Ashers Bakery and the DUP: Charlie Freel



Without a doubt Ashers Bakery has already won the argument, with regard to the homosexual cake row. I also believe that basic common sense and basic human moral decency, would have prevailed and that, Ashers Bakery would also have easily defeated, the ludicrously intolerant, charges, lodged against them in the courts.

The totally biased, undemocratic, unelected, and seemingly unaccountable, equalities commission, would then have been exposed as the totally incompetent, waste of tax payers money, which they have proved themselves to be.

Remember this is the same biased, totally undemocratic, equalities commission that, wasted thousands of pounds of tax payers money organising numerous, different types of public consultation procedures, with regard to the flying of our democratically chosen National Standard at Belfast City Hall.

The overall result of these opinion polls was, an overwhelming vote in favour of the status quo.  The farcically biased, equalities commission then proceeded to ignore the results of their own very costly opinion polls, and advised the Belfast City Council to change the existing practice, of flying the National Standard every day, thereby rendering their very costly public opinion polls, a total waste of tax payers money and a betrayal of our democratically chosen National Standard.


The probably very well intentioned but very clumsy attempts by the DUP to introduce a religious conscience clause, has merely served to muddy the waters for Ashers Bakery, in what is very clearly a case of Civil and Religious liberty being deliberately abused, in an attempt to force Ashers Bakery to personally inscribe one of their products with a statement of support, for something which was totally offensive to their own personal, sincerely held basic religious beliefs.

The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland, including many from the homosexual community, immediately realised the stupidity of this ludicrous attempt to abuse the Civil and Religious Liberty of Ashers Bakery.

The DUPs clumsy attempts to introduce a conscience clause, has gifted every extreme, looney left and God hating group in Northern Ireland and the UK, the opportunity to jump up and down protesting, on their pink band wagons and even pinker Trojan Horses,  thereby allowing them to obscure and detract publicity away from the real issue.IE, The ludicrous attempts of the biased, equalities commissions to deny, the Civil and Religious Liberty of Ashers Bakery, to refuse to personally inscribe a product, in a manner which was totally offensive to their own sincerely held, personal basic Christian and Moral Beliefs.

All over the Far East, Asia and Africa, at this present moment in time persecuted Christians are being slaughtered, via intolerance, for refusing to deny their sincere faith. I sincerely doubt if Ashers Bakery will surrender their Faith, their basic Civil and Religious liberty, or their basic, Human Moral Principles, to appease this intolerantly, bigoted, equalities commission and the other assorted God haters, foolishly lined up against them.


Charlie Freel




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