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Unionist Columnist Pens New Republican Ideology

DR JOHN COULTER, an author and journalist from a Unionist background, has just published a new e-book on a non-violent, pro-Christian Irish Republican ideology.

Entitled ‘An Saise Glas (The Green Sash): The Road to National Republicanism, the launch of the e-book has been timed to coincide with traditional Republican commemorations of the Easter Rising.

Dr Coulter openly styles himself as “an unrepentant Radical Right-wing Unionist” and while he has been in journalism since 1978, he has latterly been best known as a controversial columnist with the Irish Daily Star.

Dr Coulter, 54, is the son of the Rev Dr Robert Coulter MBE. His father – an Irish Presbyterian Minister and leading Orange chaplain – was an Ulster Unionist MLA for North Antrim for 13 years.

Dr Coulter said: “During the Troubles, I reported on the deaths of numerous people murdered by republican terrorists. But it was the murder of my friend Constable Steve Carroll in March 2009 which prompted me to write a new non-violent ideology for Republicanism.

“An Saise Glas has been a four-year journey and I am openly writing this e-book as an outsider looking in. I hope my e-book will prompt discussion among Republicans as to how they take their ideology forward, and also among Unionists as to how they inter-act with Republicans.

“I also seek to guide Republicanism away from the Godless Marxism which seems to have steadily gripped the ideology since the days of James Connolly and the 1916 Rising.

“The recent scandals involving convicted paedophile priests have driven a wedge between the Catholic Church hierarchy and Republicanism. My new ideology of National Republicanism seeks to re-introduce the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ, especially the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, into Republican thinking.

“The e-book also examines Republicanism’s relations with the European Union, the Unionist community, coping with its violent past, and international relations,” said Dr Coulter.

Dr Coulter began his journalism career with his local weekly papers in his home town of Ballymena. After graduation from Coleraine University, he became a freelance journalist with the BBC before joining the staff of the News Letter where he became Education and Religious Affairs Correspondent.

He has also worked as a deputy editor and editor of local weekly titles and as a public relations director, and latterly in journalist training. He is married with two sons, and is a member of Maghaberry Elim Church in Co Antrim.

Here’s the link to Amazon Kindle:



The Aftermath of McGuinness’s Free Dinner: Dr. John Coulter

John Coulter

Written By: John Coulter
Published: April 20, 2014 Last modified: April 16, 2014

Stand by for fresh concessions to Sinn Fein after Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness had a free dinner with the Queen Elizabeth at Windsor,

Dissident republicans will seek to spin McGuiness’ royal soirée as further evidence that the peace-loving wing of his party is getting too cosy with the British.

There is enduring bitterness about the negotiations that spawned the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921, a move which partitioned Ireland and sparked the bloody Irish Civil War in which republican butchered republican.

In Irish history, there is nothing so brutal as a republican feud. During the Irish Civil War, pro and anti-Treaty republicans carried out more atrocities against each other than the Black and Tans did in the War of Independence.

However, McGuinness did not become a senior Derry IRA commander for nothing. As he supped with the Queen, he out-manoeuvred both Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Irish President Michael D Higgins.

McGuinness sought to show the British and Irish establishments that Sinn Fein is worthy of being a minority coalition partner after the next Dail poll. Sinn Fein must prove that it has truly shifted from being the apologist for a well-oiled murder machine to a modern, democratic political party with which either Fianna Fail or Fine Gael could do business.

The message is simple: if the Queen goes to Croke Park (scene of the notorious massacre by British troops in 1920), and McGuinness entered Windsor, then Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams can become Tanaiste – Deputy Prime Minister – in Leinster House.

The “normalisation” and “democratisation” of Sinn Fein is underway.  In fact, Sinn Fein is reaching out so many hands to Unionism, the joke is that “PSF” should stand for Protestant Sinn Fein rather than Provisional Sinn Fein.

The well-polished behaviour of many in 2014 SF is reminiscent of the 1970s democratic republican organisation run by the late Protestant councillor, John Turnley of the Irish Independence Party, who was murdered by the UDA

in 1980.

But two more hurdles still have to be cleared before the transformation is complete. First, like the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, Sinn Fein MPs need to take their Westminster seats. Second, Sinn Fein needs to find less provocative ways of commemorating dead IRA members.

The Queen Elizabeth may have laid a wreath commemorating Irish patriots who fought against Britain during the War of Independence, but if there is to be any royal presence at the centenary of the Easter Rising in two years’ time, Sinn Fein cannot afford a repeat of the Tyrone Volunteers debacle in Castlederg. That was little more than an “Up yours” to the Unionist community, following loyalism’s demand to march past the Ardoyne Shops in north Belfast.

Just as McGuinness will want something in return for meeting the Queen, so will the British want a favour from republicans if she is to lay a wreath in Dublin in 2016 in memory of James Connolly and company.

The immediate benefit for Sinn Fein could be to return up to four MEPs across Ireland in May’s European poll, as well as take the majority of Northern Ireland’s nationalist seats in the new super council elections.

But how does Sinn Fein please its hawks? Sinn Fein bosses have been relatively successful at maintaining a public image of a well-disciplined party. A dissident republican political alternative is a non-starter. Unlike the Unionist family, there will be no split republican vote. The worst-case scenario is a slight rise in nationalist voter apathy.

If McGuinness is really smart, he’ll appoint a few republican hard men to seemingly important posts thereby bluffing the hawks into thinking they have a future in Sinn Fein.

However, in this era of the normalisation of republican politics and the democratisation of Sinn Fein, does Gerry Adams really have the profile, personality and appropriate past to become Tanaiste?


Letter of Protest – Bush House Separated

Recently, there has been a steady increase in Loyalist prisoners being refused access to Bush House Separated landings by the Northern Ireland Office – NIO.  We believe these Loyalist prisoners have a right to be located in Bush House either through being associated with or supporters of an organization or due to the fact they are incarcerated for political action in support of Loyalism. Read more »