Time for Change: Rodney Gardner

Time for Change

What type of world do we live in?
It’s going from bad to worse
What can we do to change it?
Instead of going downhill, out it in reverse.

Poverty and hunger-people left to die
Why is nothing being done to help them? Why? Why? Why?
Some people do their best, others don’t even care
No wonder so many people, hang their heads in despair.

Governments do a little but waste so very much
They think they are wonderful but they’re really out of touch
Listen to the people-give them what they ask
Show some honesty for a change. No more lying masks.

Broken promises-empty-worthless words
Time to fly like an eagle and not a flightless bird
Prove you’re worthy of our votes on election day
Actions speak louder than words is all I have to say.

We live in hope, that someday things will change
They had better, or a new government, we shall arrange
Do your job properly and stop ripping off the people
Stand up tall under heaven, just like a church steeple.

We are fed up with squabbling and neglect
Time to support our people and a strong government resurrect
Think of the future as a new generation comes along
It’s time for us to do something right, to make up for all the wrongs.


Rodney Gardner



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