Don’t Get Mad: Don’t Get Even, Just Get Smart: Charlie Freel




Seanna Walsh-who classes
Raymond McCreesh as a hero.

I am no fan of the Nolan Show, but in his last show, regarding the disgraceful behaviour of Mid Ulster Republicans concerning the Poppy and the children’s play park dedicated to Terrorism, Nolan has to be congratulated for helping to remove the balaclava from the face of bitter, twisted, sectarian republicanism. The totally belligerent, unadulterated, bigoted hatred that, was displayed by the two republican representatives, should be a lesson to ALL THE ORDINARY DECENT PEOPLE OF NORTHERN IRELAND.(Protestant, Catholic and non-aligned), that bitter, twisted, sectarian republicanism, is totally incapable of sincere peace or reconciliation.

It is time for the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, to stop wasting their time getting mad, it is now time to get smart.

With regard to the Poppy, The Poppy is a Worldwide recognised symbol of Remembrance for the war dead regardless of Religion or Nationality. This year, all the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, can use the belligerent hatred, of bitter twisted republicans To raise a lot more money for our disabled Ex- Servicemen, by all donating an extra pound each this year for our poppies on behalf of, and in remembrance of, the poor bitter, twisted, republican councillors of Mid Ulster.


As for the play park dedicated to terrorism, this is a clear warning light for all the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, of the sort of belligerently warped, civil and religious lack of liberty that, we can

expect in every area where militant republicanism is elected.   The smart

and only sensible answer to this belligerent display of hatred is, for all the sincerely Unionist supporting people and political parties of Northern Ireland to unite.

In the upcoming Westminster election and in all future elections, we must Unite behind one democratically agreed, non divisive, sincere Unionist candidate in each seat.


Charlie Freel.


Stuck Outside Of Lisburn With The Long Kesh Blues Again: Beano

Stuck Outside of Lisburn with The Long Kesh Blues Again.


Bob Dylan was one of those artists who had a universal appeal amongst the Loyalist Prisoner population throughout my tenure at Her Majesties various establishments during the seventies and eighties. 

When us young ones started getting turned on by the Zimm—that’s seventies hippy parlance by the way-in the wake of Dylan-Planet Waves and the live Before the Flood which appeared in 1974-Before The Fire-many of the auld hands let us know that Bobby D was in fact old hat and that they were humming his protest songs ten years earlier.  They bored you with the stories that Dylan ripped the Seegers off or that he  was poor man’s protest singer compared to Tom Paxton.  We weren’t deterred.  Of course we had our own recollections of the Byrds Tambourine Man or Blowin in the Wind by his auld flame Joan Baez.  Come to think of it there was hardly a song of his she didn’t cover but that was the one that was best known I suppose.
By late 75 there were new songs in our rapidly filling Bob repertoire.  From Planet Waves we were introduced to Forever Young and from the masterpiece Blood on the Tracks in early 75 you could have your pick of classic songs.  If you overdosed on Shelter from the Storm or Idiot Wind sure you could always fall back on You’re a Big Girl Now-which of course could arguably contain one of the greatest lyrics of all time. “ –with a pain that stops and starts—-like a corkscrew to my heart” —a corkscrew to my heart….You could almost feel it piercing your skin.   A true wordsmith and genius at work.  There was talk in mid 1975 of a proposed massive tour coming later in the year.  The Rolling Thunder Review.  A huge tour with a wonderful ensemble of musicians-a travelling caravan of troubadours as it was described in one music magazine. The tour was split in two..and the first half kicked off in the North West states and Canada in the autumn of 75.  The southern states and the west coast welcomed the troupe in the Spring of 1976.  In between times the epochal Desire was released-January 1976.  It received the highest of critical acclaim and this was echoed through sales.  Almost forty years later it continually ranks in the top ten of Dylan albums in polls.  In 2013 a reader’s poll for the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine listed it as the 5th best Dylan album of all time.

There are no sub standard songs on Desire-many of the compositions on the album are character driven-either real or imaginary.  There is an 11 minute biography of famed Mafia don Joey Gallo and the album closes with a tribute to Dylan’s long suffering wife Sara.  Many of the songs were co-written with Jacques Levy-who was, amongst other things, a songwriter-a theatre director and a clinical psychologist.  But it is the opening track that will linger longest in our retrospective catalogue.  From the first, immediate staccato lyrics—“ “Pistol shots ring out in the barroom night-enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall”-
we are flung head first into that maelstrom of a night in The Lafayette Bar and Grill, Patterson New Jersey in 1966.  For those of us who who didn’t know the background to the song it led us to search for that information.   We revelled in the story that such was Dylan’s interest in Carter that he organised a concert in Clinton State Prison in December 1975.  This led us to thinking that maybe we should request Clubsound or Big Tom and the Mainliners to play for us in Compound 21.

Soon we were experts in the injustice that Dylan  sang about-of the racially motivated and wrongful conviction of a man who but for unlawful imprisonment could have been—“the Champion of the World”.  According to The Bard.  Hurricane became much more than a modern day protest song and developed into somewhat of an anthem.  The 8 plus minutes provided enough snippets of catchy lyrics to satisfy the best of us.  The song was a veritable timeline of Carter’s supposed crime-his trial and subsequent “false” imprisonment.  In the early months of 1976 and stretching long into the summer the soaring strains of Scarlet Rivera’s violin could be heard swooping through the huts.  The Dansette played on repeat-Desire and in particular Hurricane was rivalled only by The Eagles Greatest Hits and the tearful wrench of Lying’ Eyes.  One was favoured by the young, energetic and champions of the underdogs rights.  The other by the Sad Sack brigade whilst writing letters back home.  The energetic types used the track as a timer of sorts for a bout of activity in the gym-as they did with Bat Out of Hell a couple of years later-due to the length of the track.  A sustained attack on the heavy bag reduced a man to a sweating, quivering rack by the time Hurricane morphed into the second track-Isis-a tale of unrequited love -the Mexican kind.
Hurricane sustained us and gave us our fix—many by now had fallen to this fresh addiction…like the junkies we were we went in search of the old tablets-the vinyl pills that would get us through.  The Dylan register was exhausted.
Of course us new found Dylanites- or in the case of the more extreme-Dylanologists-were open to stick from the more staid-old fashioned-side shade-checked shirt brigade, who taunted us with versions of Benny Hill’s Go Round Again.  But do you know what?  See even if you listened really closely to Benny..and even if you admitted that he had a passable nasal twang..and that he could cram loads of words into the one sentence..he wasn’t a patch on the Master.



David Ervine:Labour and Loyalism in East Belfast

Queens University Belfast: Cross Currents and Irish Working Class Life in conjunction with etcetera theatre company presented an event in the Skainos centre last night.  Below is a selection of photographs from the evening.  Connal Parr delivered a very insightful lecture on David Ervines life and politics.  etcetera presented two short extracts from a forthcoming play on the life of David Ervine: The Man That Swallowed A Dictionary.  A Question and Answer session followed and many intersting and challenging comments were thrown up.  What was disappointing to me was the lack of support from mainstream politicians particularly from the DUP and the UUP.  But hen again their absence is hardly surprising.



Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA: Jamie Bryson

Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA!


Barra McGrory, Sinn Fein and the IRA….the hidden thread….

When you enter a Northern Ireland courtroom you enter a sham. A farcical system designed to protect the peace process and by extension the IRA terrorists who the Government perversely feel they must keep onside. When you sit in the dock of the Court of the Queen (which of course bears no symbols of the Crown lest it offend the IRA) there are two things that are certain. You will have been charged by the PSNI (who are now accountable to a policing board which contains convicted IRA terrorists) and you will be being prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service (which is headed up by the former solicitor of choice for the IRA, Barra McGrory QC).

I want to explore Barra McGrory, his role as DPP and how he came to arrive at that rather convenient position. By extension I will also explore the inextricable links between the IRA and all their most prominent solicitors of choice through the years. This may provide uncomfortable or unpopular reading, it is however the truth and to understand the seriousness of Barra McGrory’s appointment as DPP, one must take a lesson from history. I will also explore a vital question; was Barra McGrory instructed and paid by Sinn Fein for his work on the OTR scheme and if so why has he not excused himself from all prosecutorial decisions that involve any member of Sinn Fein or the IRA rather than just those who he represented as individuals?


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Name garden after Loyalist Heroes: Dr. John Coulter

Here’s some Tan notion … Name garden after loyalist heroes


(John Coulter, Irish Daily Star)

I’ve a Tan-astic aspiration inspired by and thanks to the Shinners sticking to their guns over the naming of a children’s park after former IRA hunger striker Raymond McCreesh.

As an unrepentant Radical Right-wing Unionist, I admire the republicans who – unlike the Stoops – would not be brow-beaten by us Unionists into ditching the McCreesh park title even through it was a democratic vote.

I’m a huge fan of one of the most effective British units in Ireland, the ruthless Black and Tans and my aspiration is to have a Black and Tans Memorial Garden dedicated to those who served and died during the bloody War of Independence.

Unionists should take a leaf out of the Shinners’ books and start dedicating and renaming parks after loyalists heroes in the same way republicans have stuck firm to their principles concerning Raymond McCreesh’s memory.

To many Unionists, McCreesh was the spawn of satan because of his links to the 1976 Kingsmills massacre in which 10 Protestant workmen were butchered by the Provos’ South Armagh Brigade.

But to the vast majority of republicans, McCreesh was a martyr and freedom fighter.

Unfortunately, many Unionists seem to bottle up their emotions and try not to make too much fuss about honouring dead heroes.

Republicans like to indulge in very public demonstrations of remembrance, such as the annual Tyrone Volunteers Day.

The Stoops have their knickers in a twist and are talking about giving SDLP councillors who didn’t attend the meeting to vote against naming the park a political spanking.

That Stoop sabre rattling has more to do with trying to win back the Newry and Armagh Commons seat with the help of tactical voting from Protestants.

As an unrepentant radical Right-wing Unionist, I fully support the democratic vote in Newry council to keep the park called after McCreesh.

In return, I hope the Shinners will not get hot under the collar for my campaign to have a memorial garden named after the famous Black and Tans, who played such a pivotal role in kick starting the peace process which resulted in the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty.

While the Brits hammered the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army into the ground during the Easter Rising, they found legendary IRA terrorists Dan Breen and Michael Collins a different challenge.

The Tans laid the foundation for the Treaty, and their role needs to be fully recognised. Breen and Collins realised that the British could not be fought conventionally as in 1916. A brutal terrorist campaign was the only strategy, and hence the IRA was born.

The sheer psychotic brutality of the Tans was captured in the cinema with the period award-winning masterpiece, The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

The War of Independence is also known to republicans as the Tan War. Just over 7,000 Tans served in the campaign, and almost one-third of them were killed.

Whether the view is taken that the British agreed to talk to Collins through embarrassment at Tan tactics, or Collins was beaten to the negotiating table because he knew he could never match the Tans’ brutality, the fact is – the Tans can never be airbrushed out of Irish history and their role in securing the Treaty.

For this achievement, the Tans deserve a memorial garden. And no doubt with the Somme and Rising centenaries next year, Unionists and republicans will be rushing around trying to rename parks, streets and anything they can possibly change to remember their respective heroes.

If Sinn Féin can win a democratic vote over McCreesh, then hardline loyalists may try and persuade unionist-controlled councils to rename parks commemorating Billy Wright, known as King Rat, who was responsible for planning the deaths of up to 40 Catholics.

Loyalists might also want parks named after Lennie Murphy, the leader – or Master Butcher – of the notorious Shankill Butchers gang, or Robin Jackson, dubbed the Jackal, believed to have masterminded the Monaghan and Dublin bombings in the Seventies.

After all, the British later used Tan tactics to defeat the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya in the 1950s.

What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. Let McCreesh Park remain – and let’s get on with building the Black and Tans Memorial Garden!

March 3, 2015________________


This article appeared in the March 2, 2015 edition of the Irish Daily Star.


Ulster’s Fallen Volunteers and our National Standard must not be Betrayed: Charlie Freel



At this time of National crisis all sincere Unionists have a duty to unite, under the Covenant OF Authentic, original Ulster Loyalism, IE, FOR GOD AND ULSTER.

Now is the time to be done with, pompous self righteous posturing, by, our self seeking, small minded, so called Unionist Politicians and secretly aspiring, wannabe, fringe Loyalist, Parties.


The provisional IRA/Sinn Fein, are now both politically and militarily in their strongest ever position, in the near future they will have complete control of the armed forces of the Republic of Ireland.

Here in Northern Ireland, thanks to a  constantly bickering, ever increasing, multitude of divisive, so called Unionist Parties and successive, treacherous British Governments who have meekly allowed convicted IRA/Sinn Fein terrorists to be elected into Government in Northern Ireland, our own security forces can now be immediately hamstrung and nullified by a ridiculous motion of concern from the IRA/Sinn Fein and a “peace at any price” Alliance party, with their woolly headed justice minister.


Drastic situations require drastic actions, the Ulster Volunteers of 1912 and the Ulster Volunteers of the early seventies, were not found wanting in our Countries hour of need.

Let’s make a start by ensuring, that an agreed, unanimously acceptable, non divisive, United unionist candidate represents Unionism in EVERY CONSTITUANCY, at the fast approaching Westminster Elections.


The ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland are again facing “DAYS OF STRESS AND TRIAL,” not since 1912 has Northern Ireland been in more need of, a strong sincere United Unionist Voice, at Westminster.

A strong sincere United Unionist Voice, not to simply slavishly obey, the dictates of a notoriously un-trustworthy Westminster, nor the dictates of an equally untrustworthy Conservative, or Labour Government, but to ensure that the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own future is protected.


Northern Irelands right to United Kingdom Status, has been loyally earned by the precious blood of many generations of our forefathers, sacrificed on countless battlefields throughout the World, in defence of other peoples democracies and under the Sacred Colours of, Our United, National Standard.



Charlie Freel.


Ashers Bakery and the DUP: Charlie Freel



Without a doubt Ashers Bakery has already won the argument, with regard to the homosexual cake row. I also believe that basic common sense and basic human moral decency, would have prevailed and that, Ashers Bakery would also have easily defeated, the ludicrously intolerant, charges, lodged against them in the courts.

The totally biased, undemocratic, unelected, and seemingly unaccountable, equalities commission, would then have been exposed as the totally incompetent, waste of tax payers money, which they have proved themselves to be.

Remember this is the same biased, totally undemocratic, equalities commission that, wasted thousands of pounds of tax payers money organising numerous, different types of public consultation procedures, with regard to the flying of our democratically chosen National Standard at Belfast City Hall.

The overall result of these opinion polls was, an overwhelming vote in favour of the status quo.  The farcically biased, equalities commission then proceeded to ignore the results of their own very costly opinion polls, and advised the Belfast City Council to change the existing practice, of flying the National Standard every day, thereby rendering their very costly public opinion polls, a total waste of tax payers money and a betrayal of our democratically chosen National Standard.


The probably very well intentioned but very clumsy attempts by the DUP to introduce a religious conscience clause, has merely served to muddy the waters for Ashers Bakery, in what is very clearly a case of Civil and Religious liberty being deliberately abused, in an attempt to force Ashers Bakery to personally inscribe one of their products with a statement of support, for something which was totally offensive to their own personal, sincerely held basic religious beliefs.

The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland, including many from the homosexual community, immediately realised the stupidity of this ludicrous attempt to abuse the Civil and Religious Liberty of Ashers Bakery.

The DUPs clumsy attempts to introduce a conscience clause, has gifted every extreme, looney left and God hating group in Northern Ireland and the UK, the opportunity to jump up and down protesting, on their pink band wagons and even pinker Trojan Horses,  thereby allowing them to obscure and detract publicity away from the real issue.IE, The ludicrous attempts of the biased, equalities commissions to deny, the Civil and Religious Liberty of Ashers Bakery, to refuse to personally inscribe a product, in a manner which was totally offensive to their own sincerely held, personal basic Christian and Moral Beliefs.

All over the Far East, Asia and Africa, at this present moment in time persecuted Christians are being slaughtered, via intolerance, for refusing to deny their sincere faith. I sincerely doubt if Ashers Bakery will surrender their Faith, their basic Civil and Religious liberty, or their basic, Human Moral Principles, to appease this intolerantly, bigoted, equalities commission and the other assorted God haters, foolishly lined up against them.


Charlie Freel




Churches Tied Up In Knots: Fifty Shades Could Help: Dr. John Coulter

Every cleric, nun, pastor and reverend should show the courage of their Christian convictions and see a screening of the erotic bonkbuster, 50 Shades of Grey, starring Ireland’s Hollywood hunk actor Jamie Dornan.

And if these Christian clergy had any genuine courage, they would bring their flocks along to see a contentious screening.


The fact that clerics – especially from the Irish Christianity’s fundamentalist fringe – are ordering their flocks to snub it unveils the real dilemma which the Churches face.


It is not the bondage and brutality that has embarrassed the clergy; it’s the clear fact the modern day Christian Church has abandoned its spiritual responsibility to deliver sex education to the community.


Instead of lambasting their congregations about the evils of ’50 Shades’, clerics should be encouraging churches to watch the film – and then discuss the relevance of the sexual scenes unveiled in the film.


Sadly, modern Christianity seems petrified to want to educate its denominations about the joys of sex, preferring instead to dump this moral obligation onto the schools as part of science or religion lessons.


How many Christian marriages could be saved if they were spiced up with some of the bondage scenes from ’50 Shades’?


Unfortunately, the Christian Churches are stuck in the late 19th century of the Victorian era when hundreds of missionaries from Ireland and Britain travelled to Africa to convert the heathen natives to Christianity.


Missionaries were shocked at the sexual techniques of many of these tribes and invented the so-called ‘Missionary Position’ to combat what they perceived to be the un-Biblical sexual activities of the unconverted natives.


There would be a lot fewer Christian young people and Christian marriages facing a sexual crisis in their relationships if clerics and nuns took a more pro-active role in sex education.

Tragically, modern day sex education in the churches is nothing more than ‘stay a virgin until your married, keep to the missionary position and if you have any queries, ask your local biology teacher or discreetly discuss it with your chums in the playground!


The Churches would rather indulge in Hell-fire sermons about the Biblical evils of fornication, adultery and homosexuality, instead of stressing the joys and role of sex in a relationship.


In reality, the Churches have a credibility problem. Given the celibacy pledge in Catholicism, how can a couple seek advice from a supposedly virginal priest or nun on how the bedroom can become a place of pleasure rather than a bolthole of boredom?


In Protestantism, sex education is seen in many churches as ‘dirty talk’ and many couples – even those who have attended pre-marriage classes – are brushed aside by the ‘we recommend trial and error’ methods.


Okay, I understand the brutality against a women in ’50 Shades’ could become very contentious. However, given how many women are treated as second class citizens by several Christian denominations, surely the female submissive elements of the film would be right up the street of the anti-women brigade in churches?


And given the film’s erotic bondage scenes, I can equally understand how the militant tub thumpers will argue ’50 Shades’ will pollute people’s minds.


But the protests from some Christians churches makes me wonder if it is just a smokescreen because the clerics know some of their flock are indulging in the bondage sessions in their own bedrooms.


Fundamentalist fury at ‘50 Shades’ will soon evaporate, and the Christian churches will sigh with relief that the spotlight has moved away from them facing up to their spiritual and social responsibilities.


Maybe the Christian Church should campaign to have the Biblical passage about people becoming ‘one flesh’ left out, then the Church could once more duck its duties. I’ll probably be hung by the wrists as a heretic for suggesting this!



Colin: A story by Primo



1975 in Belfast was a violent year. Many people died due to the troubles, many more were wounded both physically and mentally.  This is the story of one of those victims.  For reasons outlined later Im not using his real name.  Slightly older than myself I recall him from my school days. A bit chubby,  easy going  and very quiet. Not one of us who run the streets kicking football, collecting for the boney and later drinking cider up the local entry. He lived with his mum. One night he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was hit by an IRA bullet. One other man died. One other was injured. Colin  had never been in trouble. Had never been in court. But as well as his physical wounds the attack left a terrible mental legacy. Colin  had what we called in the old days a nervous  breakdown. He was never the same person after the IRA shot him for being at a pub door.  Undoubtedly an innocent bystander, an unfortunate,  collateral damage, just the way things were. No apology was offered to him or his mother.  His physical wounds healed but it was obvious that Colin had changed greatly and was not coping.  Colin would never marry, never have children, never have a full time job, and never go on a big holiday.

Only for his mother I wonder what would have become of Colin. His mother was a small, quiet, house proud ,working class Belfast woman. I most often saw her out brushing and sweeping the front of her home. Her neighbour was a good friend of our family. She lived yards from my parents.  It was a tight knit community were people knew each other over decades. I would stop and chat with her and ask about Colin. A stable form of routine and stability had been established. Colin was a real Linfield man. He would go watch a match then go for a drink,  then home. His mother done all the cleaning,  cooking and everything else.

Colin  then started to sport a beard.  When we talked I would be teasing and slagging about the blues. (Despite being a supporter myself!) I then started to tease him about the beard. Which actually suited him.  If he had the correct attire he would remind me of some pictures of Henry VIII.  We had some discussion about his excessive drinking of Coke. This,  despite the diabetes that he had developed.  It all came crashing to an abrupt end in 1994. I lived close by and someone came to the door to say that Colins mother had taken seriously ill and was in hospital.  Eventually I got talking to Colin  and he explained as best he could. I offered to go to the RVH with him.  His mum was in bed unconscious and hadn’t spoken since admission. The nurse was keen to talk to me and ask various questions. Obviously they had assessed the mental state of Colin  and wanted someone else as a contact.  I gave my contact details.
It was explained that the mother had suffered a major stroke and was not expected to survive. I stood beside Colin  at the bedside. He looked puzzled.  He wasn’t given to expressing how he was feeling.

He simply said that he mum wasn’t well. I agreed and tried to explain the situation. I was unsure as to his level of comprehension.  Eventually we went home. I asked if he was OK and he said yes. I returned home to my wife and children. No sooner had I got into bed than the phone rang and it was the RVH. Please get Colin up here asap.  Up out of bed,  dragging clothes on, grabbling car keys. Rapping and kicking Colins door.  Urging him to hurry. It was late and thankfully with next to no traffic. I may  have went through some red lights?  I was prepared to take the consequences but I needed Colin  to see his mum. While she was still alive.

It was too late. She had died peacefully. We told Colin quietly. I will never forget that scene. Colin was standing beside his mother’s bed. The ward was deathly quiet. And dark. I walked away to give Colin  some privacy to say whatever he had to say.  He turned to me and said,  ‘my mums sleeping’.  I just agreed.   Eventually we had to go home. I rang my wife and said I was staying with Colin  for that night. Then another bombshell.  There had been a major falling out in the family and there was no one to take over the situation.  I took work off the next day.  Undertaker,  hospital,  register death, check insurance policies, make lunch, pick a coffin, contact friends, death notice in the Tele.  I was watching for any signs that Colin was not coping with this but he seemed unperturbed and strangely calm.  The funeral came and went. It was with pride that I think back to the circle of friends and mates that Colin had.  Collectively we helped him through. That circle of friends would be needed again.

What now?

Colin carried on in his home  with good  outside support around cleaning and cooking. And he got back to a routine which was important for him. Neighbours kept an eye out. I dropped the bantering and teasing. We spent a bit more time talking to him but his general health started to fail. One day I was told that Colin was in the City hospital. His stays in hospital were becoming more frequent. When I visited him I felt he was a bit failed. Some weight loss? We went out of the ward to a visitor’s room where he told me that he had MRSA.  This was when MRSA was making its way into the public consciousness and was seen as akin to the black plague.  It didn’t seem to fuss or upset him. Then again nothing seemed to fuss him.  I had never heard him bewail his situation. Or curse fate. Or wish it all away. No moaning,  no self-pity or  bitterness.

The inevitable came and Colin died of a range of issues.  The ceasefires had come into being but far, far too late for Colin.  Again friends rallied round. The small funeral parlour service was packed.  Out at the cemetery we buried Colin with his mother. I think she would be happy with that.  Her only child was now back with her. She spent her lifetime looking after him.  And now,  together for ever.

There are no poems or songs about Colin. There were no TV people  or journalists asking about his story.  No name on a wall plaque. No bands with his name emblazoned on a drum. A Google search does not produce one mention of the man or his life.  Another forgotten victim of the troubles.  His story is part of the price paid by so many no matter where they came from.  The unseen and unmeasured suffering   that dominated so many lives. The IRA men were caught and imprisoned for life.  They were all out by the time Colin’s mother had died. Colin didn’t die that dark cold night in ’75  but in a way his future died.   Maybe we should tell the story of everybody hurt through the troubles?  Get away from the hierarchy of victims.  Drop the them and us?  See the person and not the label?




” Humbly Relying on the God Whom our Fathers in Days of Stress and Trial Confidently Trusted”: Charlie Freell



Above is the declaration of faith in the Christian cornerstone and foundations of Original Authentic Ulster Loyalism, made by our Forefathers in 1912 and the Ulster Volunteers of the early seventies, as they prepared to defend, by the use of force if necessary, Civil and Religious Liberty for all and the democratic right of the People of Northern Ireland to decide their own future. This sincere pledge was ended as follows. “IN SURE CONFIDENCE THAT GOD WILL DEFEND THE RIGHT, WE HERETO SUBSCRIBE OUR NAMES.”


The majority of the Ulster Volunteers of 1912 and the early seventies, would probably not have described themselves as sincerely practicing Christians,

or the guardians of strict, Human Moral Decency.   However, nearly every one

of these Ulster Volunteers would have expressed a basic belief in God and a desire for civilised standards, of basic Human Moral and sexual Decency. It was in fact because these basic Christian and basic human moral beliefs that, they had found themselves in the dangerous positions that, they were in.


As they prepared to go over the top, the vast majority of these brave Ulster Volunteers will have silently and privately turned to God in prayer, to ask for forgiveness of sins, protection in the coming battle and a request for the Salvation promised and earned by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


At this point it is worth remembering that, Civil and religious Liberty becomes an abuse of Civil and Religious Liberty if, it is used to force someone to support, inscribe, or subscribe to, something which they sincerely believe contradicts their own sincerely held, basic Human Moral Principles.


Once again Northern Ireland is about to enter a period of “stress and trial”. The IRA/Sinn Fein are in a stronger position than they have ever been before, both politically and militarily, both here and in the Republic of Ireland.

The IRA/Sinn Fein are on the verge of becoming the Government of the Republic, if not in the coming election then in the following election. The end result will then be that, the IRA/Sinn Fein will have total control of all the arms and the Armed Forces of the Republic at their disposal.

Here in Northern Ireland, the numerous new variations of anything goes Loyalism, are all totally divided, some of them even claim to be religious, but they all lack the basic Christian corner stone of Original Authentic Ulster Loyalism and ” THE SURE CONFIDENCE THAT GOD WILL DEFEND THE RIGHT”.

Thanks to their combined totally selfish personal egos, and the lure of the Stormont and Westminster honey pots, they have all abandoned, God and Ulster and the Innocent Victims of the conflict, in favour of Party, Personal profit and totally intolerant false equality. The end result of this constant feuding and their selfishly small minded, Party before Country policies, has allowed IRA/Sinn Fein and the “peace at any price” Alliance Party, to exert a republican influence over the affairs of Northern Ireland, our security forces and the flying of our National Standard, which their electoral support does not justify.


The time is fast approaching again when, sincere, ordinary, decent working class, Northern Ireland Loyalists are going to be forced to take up arms again, in defence of the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own future, and again as happened in the early seventies, the never, never, never, politicians, will be conspicuous on the front line by their absence.

Now would be a good time to remember the words of “THE RED HAND SOLDIER”.


Raise the Red Hand proudly boys, raise the Red Hand proudly boys.

Raise the hand of Ulster, never let it fall.

Let others fail or falter, our cause we will not alter.

Our cause for God and Ulster, we will never deny.


Stand up you Red Hand Soldier, with your rifle at your shoulder.

Our enemies still lay in wait, to rise up once again.

Let others fail or falter, our cause we will not alter.

Our cause for God and Ulster, we will never deny.


This land our fathers cherished, for its cause they perished.

At the Boyne, the Somme, Gallippolie, Dunkirk and Normandy.

While others failed and faltered, their cause they never altered.

Their cause for God and Ulster, we will never deny.


Some say the war is over, no more need for the Red Hand Soldier.

But we have seen their peace before, we will see it through again.

Let others fail or falter, our cause we will not alter.

Our cause for God and Ulster, we will never deny.


So stand up you Red Hand Soldier, with your rifle at your shoulder.

Old Ulster’s cause will not be lost, while you remain on guard.

Let others fail or falter, our cause we will not alter.

Our cause for God and Ulster, we will never deny.


Charlie Freel.