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Government Challenged to take Action over Scale of Paramilitary Activity in Northern Ireland: Cormac Campbell

By Cormac Campbell, 29 April 2016




Graphic by Chris Scott



PARAMILITARY groups continue to have thousands of members, with organisations involved in hundreds of acts of violence and intimidation each year in Northern Ireland, according to new figures compiled by Detail Data. Read more »


Co-existence in Northern Ireland? Compound

Co-existence in Northern Ireland?
I asked this question many years ago as we moved into a new era of peace and reconciliation. It was evident then that people couldn’t remember when the indigenous communities in Northern Ireland ever co-existed with each other. Read more »

Some observations from South Belfast

Some observations from South Belfast.

The snow – it’s almost May!!! – is falling quite heavily outside and I’ve just heard a rumour that the Syrian refugees who are arriving today to start a new life, refused to get off the bus taking them to their new homes. Apparently the combination of snow and seeing the frightful pictures of Jim Allister adorning the lamp-posts was just too much. It must have been quite a shock and the war ravaged land they left behind doesn’t seem so bad now. Read more »


Let Them Have Their Say: Dr. John Coulter

Let Them Have Their Say


Dr John Coulter blog

By Dr John Coulter

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It’s time for the ‘Twinkles’ to shine on 5 May! Who, you ask?

The Stormont Assembly poll that day will be the first major opportunity for teenage voters who were born after the signing of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement to have their say in the electoral process. Read more »


Why Catholic and Nationalist Voters Should give Ruth Patterson a Vote: Jamie Bryson

Why Catholic & Nationalist voters should give Ruth Patterson a vote 

Posted on by jamiebrysonadmin

The race for the six seats in South Belfast has been, and promises to be, one of the most exciting constituencies across the whole of Northern Ireland.

It is a brutal battle within Unionism- there is no point pretending otherwise- and ironically it could be Nationalist transfers that ultimately decide the fate of the final Unionist seat.


The very basis of the DUP election campaign has been ‘vote for us to stop Martin McGuinness becoming first minister’. I don’t buy this because, as I have previously written, Martin McGuinness- legally and practically- already is the first minister. Read more »


Negotiation Is Now Crucial: Dr. John Coulter

Negotiation now is crucial

Written By: John Coulter
Published: April 3, 2016 Last modified: March 30, 2016

Will the real republicans please stand up? That may sound flippant in the aftermath of the recent commemorations to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. But given the splits which have occurred in republicanism since that failed rebellion, the question needs to be seriously addressed as to which group really can claim to be the genuine political successor of the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizens Army. Read more »