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  1. Impressive site. Keep up the good work of keeping alive the memory of those who sacrificed their freedom to defend their communities.

  2. Martin Haine

    David Stitt; Sir:
    Re: – the Andy Tyrie / U.D.A. Interpretive Centre on the Newtownards Road East Belfast.

    Some years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Andy Tyrie, and discovered we both had an interest in the pre-history, myths and legends of what is referred to as the Irish and Ireland, and in particular, the Ulster peoples, and their impact on today’s Ulster and Scottish history and development; for we must remember that not only were the High Kings and the capitol of “Ireland”, in Ulster, but the Scotti, a Celtic tribe who gave their name to the country once referred to as Alba (“The White”), now of course, Scotland.

    I hope to be in Ulster next week for a few days, and would very much like to meet Mr. Tyrie once more, and drink a tea / coffee with him again if this would be acceptable to him. In any case, I would certainly love to visit the Interpretive Centre, and would appreciate it if you would allow this.

    Mr. Stitt; Sir: I thank you for your courtesies and your time, and I enclose here my cell-phone number. 07726270021.
    Martin Haine.

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