Wanted Immediately-United Northern Ireland Loyalists.



In the early days of this site, the question was asked, define loyalist.  The unchallenged reply was as follows.   A Northern Ireland Loyalist is someone who is prepared to defend, by use of force if necessary the democratically expressed right of the population of Northern Ireland, to decide their own destiny, even if he or she does not agree with that destiny.


The sad truth is that, there are many different strands of Loyalism.    In a normal society this would be a healthy situation, unfortunately for Loyalists here in Northern Ireland our divisions have been exploited by our enemies in Westminster, at Stormont and in the council chambers of Northern Ireland, as they attempt to kill off our Loyalism by the slow death of a thousand cuts.  Up at Stormont, we have a totally undemocratic, unrepresentative, unopposed Government, consisting of the never, never, never Grand Old Duke of Yorkers, united with the IRAs, bloody hands of slaughter.  Thanks to the out of control rampant IRA and SDLP, members on Belfast City Council, with the support of the naive, peace at any price Alliance Party, the democratically recognised National flag of Northern Ireland has been undemocratically lowered at Belfast City Hall. Unwittingly they have raised for all Northern Ireland Loyalists a Battle Standard, to finally rally round and Unite Under, to restore genuine democratic Government to Northern Ireland.

ARE YOU, a British Loyalist, a Northern Ireland Loyalist, an Independent Ulster Loyalist, a Socialist Loyalist, a Royalist Loyalist, an anti Monarchy Loyalist, an All Ireland Loyalist, a nine County Ulster Loyalist, or just a plain simple Loyalist? If you adhere to the above definition of Loyalism, Then it’s time to get of your backside and help defend that Loyalism.

I am a proud Northern Irish, Independent Ulster supporting Loyalist, tonight I have officially joined the PUP, in recognition of the courage and leadership that Billy Hutchinson and the PUP have shown on the front line every night, since the start of the present crisis.  WHAT ABOUT YOU?

Charlie Freel.


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