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Defend our democracy, our standards, and our health service; say no to TTIP: William Ennis

I propose that the Progressive Unionist Party of Northern Ireland should on this day, enshrine in policy, its resolution to oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


Proposer, William Ennis (East Belfast)

Seconded by Cllr Dr John Kyle (East Belfast)



Ladies and gentlemen, delegates, fellow Progressive Unionists, the resolution I have tabled today concerns TTIP.  This stands for the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  TTIP is a series of trade agreements currently being finalised between the European Union, and the United States government. An agreement which we are told is set to open up avenues of business between Europe and America.

So what is so wrong with that? You may ask.  After all, as a party, we are not anti business by any means.

The problem delegates is that whilst the proponents of TTIP claim it will generate trade and investment the reality is that many, including organisations such as war on want, the Global Development and Environment Institute and believe that it will degrade safety standards, lead to job losses, legitimise unaccountable kangaroo courts and infringe heavily upon democracy and the privacy of citizens.  It would bring the most naked and damaging violation of the Sovereignty of this United Kingdom seen in many years.

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