Joint Statement From Behind The Wire:January 1977

This remarkable excerpt from a daily newspaper dates back almost 40 years.  The original cutting was kept as part of a scrap book which had a starting date of October 1976 and was the property of a UVF Life Sentence prisoner who at that particular time was incarcerated in Compound 19.
It clearly shows that even in those darkest of days that many of the so-called protagonists were thinking of a positive way forward.  As was aptly illustrated in Tony Novosel’s recent book–The Frustrated Promise of Political Loyalism–loyalists-in the shape of the UVF/RHC were quite prepared to take chances for peace.
It is through articles such as this that people of today can look back and learn about the attitudes of ex combatants.  It will also illustrate in a very clear way that many of these far sighted initiatives were condemned to the dustbin by those who are now firmly esconced in power–the same people who were quite prepared for the “commoners” to continue fighting until their own selfish dreams were fulfilled.


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