The Extermination of Innocence: Charlie Freel

It is difficult to see what benefits the Haass talks could possibly hold for working class Loyalist’s or the genuinely innocent victims of the conflict, all of whom will be totally unrepresented at these meaningless talks.


The Extermination of Innocence


Was there ever a Cause worth the life of a child?
Could conscience ever justify such a price?
Is the innocence laid bare, by a child’s helpless stare,
Not more precious than all selfish rights?

If we had to shovel the remains of that child
Whose young body was scattered by hate.
Would we still be so sure that our motives were pure?
Or would we just slink away in the night?

What excuse have we left for a cause that is deaf?
To the anguish of innocence slaughtered
What excuse to be blind, to that sad endless line
Of young lives that our causes have ended.

So to hell with your cause, false religion and laws
To hell with false patriots and martyr’s
We have all broke God’s Laws, for the sake of a cause
That has nothing but death left to barter.

Charlie Freel



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