New collective cultural group representing 13 loyalist bonfires launched in east Belfast

A new collective bonfire group has been launched in east Belfast. The East Belfast Cultural Collective will come under the umbrella of the East Belfast Community Initiative and act as an overarching advocacy group for all the bonfires who have joined the collective; Read more »


Hillsbourough Drive 2016: Chris Thackaberry

Another poem from the collection of Dublin Unionist Chris Thackaberry.




Hillsborough Drive 2016



                 Where East met West -in epic force 


Sonic boom rattled my window

                             as I raddled my son to school


‘That’s a bomb’ – as I turn the door to work

                                           Titania onto Cregagh 


The splintered remains, untidy’s my road

                                     and dishevelled my mind    


                    into a Serb like hate


‘Fenian Scum’ repeats in my head 

                                         as I drive East to West


My first patient is Teresa 




Supreme Court decision on non-jury trials for British soldiers will have a huge impact on legacy – A response to solicitor Darragh Mackin

In the Irish News 7 March edition solicitor Darragh Mackin of Phoenix Law called for pending trials against British soldiers to be heard by a judge alone, i.e a non-jury trial.

Let me from the outset make clear that I make absolutely no professional or indeed personal criticism of Mr Mackin’s advocacy on behalf of his clients, in this case the family of Aidan McAnespie. I believe the comments made in the Irish News were not driven by any personal political agenda, but rather a desire to provide the best possible representation for his clients and indeed offer one particular legal viewpoint on the ongoing legacy process. Read more »


Why the toxic issue of legacy will have caused many young unionists to follow their most basic instincts and cheer Karen Bradley’s comments to the rafters

That many moderate unionists, and those who never lived through the conflict, will have cheered Karen Bradley’s comments to the rafters is an indication of just how frustrated and angry the broad cross-generational spectrum of the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community have become at the one-sided legacy narrative.

The comments, which were undoubtedly wrong in law, will have given many people reason to cheer- mostly as a release valve for the growing fury in relation to the legacy scandal. We hear nothing but a narrative which is designed to present the IRA as the liberators and the British Army- and the unionist community- as the oppressors. Read more »


Outreach Clinic


FORGOTTEN VICTIMS: Is it ‘Time for Truth’ from Sinn Fein for the family of Ambulance worker Robert Shields, murdered by IRA terrorists in 1980.

The ‘Forgotten Victims’ series highlights the cowardly IRA murder of former RUC reservist and Ambulance administrator, Robert Shields. If it is really ‘Time for Truth’, then when will Sinn Fein provide the family of Robert Shields with the names of the IRA terrorists that murdered him as he served the community. Read more »


And here is the Weather Forecast: Primo.

     And here is the Weather Forecast……………..Primo.




Northern Ireland in fairness has just skipped a severe bout of weather. Between the icy cold conditions in Scotland and the snows of middle England we have done well to escape the extremes of our changeable and ever present companion. 

In the cages of the Kesh we had more to worry about than the weather but on reflection we lived a lot closer to the weather than many of us do today.  Leaving the Crum aside for a moment I am talking about the cages the Nissen huts fo Long kesh. A look at this pages photo stream or a simple google search will giv ena idea of the type fo building we lived in for most of us over a decade of our lives. The catch from 1975 onward was that the huts were a quick ‘throw up’job after the big fire of October 1974. When the Kesh was burned literally to the ground except for cages 19 mainly UVF and cage 16 mainly UDA.  In terms of a thermal insulation rating which most homes are rated by today I can confidently say the huts rated zero on any scale. They were most definitely not built for comfort. To simplify we froze in winter and roasted in summer.       The basic hut was a semi round structure with 2 layers of tin corrugated iron.  Inside these layers was what was pinkish spongy stuff called insulation.  This trades descriptions act did not apply in the Kesh. Read more »


An Ulster Education: Chris Thackaberry

Another worthy poem from the pen of Dublin Loyalist Chris Thackaberry.





An Ulster Education


Kings 3: 24-25


”And the king said. Bring me a sword 

             and they brought a sword before the King”


“And the King said. Devide the living child in two 

             and give half to one and half to the other” 


Slashing deep

             upon the faith line


Quarter out the best

             and marinate the prime 


Binning the rest

             kinda, kind, kindling


For our sectarian 

              sacrificial  fire


“Let it be neither mine or thine 

               but devide it” 


This child of mine. 



Finucane campaign highlights the hypocrisy at the heart of republicanism’s legacy propaganda

30 years on from the killing of Pat Finucane and republicanism continue to ignore the hypocrisy at the heart of their legacy campaign. Until they are told Maggie Thatcher was driving the car and Douglas Hurd was the gunman, it is unlikely they will ever be satisfied. This weekend marks 30 years since the killing of republican solicitor Pat Finucane by the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF) in Belfast, who said in a statement at the time that they had not killed Pat Finucane the solicitor but “Pat Finucane, the IRA officer”. Read more »


Irish Journalism Finally Wakes Up: The GFA Says Nothing About Hard Or Soft Border

It has taken how long? Several months at least but finally a journalist covering the Brexit story, in this case John Campbell of the BBC, has gone to the trouble to actually read the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) to check whether Leo Varadkar is correct in stating that a hard Border would offend the GFA.

And his conclusion, as readers of will know full well, is that GFA says nothing – nada – about the nature of the Border, ‘hard’, ‘soft’ or middling and all those politicians, from Varadkar to Mary Lou have either been pulling the wool over our eyes or have themselves failed to complete the simplest of due diligence.

As for the hacks, it takes about 30 minutes to read the GFA so one can readily understand why so many journalists have failed to read the document at the heart of this controversy. I mean, that’s half an hour that could be better spent fiddling one’s expenses.

Anyway here is the BBC article. Read more »