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The Middle Hut.

    The middle hut in Compound 21 also known as Passchendaele.  Here was Special category Status in Long Kesh. All the huts had place names from the First World War. (There was also the end hut and the half hut) Can anyone recall what the other huts in 21 where called?  Had not seen this photo before so it brought a back a few memories.  Stayed here for a decade of my life. On the left would have been Flints cube when I first arrived.  On the right (I think) were Davy Mc and Ginger Top the footballer. LOL. The chairs in the foreground, handmade by the men from whatever scraps and material they could glean.  There were some craftsmen and tradesmen in that place.   We painted this hut on the inside and kept it very clean.  It’s a fond memory when I think back to taking the bars off the windows, painting and then putting the bars back on. Read more »


More Poetry from Chris Thackaberry

Chris Thackaberry is Dublin born and bred in the North Inner City.  Past Master of Dublin & Wicklow LOL 1313 and former Hon. Sec Manager Dublin Conservative Club. Chris is living in Belfast for over 5 Years and he is a Progressive Unionist Party political activist in East Belfast. 

“Nothing better than a few jars in a pub with no TV or tourists to melt ya head; talking history and Labour politics, anything and everything and out of that and a life lived. Comes words and thoughts. These 12th of July poems are part of a collection of thoughts scribbled down from 1995 to present” 








Mini 12th 1st July

 July ladies My Lady’s Road

Blonde cheers of loyalty 

under a siege of flags

double stitched for strength. 

Against crimson orange sky

blue wicked girl skips a curb

wee man in tow – tin drum in hand

reaches out to meet mine.  





12th JULY 1998

 Elijah’s call for biblical barbarity.

Three kidder – ablaze 

between towers of silence.

Bearing thy old suit 

among sleeping masters.

You take rest – unsettled

stranger – with fraternal hand. 


Upon this unholy alter

of flesh of flesh- blood and bone.