Where Now-The No Surrender Men?

Another biting article from regular contributor, Charlie Freel.  In recent days we have once again seen the true colours of our so called representatives.  It seems that the old practice of working class Protestants being led by the snouts by unscrupulous politicians is still very much on the agenda.

Those who play with fire, have no right to whinge when they get burnt, and absolutely no right to demand a public enquiry if they get roasted.  During the past 45 years of the troubles in Northern Ireland, a multitude of barristers, lawyers, politicians, journalists, and members of the media, have misused the troubles as a means of personal self gain. Many of them have managed to amass small fortunes, and create thriving family business empires for themselves and their extended families, by exploiting the troubles and the agony and suffering of the genuinely innocent victims of the troubles. Then when one of these parasites  finally get their fingers burnt, it becomes blazoned across the media as an attack on democracy, regardless of the irresponsible behaviour that led up to the attack.    This self indulgent belief in and demand for preferential treatment,  far over and above that which is granted to genuinely innocent victims, probably arises from their collusive lifelong love affair with the IRA propaganda machine, which constantly refers to dead IRA terrorists as victims every day, except Easter Sunday, when they conveniently become soldiers for a day. Now we have the non democrats of the Alliance party, colluding with IRA and SDLP council members on Belfast City Council, to defy the democratic will of the vast majority  in Northern Ireland, by lowering the National Flag of Northern Ireland at Belfast City Hall.   If our half hearted, so called Unionist Assembly members had a shred of Loyalty to anything other than their ill gained bank accounts, they would have immediately walked out and brought down this totally undemocratic, gerrymandered, and IRA controlled charade of Government that is being orchestrated up on Stormont Hill.  Today would probably be a good time to remember the lines of “Where Now”.


Where now the no surrender men? Where now their cries of never?

Where now the pledges cheaply made? Without the courage to deliver.

Where now the hands that would not shake, the bloody hands of slaughter?

Where now the papers boastfully waved? For guns that would not utter.


Where now the wavers of the flag? Where now the ranks of marchers?

Where now resistance Red Berets? All sold out by your masters.

All sold for riches power and fame, lie cast aside the cannon fodder.

Misused disowned shamefully cast aside, in exchange for Stormont plunder.

Charlie Freel.


One Response to Where Now-The No Surrender Men?

  1. I have asked a few Unionist politicans what if all the Unionist councillors had of walked out of that vote on the Union Jack would it have gone ahead , the silence from them still remains .. Days later the SDLP , SF and the Alliance party failed to turn up to a meeting at Stormont regarding the flag issue up on the hill , they got way with it too …so through your website could someone tell me whether they could have pressed ahead with the UJ vote at City Hall if all the Unionist councillors had of walked out ? I know that a % of councillors have to be present to push through bills etc , so can anyone tell me what it is ?