Passing of Volunteer Ken Owens


It is with regret we report the death of Volunteer Ken Owens.  Ken died whilst on holiday in Spain on Friday 10th April, but his remains have just arrived home with the family in East Belfast.  Ken’s funeral will take place from his home in Baskin Court at 9:30am on Monday 27th April.  From there it will go to the Skainos church for a full sevice and onwards to Roselawn for a burial.  Refreshments will be served afterwards at the Westbourne GSC on Newtownards Road.
A full tribute to Ken will follow.

Lamh Dearg Abu


Political Case Against YCV Band, a Warning to Us All: Jamie Bryson

Political case against YCV a warning to us all

Posted on by jamiebrysonadmin

The ongoing case against the Young Conway Volunteers Flute Band stands as a stark example of the corrupt and pro Republican political cabal that runs through our systems of policing and justice. It also is a giant flashing warning light for the rest of the Protestant community, one which I feel has yet to be fully heeded.

This case is just one example of how policing and justice has been used as a political tool in the ongoing cultural war against the Protestant community. I have heard little from any of our elected politicians in terms of speaking out in support of the band, perhaps some of them are wise enough to realise that these problems within our justice system stem from one place and that is the Hillsborough agreement, therefore perhaps they don’t want to highlight this fact and expose their own faults!

The case against this band has been malicious and contrived from day one; the draconian and outrageous bail conditions placed upon the band members had a very clear and distinct agenda and that was to utterly destroy the YCV FB. It is the YCB FB this time, but it could be any band next. The political cabal waging the war of criminalisation against the Protestant community have time on their side and make no mistake about it, once they have finished persecuting the YCV band they will move onto their next target as they relentlessly pursue their ultimate aim- the total and complete destruction of every vestige of Ulster Protestant culture from this Country. It is another one of those Republican Trojan horses and this time the horse is actively supported by the PSNI and PPS.

In the case against the YCV flute band one only had to look how JJ Magee, a Sinn Fein/IRA member, was brought into court by a PSNI officer and treated as the hero of the hour as a Crown witness for the Public Prosecution Service- whether it pained the PPS or JJ Magee more to hear the term ‘Crown witness’ used remains to be seen.

I have raised very serious concerns about the impartiality and perceived bias within the PPS for a long time. One only has to look at the prosecutions mounted since the appointment of the former solicitor of choice for the IRA Army council, Mr Barra McGrory. One must also look at the type of questioning used by the PPS barristers, it is quite clear they have a deep rooted distain of the Protestant culture and they use every opportunity to try and demonise the Protestant culture and tradition. In my own personal case the PPS barrister played a video of a crowd singing ‘no Pope in Rome’ and proceeded to label this as ‘disgraceful behaviour’. Just who is this barrister to make a judgement call on that? Who is he to comment, whilst employed by the PPS, on an expression of anyone’s culture when there had been no breach of the law?

The PSNI work hand in glove with the PPS in pursuing these fruitless and political prosecutions, which more often than not end up as nothing more than Protestant bashing persecutions! Of course the concerns about republican infiltration of the PSNI, that people such as me were mocked and derided for voicing, have proven to be well founded following the recent suspension of a Sergeant for passing information to the INLA. How many more PSNI officers is passing information to republicans or actively doing their bidding by criminalising expressions of Protestant culture?

Sinn Fein has made considerable political capital out of claims of collusion between loyalists and the RUC yet they seem to be totally silent on the clear collusion between the PSNI and republicans. They also seem to be silent on the actions of the PPS, who quite often seem to mount very convenient prosecutions against not only Protestants but also against anyone within the republican community who speaks out against the Sinn Fein peace process strategy.

The Belfast Agreement has allowed republicans to infiltrate every civic and public body as a result of the perverse notion of ‘positive discrimination’. They now have their blood stained hands on the levers of justice and there is a clear cabal which runs throughout the PSNI, PPS and bodies such as the totally discredited and unelected quango, the parades commission.

Far too often the Judiciary have either willingly or unknowingly pandered to this political cabal by playing along with blatant and clear political prosecutions. The judicial system has failed to robustly challenge the PSNI and PPS, instead giving them a free ride to contrive all sorts of fanciful cases using dubious pieces of legislation. A lot of the cases have verged on nothing more than legalised internment!

The case against the YCV band should open the eyes of every bandsman in the country. The court should have been rammed with hundreds of bandsmen supporting the YCV band, but sadly too many seem to care little as long as it doesn’t affect them or their band, but who knows which band will be targeted next. Who will the PSNI and PPS hound next with draconian bail conditions and malicious prosecutions designed to destroy the band? We have already seen the criminalisation war beginning to be waged against the Pride of Ardoyne for playing music in a 100% loyalist area. This is where we are at and unless people wake up and take a stand to resist this horrific oppression that is silently engulfing our people then before we know it we will be so oppressed that there will be no way back. We must resist now before it is too late.

They came for Drumcree but I am not a Portadown Orangeman…

They came for Rasharkin but that is miles away…

They came for Coleraine but I don’t march in Coleraine…

They came for the Crumlin Road but I don’t march the Crumlin Road…

They came for Clifton Street but I don’t march Clifton Street…

They came for the YCV band but I am not in the YCV band…

They came for the POA but I am not in the POA….

They jailed a Protestant for playing a flute but I didn’t know him…

They jailed peaceful flag protestors for defending the Union flag but they weren’t my friends…

They changed the law to persecute outspoken Protestants but I haven’t been charged…

Eventually they will come for every band, every lodge and every Protestant. Resist now whilst there is still a chance of victory because it may come to the point when even resistance will be fruitless.

Stay silent and watch the chains of oppression become tighter or resist and stand together to defend our freedom and liberty.


Charge of the Grey Brigade: Dr. John Coulter

All hail the Grey Brigade of elderly, retired and pensioners who will decide the outcome of the 7 May Commons showdown in the North.

And the Grey Brigade’s vote will also play a major role in deciding the shape of next year’s coalition governments in Leinster House and Stormont.


Politicians seem hooked on curing the apathy factor by focusing on young people and first time voters, while the elderly are written off as yesterday’s men and women.


Quite often, pensioners are portrayed as the vulnerable or forgotten section of society who are the subject of muggings, robberies and lying on hospital trolleys for endless hours.


But people are living longer in Ireland, meaning there are more elderly folk in the community – and they need to get organised politically into the Grey Brigade.


Sure, we can point to the many organisations which cater for old people, such as ex-service associations and pensioners’ clubs – but they need a massive political voice.


During their younger days, many of these elderly served their communities and country with dedicated discipline. They are now the backbone of the voting community.


Tens of thousands of their fellow age group died in wars so that the generation of 2015 could have the freedom to vote in democratic elections.


As the anniversaries of the two world wars are commemorated, we can only imagine the horrors which would have descended upon Ireland had either Kaiser Bill or Hitler won.


For many elderly people, it would be a gross insult to the memory of those who died, were wounded or left with serious mental health issues because they had helped defeat these two German tyrants.


While it is important to get young people involved in politics, it is equally vital parties do not turn their backs on the elderly; politicians snub pensioner power at their peril!


But to have their voices heard, the elderly need to take a leaf from the gay and lesbian community and organise themselves into an effective and vocal political lobby.


Just as we are seeing pink power on the verge of getting gay marriage legalised in one of the most supposedly Catholic nations in the European Union, we need to see a cross-community Grey Brigade formed to campaign for the rights of older people.


This Grey Brigade can help combat the wave of political apathy sweeping across Ireland where some politicians are getting elected by only around 50 per cent of voter in some constituencies.


In the Unionist community, many elderly voters have become disillusioned by the splitting of the Unionist vote and the large number of pro-Union parties. The Grey Brigade must campaign for a single Unionist Party to represent all shades of pro-Union thinking.


In the republican community, there is a real fear among the elderly that those folk – either ex-inmates or ex-IRA terrorists – will be airbrushed out of republican heritage by a new generation of young nationalists anxious to prove armed struggle was a huge mistake.


If Sinn Fein and the DUP can work a Stormont power-sharing Executive together, then aging republicans and Unionists can form a common bond in the Grey Brigade.


People may be living longer, but the stresses of modern society also mean that many mental health conditions previously confined to pensioners are hitting folk much earlier in life.


The Grey Brigade must also campaign against ageism. Why should a person have to quit their job simply because they have reached pension age?


There are many pensioners who have made a significant contribution to their communities well into their eighties.


Accusing the elderly of holding onto jobs which keeps young people out of employment is a lame duck excuse.


One day, all of us – and especially all politicians – will be ‘old’. When the candidates come a-calling during election fever, just send them a clear message – it’s the Grey Brigade who decide if you will be elected!




Gifting a Seat to Irish Republicanism: Charlie Freel



The most sensible and easily the most successful graduated response that Unionists could possibly partake in, in response to the sectarian belligerence of intolerant Irish  Republicanism and the treacherous Alliance party at this moment in time, would be the selection of one United Unionist Candidate, in every constituency of Northern Ireland for the fast approaching Westminster Election.

The IRA/Sinn Fein and the treacherous Alliance party, united on Belfast City Council, to defy the clearly expressed and massively endorsed wishes of the people of Northern Ireland, ( VIA NUMEROUS EQUALITY COMMISSION ORGANISED OPINION POLLS) regarding the flying of our democratically selected National Standard at Belfast City Hall, in the Capital City of Northern Ireland.

Since that time, dozens of young Working Class Loyalists have been prosecuted, for protesting in defence of the democratic right ,of the democratically agreed National Standard of The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, to be flown every day at The City Hall in Belfast , the Capital City of Northern Ireland.


The two main Unionist  parties, have both declared an interest in obeying the clearly expressed , desired wishes, of the United Unionist electorate,( especially in Loyalist Working Class areas,) for a United Unionist response aimed at defeating the constant drip, drip, drip, deliberate erosion of  Loyalist Working Class Culture, by the belligerently intolerant, IRA/Sinn Fein and the treacherous Alliance party.

In South Belfast,  the DUP and the UUP, are both betraying the clearly expressed wishes of the Loyalist  Working Class. They are both selfishly running  totally uninspiring candidates, neither of whom have the  credentials , or the record of service  required, to inspire the sort of  Loyalist working class response that would be required, to return this seat to Unionism.


One option would be, for the United Working Class Loyalists of South Belfast , to select a well respected,  local Community worker, with a proven record of sincere Community service within the Loyalist Working Class Community of South Belfast, to stand as a United Unionist Candidate.  Then force the DUP and the UUP, to engage with the Loyalist Working Class Community of South Belfast, with the sincere determination to select  one agreed United Unionist Candidate for South Belfast.  Thereby ensuring that the South Belfast Electorate returns a genuine agreed Unionist  MP, for South Belfast.


IF the DUP and the UUP, refuse to co-operate, then the seat will be as good as lost again, to Irish Republicanism. In that case, the local Community selected United Unionist Candidate ,should then go ahead and stand for the seat, thereby giving the Loyalist Working Class Community of South Belfast the opportunity to register a protest vote against the selfishly divisive, party before People and party before Country,  actions of betrayal by  both the DUP and the UUP.

Charlie Freel.     



Easter Fighting for Life: Chritianity Needs to Act: Dr. John Coulter

Easter fighting for life: Christianity needs to act


(John Coulter, Irish Daily Star)

Christian Churches need to shout louder about the Biblical meaning of Easter otherwise this week’s commemorations will be nothing more than a republican coat-trailing exercise or another secular holiday.

Today and tomorrow – as well as the 99th anniversary of the Easter Rising – also marks the official start of the loyalist marching season with flashpoints such as Ardoyne Shops and Drumcree unresolved.

Easter, like Christmas, is in danger of losing its true Christian message and will become nothing more than a glorified May Bank Holiday.

The Christian Churches have a moral duty to protect the significance of Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection.

The bitter reality is that the Christian faith in Ireland is under siege. The Churches can begin the fightback this week with every place of worship on this island hosting a screening of a film which shows the Crucifixion.

Regretfully, there are thousands of Irish people across the Emerald Isle for whom the words ‘Jesus Christ’ are mere curses, and the Biblical Third Commandment about not taking the Lord’s Name in vain is a joke.

Easter, like Lent, is becoming a totally commercialised event and there is the real danger the true meaning of Christ on the Cross could be lost amid the Easter eggs, Easter sales and holidays.

My appeal to the Christian Churches across Ireland this Easter is simple – get your flocks to watch a true Biblical film about Jesus this Easter!

As the members of the Protestant Loyal Orders don their sashes today to kick off a new season, they need to remember their initiation vows.

As republicans march to recall those patriots who fell in Dublin during the bloody Rising fiasco, they need to ask themselves – what did they really die for?

But perhaps the Churches need to get their oar in first this Easter Monday and remind both sides what Christ died for.

Top of my flick list for Christian clerics to push is Mel Gibson’s 2004 outstanding tale of the crucifixion, The Passion of the Christ.

It is a no-punches-pulled depiction of the torture and execution of Jesus. It is such an absorbing film, I watched it three times before writing my review.

I loved that film, but I recall one cleric handing me a document detailing more than 50 reasons why he opposed the movie – even though he hadn’t seen it!

But if the Christian Churches want controversy, then director Martin Scorsese’s highly contentious movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, is perfect.

However, you could always stick with the old faithful, the 1959 Ben Hur starring Hollywood legend Charlton Heston.

It may not have the same blood and guts as Gibson’s Passion, but it still gets across the true meaning of the Cross.

This specific time of the Easter celebrations also mark how Christ rose from the dead to save the world.

Easter should, therefore, be a joyous time for the Christian community, so dare I mention the Monty Python version of the crucifixion in the 1979 comedy, The Life of Brian.

The hit single, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, remains one of the most popular renderings of the Christian faith, but many conservatives and fundamentalists dismiss both film and song as total blasphemy!

Before republicans and loyalists unleash another summer of sectarian tension on us, please do one thing – watch one of these crucifixion films and ask yourselves – what would Jesus do? I live in hope.

April 8, 2015________________


This article appeared in the April 6, 2015 edition of the Irish Daily Star.


Westminster: Expect the Impossible: Dr. John Coulter

Westminster: Expect the Impossible


Expect the impossible. That’s the lesson which Northern Ireland can give British voters as they help shape the next Westminster government after May 7.

Remember the late Reverend Ian Paisley’s “Never, never, never” speech in the wake of the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement and the Democratic Unionist Party’s “Smash Sinn Fein” council campaign? In 2007, Paisley and his party formed a power-sharing executive with Sinn Fein.

Over the years since its formation in 1905, Sinn Fein has systematically dumped abstentionism towards taking seats in Dublin’s Dail and Stormont.

Sinn Fein is in government in the Northern Ireland Assembly and predicted to be a minority coalition partner in the next government in Leinster House.

So take with a pinch of Irish salt statements that the Scottish Nationalists would never enter a coalition with Labour, or that Unionist MPs from Northern Ireland would only align with the Tories.

The DUP will not wish to repeat the same disastrous mistake as the rival Ulster Unionist Party when the latter entered an election pact with the Conservatives in Northern Ireland and ended up with no MPs.

Unionists will also be mindful it was Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath who axed the original UUP-dominated Stormont Parliament in 1972, and Margaret Thatcher who signed the Hillsborough Agreement in 1985, giving the Republic its first major say in Northern Irish affairs since 1921. Another Tory PM, John Major, signed the 1993 Downing Street Declaration which had the long-term impact of undermining traditional Ulster Unionism and signalled the political end of then UUP boss Jim Molyneaux.

So if the DUP’s expected eight MPs do not pussyfoot with the Tories, could they cosy up to Ed Miliband to ensure a Labour-led coalition? Ironically, such a scenario could work to the DUP’s advantage.

Since becoming the main Unionist party in 2003, the DUP has faced constant criticism that it has virtually abandoned the loyalist working class, which since the party’s formation in 1971 was the traditional heartland.

To become top dog in Unionism, the DUP had to eat substantially into the UUP’s core middle-class Protestant vote. It achieved this by slowly turning its back on working-class Protestants.

Sinn Fein, however, did not make the same mistake. It ate into the SDLP’s middle-class Catholic vote while at the same time, keeping its traditional working-class base on board.

A pact with Miliband could well be the path which the DUP follows to win back working class Protestants.

If the DUP can enter an executive at Stormont with Sinn Fein, it can side with Labour at Westminster. That could even prompt Labour to change its mind on a pact with the SNP and Plaid Cymru – especially if it keeps the Tories and UKIP out of government.

There have been suggestions that the DUP has put a £1 billion pound price tag of additional funding for Northern Ireland for the support of its MPs.

And the fact that the DUP could be a kingmaker after May 7 will also put pressure on Sinn Fein to ditch its long-held refusal to take its Commons seats over the royal oath.

That said, Sinn Fein’s priority is not just to hold on to its five MPs in Northern Ireland, but also to use the British election as a springboard for the expected 2016 general election in the Republic of Ireland, where the party needs to break through the 20-seat barrier to stand any chance of being included in a coalition.

The DUP could also be a powerbroker at Westminster to encourage Labour to out David Cameron.

The DUP may also count on the support of North Down Independent MP Sylvia Hermon, who quit the UUP over the party’s link with the Tories. Her strong personal vote in the constituency should ensure her victory in May.

All this could have knock-on consequences in the Republic. Currently, no one wants Sinn Fein as a coalition partner –t he scars of the Irish Civil War of 1921-22 still run deep. But if the DUP can share power with Sinn Fein, why can’t Fine Gael or Fianna Fail in Dublin?


Loyalists: The last socially acceptable group to discriminate against: Jamie Bryson

Loyalists- The last socially acceptable group to discriminate against!

Posted on by jamiebrysonadmin

Loyalism bears the brunt of much criticism, abuse and downright vilification. This comes from sections of the media, elected politicians, online satire sites, bloggers and wider civic society.

During the flag protests the term ‘flegger’ became common terminology. It was a mocking of the speech of working class loyalists, yet it was gleefully adopted and became a running joke for the media, politicians and civic society. It became a ‘fun and fashionable’ term for the great and good to use, a term that allowed a label to be attached to a community that felt isolated, misunderstood and without a stake in the current political process. A label that allowed the blame for all of society’s problems and frustrations to be lumped onto one community.

Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment- what if a derogatory term arose that was used to mock the Chinese community? There have been many unacceptable terms used to describe Chinese persons, some which wrongly mocked their race and some their accent, yet these terms have rightly been viewed with distain by the great and good and if one was to publicly label the Chinese community using one of these terms then the public outcry would be enormous. The great and good and wider political and civic society would be the first out of the traps condemning it, and rightly so. Yet when loyalists are mocked because of their speech, their education or cultural expression, it is seen as fair game- all a bit of craic.

When online sites such as LAD spent over two years targeting the loyalist community with jibes, jokes and mocking- political and civic society largely joined in with this. The deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has often used the term fleg or flegger, as have vast numbers of journalists, bloggers and members of civic society. This has gone unchecked, it is seen as acceptable, but why? Would it be acceptable if the Chinese, Polish or Muslim community were mocked because of their speech or accent? Would it be acceptable for a website to set up an online campaign targeting the migrant community with jokes, mocking videos and cheap jibes? I would safely say that political and civic society would be up in arms, as would the media, so what is different when it is the loyalist community who is the target of the jokes and jibes?

Pastor James McConnell made some comments about Muslims and there was outrage, yet when Loyalists are mocked and derided the media and society either join in for the ‘craic’- or stay silent.


The imbalance is startling. Loyalism needs to challenge this unequal treatment and the attitude of wider society. Loyalism needs to challenge the accepted norm of labelling and abusing our community for a bit of ‘craic’. It isn’t a bit of craic when jokes are made about the migrant community or the disabled community, so why should society have a different tolerance level when it comes to loyalists?

Loyalism also needs to open up to the media and engage. Stereotypes and mistruths need to be challenged in the public battlefield, not from the trenches.

I can imagine the self righteous bloggers and satirists sitting sipping their gin and tonic during one of their gatherings or summer BBQ’s, laughing and mocking the loyalist ‘fleggers’, people they are unlikely to have ever met or had a conversation with.People who have very real fears and concern for their culture but who have no way of expressing that due to continued exclusion. People who have normal concerns and worries about feeding their families, paying rent or heating their homes.The jokes and mocking remarks directed against loyalists on twitter pages or blogging sites, met with an approving chuckle by the political class who are more than happy to look haughtily down their nose at one section of the community.Imagine if someone at one of these gatherings of the self righteous stood up and began to label the Polish community using derogatory terms or joked about the racial complexion of the Chinese community? The rest of the jolly good fellows and self appointed ‘politicos’ would immediately distance themselves from the remarks, heaping scorn on the vile racist who dared to make such a joke. So I ask again, why is it acceptable to target the loyalist community?

The onus is on society as a whole, but especially those who champion equality, to ensure that there are no double standards, that there is no hierarchy of who can be abused and who can’t.

Either every community is fair game to be targeted by jokes and jibes-for the craic- or else everyone is respected equally. The great and good can’t have it both ways.

Jamie Bryson


No Surrender!!!: Beware: It Does Not Suffer Fools Gladly.


It has been hinted at, in East Belfast that, the tactic of writing NO SURRENDER, across the ballet sheet in the upcoming election, would be a more preferable option than, voting for a United Unionist Candidate in East Belfast.

This suggested act of treachery, could well result in the treacherous, non- union and non- National Standard supporting alliance party, being re-elected by default in East Belfast.

It would be a betrayal of the thousands of ordinary decent Loyalists, who have been protesting and in many cases prosecuted, for making a stand in defence of our National Standard.

It would be a betrayal  of every Ulster Volunteer who had ever charged into no-man’s land, with the cry of NO SURRENDER, on their lips.

It would also be a total betrayal of every Ulster Volunteer of the early seventies, who defiantly proclaimed NO SURRENDER in the courts upon sentencing and throughout their entire imprisonment.


Every sincere Unionist in East Belfast needs to realise the seriousness of our countries present situation, Country must be put before petty, party, or petty, personal aspirations, remember every split, spoiled, or unused Unionist vote, will be a vote for the treacherous, alliance party.


“NO SURRENDER” is not a declaration to be made lightly, or insincerely, especially by fraudulent Loyalists, it has a habit of coming back to severely bite, those who use it dishonestly.

Now would be a suitable time to remember the words of, “Where now the no surrender men.”


Where now the no surrender men, where now their cries of never?

Where now the pledges cheaply made, without the courage to deliver?

Where now the hands that would not shake, the bloody hands of slaughter?

Where now the papers boastfully waved, for guns that would not utter?


Where now the wavers of the flag, where now the ranks of marchers?

Where now resistance Red Berets? all sold out by your masters.

All sold for riches power and fame, lie cast aside the cannon fodder.

Misused, disowned, shamefully cast aside, in exchange for Stormont Plunder.


Charlie Freel.




New Saint Patrick Needed: Dr. John Coulter

Wanted: A new St Patrick who can rid Ireland of the python politicians who are crushing the heart out of our Emerald Isle!


Where do we find such a new saint? Simple solution, the ordinary people of Ireland become that communal saint!


Heaven knows, given the mess the bankers and politicians have made of this wonderful island, we would need the patience of a saint not to start a violent revolution.


So everyone Irish must take my St Paddy’s Day Pledge – take politics away from our patron saint and put the Bible back into Ireland.


The sad reality is that St Patrick’s Day has become politicised and polarised by republicans, who have rebranded him across the globe as a nationalist, anti-British saint.


This has prompted knee-jerk reactions from Unionists as they try to introduce Orange marches to combat the legions of Irish tricolours on display at parades across the island.


The advance of the Godless secular and pluralist society has also seen a dilution of the real Christian meaning of tomorrow.

St Patrick brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle, not British imperialism or militant republicanism, so get with the programme, Ireland!


Our patron saint is credited with the following wisdom: “Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.”


The true meaning of St Patrick’s Christian crusade to Ireland has been pulled apart by centuries of sectarian infighting between the religious denominations and the scandals which have rocked the Christian Church on the island like an Old Testament Biblical plague.


The credibility of the Irish Catholic Church has been rocked to the core with all the clerical sexual and physical abuse scandals.


If Jesus and Patrick came back tomorrow, on reading many of the abuse inquiry findings, they would jointly issue the famous Christian maxim – Get thee behind me, satan!


The Protestant community is not far behind as it is split into so many denominations and cliques within churches that it is almost impossible to determine who actually speaks for the so-called Reformed Faith.


Many Protestant churches are locked in wars of words over issues such as forms of worship, translations of the Bible to read, women wearing hats, and men with loud ties with their suits!


Wednesday is my 26th wedding anniversary. Yet I was refused membership of the church I was married in because my wife chooses not to wear a hat to Sunday worship!

So with pervert priests preying on children on one hand, and nutball militant fundamentalists screaming about who is the Anti Christ on the other, is it any wonder Ireland has turned its back on the Biblical principles of Patrick?


The homosexual community as a minority section of society has shouted about its beliefs to such an extent that Gay Pride marches are now an annual part of many town and city calendars.


While thousands will be on parade tomorrow to commemorate Patrick as a saint, I wonder how many people would march if there was a Christian Pride event instead? Is St Patrick’s Day becoming like Christmas Day – another commercial event without the true meaning?


If Patrick did come back to look at modern Ireland, he’d probably cry at the spiritual state of the island, and get back on his boat and bog off back to Britain.


But that would be a cry of defeat. Knowing the real spirit of St Patrick, he would stay in Ireland and rid the nation of all the snakes.


What Ireland needs is a new spiritual champion to campaign for the Biblical standards which Patrick instilled into the island.


How many young people have been put off joining the priesthood and other holy order for fear of being branded a paedophile or have their sexual preference questioned?


How many people don’t want to admit they have a strong Christian faith for fear of being branded a Bible-basher or tub-thumper?


Have the antics of Hell fire preachers spoiled it for a generation of new evangelists?


Is a time really coming in Ireland where being a follower of the beliefs of St Patrick will get you banned from a job or refused entrance to a restaurant or school?


As we walk in honour of Patrick tomorrow, as Irish people, let’s take the pledge to continue his spiritual legacy by putting the Bible back into Ireland.



Friday the 13th: Or an Early April Fool’s Day Out with the Loony Left: Charlie Freel



Last Fridays farcically meaningless, one day token strike, by the looney lefters, without a doubt resulted in the weirdest collection of strange bed-fellows, ever to be seen in Northern Ireland.


Old original trade unionists, from the days when trade unionism was directed by the workers on the shop floor and strikes lasted until the clearly defined, achievable goal was achieved, will have watched on in disbelief as workers were conned into participating in such a farcical sham strike, by the heavily infiltrated, republican supporting, big house, fur coated, managing directors of the treacherous, Irish trade union movement.


Genuine, solidarity sincere, original trade unionists, will have watched on in disbelief as some deluded workers trooped out, at the behest of the same treacherous, Irish congress of trade unions who had stood silently by, as the NIPSA Classroom assistants were betrayed, by the black legging, Unite, Unison and GMB, non-solidarity supporting, so called trade unions, who actively encouraged their members to undermine the Classroom assistants totally legitimate strike, by crossing the NIPSA picket lines.

It was obvious by their black legging, solidarity destroying behaviour, that the treacherous Unite, Unison and GMB leaderships, were willing to abandon every principle of basic trade unionism rather than offend their friends in the IRA/Sinn Fein and Catriona  Ruanne, the IRA/Sinn Fein education minister.


It was therefore totally unbelievable for old original, sincere trade unionists, to witness the shameful spectacle of the betrayed, NIPSA trade unionists, allowing themselves to be associated with and tarnished by, the treacherous, black legging, non-trade unionists of Unison, Unite and GMB, at last Fridays farcical, token strike.


As expected the usual collection of extreme, looney lefters of the communist party, the IRA, the dissident IRA, the dissidently dissident IRA, the in your face, homosexual brigade and the ever dependable, never done an honest day’s work in their life brigade, were all in attendance.


The hypocrites of the day award was a close run match between, the IRA/Sinn Fein, for having the hard neck to turn up to protest about the policies they are supporting up at Stormont and the pink section of the PUP.  Very recently the pink section of the PUP, in support of farcical, same sex sham marriage, were telling everyone daft enough to listen, that the Loyalist people of Northern Ireland should slavishly obey the dictates of the Sovereign British Government. Last Friday they suddenly changed their minds and started marching to a republican tune instead, in opposition to the dictates of equality, from their Sovereign British Government.  The event was about to be declared a draw until, one of the East Belfast Pink section of the PUP was reported to have said that, at the upcoming election, he would be casting his vote for the treacherous, alliance party, by writing No Surrender across his ballot paper, rather than support a United Unionist Candidate.


Charlie Freel.