A View From the South: Jacob


Some observations of the past week.

I’m wondering if Barra McGrory is a football fan? If he is, he obviously has some sympathy for dear old Sepp Blatter. Mr. Blatter has been at the helm of FIFA for God knows how many years and just this week was successfully re-elected for the fifth time – unprecedented. Blatter’s obvious joy has been spoiled by the vitriol of the opposition with regard to the FBI arrests and raids in the USA. Opponents of his re-election listened with ever-increasing dread to the pledging of support from around the football world for Blatter – Europe and isolated parts of the rest of the footballing world apart. They wondered how someone could survive the allegations heaped upon individuals, FIFA and Blatter himself with regard to the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup venues. Calls for Blatter to resign were many fold and multi-lingual and tempered with the right amount of righteous indignation. Enter young Barra.

The Maria Cahill saga is also refusing to go away, despite Gerry Adams continuing denial of IRA interference and his own brand of spin. The role of the PPS and Barra’s stewardship has also been scrutinised at all levels over this, and other affairs. Let’s remember that  McGrory was Adams’s legal representative at the time of these allegations and when Liam Adams was confessing to his brother Gerry about the disgusting abuse of his daughter. It has been acknowledged that Maria Cahill and other rape victims have been let down by the PPS, resulting in the allegations being withdrawn. The stink surrounding Blatter and McGrory is overwhelming, though, seemingly, non-transferable.

An article in the Independent.ie recently reports that Police in the UK make a request to monitor e-mails, txt’s or internet searches every two minutes and that fewer than 1 in 10 requests is refused! How many people are required to monitor these requests? That’s a lot of snooping – it must be an interesting interview for that job, though we all know someone who would be great at it.

The legacy of ‘the troubles’ continues to haunt the people of West Belfast – according to Paul Maskey. Figures just released show people receiving DLA in West Belfast sits at 19.9 % compared to 11% for the country as a whole. North Belfast comes second with 15.5%.

This compares with a 5.23% rate for ‘across the water’. Is it no wonder Sinn Fein are opposing the welfare cuts?  ‘If you don’t eat your vegetables you won’t get your pudding’ Paul.

The Panorama programme ‘Secret Terror Force’ and some of the allegations made has resulted in a financial windfall for some sharp operators around the country.

When Lord Stevens stated that ‘ of the 210 people arrested during the ‘Stevens Inquiry’, 207 were informers or agents’. ‘I’m one of the Stevens 3’ t-shirts are available online now.




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