Prison Life

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3 Responses to Prison Life

  1. im just navigating through the site after being at the launch today which i thoroughly enjoyed. it is a fantastic site and im glad now i can read the true story and share it with my family and friends and hopefully further afield many thanks to all invovo;ed with it and for sharing god bless

    • Jean/Roberta – thank you both for your encouraging comments and your attendance yesterday. You heard me say that we often lack a female perspective so feel free to pen something that you think will address this and lets give a nod to the power of women – William

  2. I was given a wallet by my father that was made in long kesh 76 and I would love to try and find the owner or their family. Only problem is I know nothing about long kesh or who or where the wallet came from. It has a very distinct Irish flag on the back and a machine gun on the front.

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