Border Referendum


As someone who is proud to belong to that section of the community which, the supposedly intellectual, completely baffled local media and the supposedly intellectual, equally baffled local politicians, consider to be the underclass.   I find it amazing that all our overpaid supposed political experts are sitting scratching their heads, completely baffled and asking the peaceful defenders of the National Standard, to provide  a solution to the problem which has been caused by the total incompetence, of these same self-profiteering supposedly intellectual political failures, from the middle and upper classes.


I suggest that we forget about and bypass  the arty, farty, intellectuals and their terrorist partners in plunder, up at Stormont, let’s instead just use a good dose of, good old Working Class Common Sense.


Working Class common sense tells us that the vast majority of the political problems in Northern Ireland arise from a dispute over Nationality. Working class common sense also tells us that the National Standard  dispute, along with the dissident republican problem and the vast majority of other disputes, could be ended very quickly by a straight forward immediate referendum, on a straight forward vote for either British, or Irish Nationality.

Working Class common sense would then insure that the National Standard of the Chosen Nation, which would be providing the deficit in finances, that would be required to provide Northern Ireland with the same standard of living as the democratically chosen Nation, could then be flown from all Government buildings without dispute.

The IRA under their cover name sinn fein, are preparing to launch a campaign demanding a referendum, ( which they would be horrified to obtain) in an effort to kick start a long drawn out winding up of support, for the celebration of the 1916 Dublin Flop, which was nothing more than a treacherous attempted stab at the British back, during the height of the First World War.

I would urge the Loyalist Working Class, to use their Working Class Common Sense, by calling the IRA bluff and demanding that referendum immediately.

I for one, have absolutely no problem with the Tri-Colour the National Standard of the Republic of Ireland, flying in the Republic of Ireland and I would have no problem with it flying in Northern Ireland either, IF, it was the democratically chosen National Standard of Northern Ireland, however I know lots of ordinary decent Roman Catholics, who would be horrified to wake up tomorrow in a United Ireland.

So let’s take the entire issue out of the hands of the arty- farty,  intellectual failures up at Stormont and demand an immediate referendum.

Charlie Freel.




  1. Charlie Freel

    Good to see that the DUP has started to wise up at last and started to follow the advice of.. LONG KESH INSIDE OUT. Arlene Foster has this morning confirmed that, the DUP are seriously condidering accepting the IRAs tongue in cheek challange, for a referendum on Nationality. Hopefully this is a sign that the new Unionist Forums aim of United Unionist co-operation, is starting to produce results. We now need the Ulster Peoples Forum to immediately join the Unionist Forum, so that the young people who have been at the forefront, in the defence of our National Standard, can have an equal say in the way forward.
    All Unionist heads of families have a National duty to insure that every member of their family is immediately registered to vote.
    This is the opportunity for all strands of Unionism and Loyalism to Unite under our United National Battle Standard. It is an opportunity to finally settle the Flag dispute and to finally take the legs from under the IRA and their sponsers of terrorism in America, because never again will they be able to peddle their
    International lie that, Northern Ireland is unwillingly British through occupation by force.
    Charlie Freel.

  2. I firmly believe that the UJ issue regarding City Hall was thought out a very long time ago by SF , then Adams announces the border poll , a coincidence or conflict politics ? SF are trying to strip away the identity of those who deem themselves British , yet i think they didn’t reckon we’d call their bluff and demand a border poll , it looks good for SF if we deny them that right , they can run off to Washington , Dublin and London stating their human rights are being denied because the majority want a UI , which given the last census , seems a million miles away . I for one would like to see the PUP call for this poll too , take the lead , sell it to the working class as clearly SF have sold their electorate something , a red herring ..