It’s Too Late: William Millar

It’s too late.

Wranglers,  Ben Shermans  and Match of the day,

Reading the Dandy and watching your team play,

D.M.s and skinners,  homework on the bus

Collected the boney, what was the fuss.

We didn’t start the fight, we put no one down

Born to one  flag and told this is our ground

Told of taigs and rebels,  you’ll  fight nail and tooth

We didn’t know what coming, for the loyalist youth.


Seen the riots on TV,   the bodies on the ground

Had to grow up fast, for fear is all around

Parts of our country is lost to the other side

Our country is calling,  lets go for  a ride

Real rifles cracked,  bombs lit up the sky

Where are our young men, so we answered the cry.

Parents worried sick, while politicians twisted the truth

But its already too late for the loyalist youth


We marched and trained, and swore loyalty to the clan

Trained with real guns and took orders to a man

Our knowledge was poor but passion was great

We stood by each other and then met our fate

We stood in the court before our own crown

The judge looked puzzled but still sent us down

We had done our duty,  to fight off the  south

But it was too late for a loyalist youth.


Sitting in the Kesh, the years roll by

We learn the reality as our mothers cry

Boys grow into men,  in a cage of wire

We seek our own truth and see who’s the liar

Our sentence is served and freedom arrives

But the world it has  changed, so what of our lives?

Go back to the family and fight the untruth

But it’s still too late for the loyalist youth.


Doors are locked and minds are not right

Jobs  are denied while the gutter dogs write

It’s a  different world and it’s not mine

We’re a generation born,  at the wrong time

Never forgiven and always remembered

Old men now;  but more even tempered.

Life’s moved on but the past is our truth

It was always too late for our loyalist youth.

William Millar





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