And Another Thing……..

Just a few random thoughts on things currently out the news..or otherwise.  Firstly, have you seen the hoo-haa going on over the Tweets from James McClean?  He, of will he, wont he, fame regarding whether to play for Northern Ireland or the Republic.  McClean tweeted that his favourite song was The Broad Black Brimmer–a Nationalist ditty.  He prefers the Wolftones version, apparently.  Personally it wouldnt get in my top three but sure. Predictably he was castigated for his choice by Gregory Campbell, who amongst his other vocations seems to have added that of censor of popular culture.  Gregory seemingly went as far as to contact McCleans football team, Sunderland to ask what they intended to do about the offensive tweet.  Offensive to Campbell of course.  Another Northern Ireland defector, Shane Duffy, chipped in on behalf of McClean–again predictable. It’s hard to say who out of the trio is worst.  McClean reinforces his childishness every time he goes to print.  Duffy should stay out of it and Campbell shoud stop acting like the stiff collared pedantic, control freak he is.

I came across a short letter in yesterdays Irish Daily Mail from a Sean Healy, a resident of Waterford town.  He is highlighting the fact that Sinn Fein have written legislation for a National holiday in memory of everybody who has fought for Irish independence.  Now I am surmising that this legislation is for Eire–the Republic of Ireland.  Although if they get the green light there it is a sure thing that they will be looking a repeat in this jurisdiction–the part of Britain known as Northern Irleland–where they administer UK rule.  So, are they serious suggesting that alongside individuals like Patrick Pearse–Wolfe Tone–Arthur Griffiths or James Connolly they aim to include Dominic McGlinchey–Dessie O’Hare–Gino Gallagher or Freddie Scappiticci.  Didnt they all claim to have fought for Irish independence at one stage or another?  It would be interesting to hear what the Politburo at Connolly House have to say on the matter.


Finally we await with baited breath to hear the name of the newly formed Unionist party comprising of Basil McCrea, and John McAllister.  Or maybe not.  It will be more difficult than you think because surely most of the acronyms consisting of the same three letters have been used up?  It is a fair bet that whatever the title it will have an “O” or a “U” in there somewhere.  No prizes given but what about a little competition to see who comes closest.  I will start the ball rolling with my own opinion.
SOUP…Socially Ostracised Unionist Party.  It has a nice ring to it.  And if Basil and John dont live up to the hype then they could also be in it.  The soup I mean–not the party.




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  1. South Belfast

    hahahahaha you know compound if this wasnt so serious it would be funny. but hey its hilarious so lets laugh how about POPE – proficient, outlandish, political ensemble