Islamic Nutters Can Strike Here: Dirty Bomb Attack Possible: Dr. John Coulter

Islamic Nutters Can Strike Here.


Every responsible Irish Christian must throw their full support behind the Biblical state of Israel before Islamic radicals based in Iran manage to explode a nuke dirty bomb inside Israel’s borders.

Ireland should not dismiss this nuclear threat as Israel’s problem. In an ironic twist, it will soon become a major issue for the Emerald Isle.

The concept of a radical Islamic dirty bomb is not scaremongering. It was issued by one of Israel’s most senior UK diplomats, Mr Yiftah Curiel, who travelled to Ireland to give me this apocalyptic news.

Next to the gay rights and anti-abortion lobbies, the pro-Palestinian cause is one of the most vocal and active in Ireland.

The US State Department has already claimed up to six radical Islamic terror cells are based in Ireland.

Dissident republicans are known to be fostering terror links with Islamic militants in the same way the Provos and INLA built links with Palestinian terrorists during the Troubles.

Mr Curiel admitted his country had conducted research on the human cost if Iran used one of the militant Islamic groups to detonate a nuke dirty bomb inside Israel borders.

There is the very real possibility such a device would inflict death on the Jews on a scale not witnessed since the Holocaust in which six million were murdered.

Mr Curiel branded the concept of Iran making a dirty bomb as “mind boggling”, warning that “nuclear technology needs morality”.

Ireland is already high on militant Islam’s list of targets because of allegations Shannon Airport was used to allow US plans to refuel during the so-called rendition flights taking Islamic radical terror suspects to the US for interrogation.

But Ireland needs to be aware of how militant Islamic radicals think. These nutters are extremely homophobic and there is ample evidence of gay men being executed by beheading or being thrown off buildings.

The South has already voted comprehensively in support of gay marriage, and a pro-gay marriage march in Belfast attracted some 20,000 supporters.

Ireland may boast that it is a beacon for LGBT rights and gay marriage, but is it making itself a target for the violently homophobic radical Islamic terror groups.

The other danger which Mr Curiel warned about was that Iran could get its militant sympathisers in terror groups, such as Hamas in Gaza, Islamic State in Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon to carry the nuclear attack using suicide bombers.

“These organisations have no qualms about using civilians as cover. They are not interested in dialogue, but the destruction of Israel.

“In Gaza, the Hamas headquarters was under a hospital. Hamas used protected vehicles such as those for journalists and ambulances to launch attacks on our troops,” he added.

Bearing this in mind, Islamists would have little thought for civilian deaths, just as they did in the attacks on 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London.

In Gaza, Hamas uses a network of tunnels to launch attacks on Israel, according to Mr Curiel.

This would be similar to how the Provos and INLA used the South to launch attacks on people and places in the North.

For the sake of all Irish citizens, include Ireland’s moderate Muslim community, the Irish Defence Forces and British Army must implement a joint operation to round up all Islamic militant suspects on the island and re-open the Maze prison site as an internment camp.

John Coulter.


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