The Rocking Chair.

     One of the many craft ideas in the Kesh was to build a Wishing Well from plain wooden clothes pegs.  Pegs came in large bags by the hundred and sometimes there would be leftover pegs. On one occasion I asked a friend for his leftover pegs. I sat down to see what I could do with them. My mother always liked a rocking chair so I started to design and build a small model chair.  I needed a coping saw blade, some white wood glue,  sandpaper and stain. And patience. The first effort kept falling over. Eventually I got the balance just right.  The 2 rockers needed a lot of sanding to get an even roll action.  When the glue had hardened I lightly sanded the whole chair. Then one coat of Mahogany stain.  When the item was sitting out for the stain to dry one man walked past,  seen it , came in and asked how much would that cost. ( In truth it had cost nothing as all the items were available!) A little earner had just been born. Later versions would include painted hearts, baize covered rockers and lollipop sticks with names engraved.  This item is the granddaddy and is 36 years old.



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