Reunion Night for an Old Friend: Charlie Freel

Reunion Night for an Old Friend.




A reunion night has been arranged in support of an ill ex-Loyalist Prisoner of the Seventies. It will be held in Toye Orange Hall, this Saturday the 29th of November AT 7.30 PM. All visitors will be made welcome–a small admission fee of £5:00 will be charged and there will be a small auction of Long Kesh Loyalist memorabilia in support of the night.

Toye Orange hall is situated about a mile from Killyleagh, on the right hand side of the road travelling from the Comber direction. It sits down off the road beside a small row of terraced cottages.  Please be there to support an old comrade who was always right up there on the front line for us, in times of conflict.  It is important that we as former comrades support each other to the best of our ability when required.  Simply by turning up at this small event will mean a lot to the person who is at present suffering ill health.  Your support means everything to him.






Charlie Freel.



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  1. Last night the old Volunteers of Compound 18, Long Kesh reunited in support of an ill ex-Loyalist Prisoner Comrade. Together with our ill Comrade of 40 years ago, his family and his friends, we mustered yet again in tribute to a gallant Volunteer who could always be counted on to be in the front line every time that, the old battle cry of, “GET YOUR BOOTS ON LADS” rang out around the landings of C Wing in the Crumlin Road Prison and around the huts of Compound 11 and later Compound 18, Long Kesh.
    It was as expected a very emotional and proud night for our old Comrade, his Family and ourselves, as we remembered old conflicts fought together and many old Comrades passed away.
    Yet again we witnessed together the old Loyalty, comradeship, reliability and steadfastness of principle, purpose, and respectful discipline that, was learnt and earned during the hard times and ultimately the good times that, we successfully endured together in the Military Academy of Compound 18, under the leadership of our deservedly, totally respected Compound Commander the Late Danny Strutt.
    Danny Strutt was a proud Shankill Road man, but Danny was never one of those “Super Prods”, who foolishly believed that, the borders of Northern Ireland started at Woodvale Park and ended at Peters Hill.
    There were no cliques tolerated in Compound 18, there was no favouritism , Volunteers from the city, Volunteers from the countryside, Volunteers from the seaports and Volunteers from the fishing ports, all intermingled harmoniously together and became lifelong dependable comrades and friends, this is a proud and undeniable fact, which was once more demonstrated last night in the Toye Orange Hall.

    The Volunteers of Compound 18, did not consider themselves to be Victims of birth, education, parenting,
    unemployment, culture, tradition, nor even Paisley even though we despised him for his cowardly refusal to but his life, his freedom, or his money where his mouth was.
    We served our time proud of the fact that, we had taken up arms in defence of the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own future, free from totally indiscriminate, sectarian, no warning
    bombings and slaughter, from the butchers of the IRA.
    The Volunteers of Compound 18, due to their sincerity of cause, and the leadership of Danny Strutt, did not need the Principles of Northern Ireland Loyalism to be redrafted and rewritten, in attempts to justify our actions or our service. The Volunteers of compound 18, adhered to the unalterable, authentically original, and deliberately simple principles of Loyalism, as decreed by the Original Ulster Volunteers in the Ulster Covenant. IE, “FOR GOD AND ULSTER.”
    The Volunteers of Compound 18 did not and had absolutely no wish to fraternise with either the IRA, or the prison warders and that included Sergeant Davy Ervine, while he was a Volunteer in Compound 18.

    Last night at Toye Orange Hall, our old Volunteers celebrated with pride the fact that, 40 years later we are still proud to proclaim the original founding principles of our forefathers and have not succumbed to the new popularity seeking, victimhood craving, Godless brand of ideologically born again Loyalism, which some of our ex-comrades from Compound 21 have embraced.
    Charlie Freel.