.

Soon we were experts in the injustice that Dylan  sang about-of the racially motivated and wrongful conviction of a man who but for unlawful imprisonment could have been—“the Champion of the World”.  According to The Bard.  Hurricane became much more than a modern day protest song and developed into somewhat of an anthem.  The 8 plus minutes provided enough snippets of catchy lyrics to satisfy the best of us.  The song was a veritable timeline of Carter’s supposed crime-his trial and subsequent “false” imprisonment.  In the early months of 1976 and stretching long into the summer the soaring strains of Scarlet Rivera’s violin could be heard swooping through the huts.  The Dansette played on repeat-Desire and in particular Hurricane was rivalled only by The Eagles Greatest Hits and the tearful wrench of Lying’ Eyes.  One was favoured by the young, energetic and champions of the underdogs rights.  The other by the Sad Sack brigade whilst writing letters back home.  The energetic types used the track as a timer of sorts for a bout of activity in the gym-as they did with Bat Out of Hell a couple of years later-due to the length of the track.  A sustained attack on the heavy bag reduced a man to a sweating, quivering rack by the time Hurricane morphed into the second track-Isis-a tale of unrequited love -the Mexican kind.
Hurricane sustained us and gave us our fix—many by now had fallen to this fresh addiction…like the junkies we were we went in search of the old tablets-the vinyl pills that would get us through.  The Dylan register was exhausted.
Of course us new found Dylanites- or in the case of the more extreme-Dylanologists-were open to stick from the more staid-old fashioned-side shade-checked shirt brigade, who taunted us with versions of Benny Hill’s Go Round Again.  But do you know what?  See even if you listened really closely to Benny..and even if you admitted that he had a passable nasal twang..and that he could cram loads of words into the one sentence..he wasn’t a patch on the Master.



David Ervine:Labour and Loyalism in East Belfast

Queens University Belfast: Cross Currents and Irish Working Class Life in conjunction with etcetera theatre company presented an event in the Skainos centre last night.  Below is a selection of photographs from the evening.  Connal Parr delivered a very insightful lecture on David Ervines life and politics.  etcetera presented two short extracts from a forthcoming play on the life of David Ervine: The Man That Swallowed A Dictionary.  A Question and Answer session followed and many intersting and challenging comments were thrown up.  What was disappointing to me was the lack of support from mainstream politicians particularly from the DUP and the UUP.  But hen again their absence is hardly surprising.



Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA: Jamie Bryson

Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA!


Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA….the hidden thread….

When you enter a Northern Ireland courtroom you enter a sham. A farcical system designed to protect the peace process and by extension the IRA terrorists who the Government perversely feel they must keep onside. When you sit in the dock of the Court of the Queen (which of course bears no symbols of the Crown lest it offend the IRA) there are two things that are certain. You will have been charged by the PSNI (who are now accountable to a policing board which contains convicted IRA terrorists) and you will be being prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service (which is headed up by the former solicitor of choice for the IRA, Barra McGrory QC).

I want to explore Barra McGrory, his role as DPP and how he came to arrive at that rather convenient position. By extension I will also explore the inextricable links between the IRA and all their most prominent solicitors of choice through the years. This may provide uncomfortable or unpopular reading, it is however the truth and to understand the seriousness of Barra McGrory’s appointment as DPP, one must take a lesson from history. I will also explore a vital question; was Barra McGrory instructed and paid by Sinn Fein for his work on the OTR scheme and if so why has he not excused himself from all prosecutorial decisions that involve any member of Sinn Fein or the IRA rather than just those who he represented as individuals?


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