Re-charging the batteries

For those of you who follow the LKIO site, could I apologise for the lack of articles, opinions and opportunities to highlight issues you feel important enough to comment on.

I’m hoping to try and get the site back to relevance but it will not happen if people don’t contribute articles etc. and comment on those presented.

If you have an article or anything you may want to be considered for the site please send them to me at but remember we will not be presenting articles that are malicious or could be described as personal attacks on others. That doesn’t mean we will not publish constructive arguments – as Slugger O’Toole says, ‘Play the ball, not the man’.

We are going to introduce an opportunity for contributors to display paintings, arts and crafts, handicrafts, memorabilia – political and personal – and any other creative piece with an attached few lines or a few paragraphs explaining its creative history.

All contributions will be considered.

Bobby Rodgers, September 2018


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