The Prison

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  1. i am still in contact with ex l.p.o.w.’s from longkesh who gave me a great boost in morale whilst serving my own sentence in bristol, long lartin and dartmoor, they never beat you boys in the kesh and the crum they never beat us in england and scotland, still comrades in arm’s, still un bowed un broken ! (but didn’t they try !) i will never forget coming over to visit laurence maguire at the kesh it was terrible knowing that many volunteers like him may never be released, then came the good friday agreement ! our boy’s were coming home to stay !! then to hear how wrong this was from so called protestant’s and unionist who sat back and did nothing bar help to sew the seeds of hate and mistrust that our l.p.o.w.’s should stay in jail ! that still stick’s in my throat, what treachery ! i still have all your cards o f best wishes, christmas, birthdays, etc and every now and again i look at them and remember the prison years, and the lads now gone, god bless billy giles, billy moore and robert bates, now at peace from your mental torment that no man will ever understand. jim

  2. Jim —your bang on my friend and I salute you as an ex-prisoner I remember back in 1977 I was only 9 years old when the news hit our door that my uncle had been sent down although I was only 9 I knew what had happened I would be taken to visit him throughout his sentence at various scottish jails they never broke him or his comrades my auntie just worked away until he was released sadly he past away 4 years ago —I miss him so much, he now marches with the battalion of the dead , their names written in the purest of gold—- lest we forget.
    volunteer william mcgregor scottish battalion

    • i still hear from a few Scottish volunteers who did time in Scottish jails and some in English jails. are story was some what different from the kesh but the fight to remain p.o.w.’s and act as one was hard, as we were very much on our own surrounded by criminal scum and drugs every where ! i had never seen a druggie until i went to prison. child killers and sex offenders were another source of anger and hate . why should we have to serve our time with this vermin ? my mentle battles with the system never stopped. i have never lost that anger and hate, but i hope it made me a better man. i find many of my so called loyal friends will never understand things from a ex prisoners perspective. it is only us ans family, will truly understand. but still enjoy talks with gus mckenna, a inspiration to all Scottish and mainland loyalist. i still miss jackie hewitt, he was a great chap.

  3. Chris Matthews

    Hi all

    I am trying to obtain photos of Long Kesh prison from the early 70s to be used in a documentary series Faces of the Underworld, presented by Bernard O’Mahoney. We recently interviewed Joe Doherty who makes reference to his internment there.

    If anyone can help supply personally owned photos I can use please contact me:

    Many thanks

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