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  1. I think Experience | Longkesh Inside Out is a nice post and you do a great job of writing with good details. Tom – http://www.ep2p4u.com

  2. roberta mccartney

    excellent site well done to all concerned for all the hard work that has went into setting up this site. heres hoping people around the world will see this site and understand the true story of loyalism and the sacrifices both men and women made during the conflict of ulster. and hopefully the younger generation will learn and understand more from reading the stories on this site. good luck to all of you and god bless, roberta x

  3. Site is looking very well, Well done to all involved, i just put a link to your site on my webstore http://www.shankillbandshop.co.uk if there is any problems with this please let me know asap and i will remove, all the best, Shankill Band Shop.

  4. Many congratulations to Bobby and the lads involved in creating this site. Many prisoners with different experiences on life behind the wire. You’ve given those men a place to share those tales however sad funny and exhilarating. “Only a walk in the park” Did it for me. Keep up the good work team.

  5. Sincerely pleased to see a Loyalist ex prisoners historical and educational site such as this. I look forward to watching it take shape over the coming months. Best wishes to everyone concerned.

  6. great to see this site, our story never gets told to the outside world. i am an ex l.p.o.w. from the mainland (england) and like my good friend frank portinari and other u.v.f. and u.d.a. will never forget our time away. i think it is only ex l.p.o.w.’s and the family’s that really understand the suffering and the sense of betrayal we feel by our own government. i know i will never forgive and never forget those who turned there backs, like so many did in the so called loyal orders, like the ( grand lodge of england ) ! r.i.p. david irvine, sleep in peace gusty ” the truth will come out one day” scapegoat’s of the state we swore to defend, sold down the river to appease the irish government and the i.r.a. to all ex l.p.o.w.’s god bless you all and your family’s, jim little

  7. few pics for site from maze prision id like share 07840150169

  8. Hi there,

    I’ve been directed to this site to try helping me with a query I have regarding some information about a POW who served in the 70′s. Could an administrator please get in touch via the email address I have supplied (in this comment) & hopefully someone will be able to help me.

    Thanks in advance,

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