About Us

Long Kesh Inside Out is a forum for ex-political prisoners of the Ulster Volunteer Force and Red Hand Commando. We will feature short stories, prison artwork, old photographs, documentary videos and commentary on current political developments and current affairs.

Mission Statement:

Changes since the early 1990s beginning with the ceasefires and followed by the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, the formation of the Executive Assembly and subsequent Devolved Government, have given rise to a new political dispensation. Within this, the contribution of UVF/RHC ex-political prisoners and former combatants is often undervalued and without support. Historically, their role in the continuation of the conflict has been well documented resulting in a stereotypical portrayal by the media and others. Whilst at times this may be justifiable, their positive contribution within Protestant working-class communities in helping to sustain this new political dispensation is rarely documented. This website provides a forum to highlight these positive contributions.