Dont Let The Fact’s Stand……again.

Don’t let the facts stand …etc.


Now another ‘ace reporter’ Sullivan in the Weekly Liar has been taking liberties with the facts. Talking about the Loughisland pub shooting he says in paragraph 3 that Bobby Rodgers shot and killed Eileen Doherty.  Did he not read or just ignore what Judge Horner said?  I quote Judge Horner;

Although he (Rodgers) did not pull the trigger of the gun that shot her dead, he was an integral part of the joint enterprise.”  (BBC news 14.2.13) News of the trial and this quote were carried in a number of proper media sources. How vile and insidious that Sullivan now sets the ground work to say that Bobby actually shot the girl when the court and judge accept that he didn’t?

In the main body of the article (which is less than 500 words) he tries to say that here is a break in the Loughisland case which is related in some way to Bobby’s case. I have read the article several times looking for the break in the case. New eye witness? New fingerprints? New CCTV evidence? I only picked up that Michael Maguire will carry out a new investigation. Here we have classic examples of gutter press. Linking stories by insinuation.  Blurring the truth. However this is the best case of ‘churnalism’ i.e. regurgitation, I have seen in a while.  It is not news. It’s all been in the media before.  I also notice on line 5 of paragraph 1 that he has repeated the word ‘the’ twice in a row.  Does he not have a grammar spell checker on his laptop?

And just while we are on the weekly liar, what about page 2. ‘We don’t  bum about it’ yet go on to bum and blow that they have a great circulation. Of course we are not told who actually verifies the ABC circulation figures. Would it be the World by any chance? And we learn that the Slippery World has a million readers (are you serious?) after an official readership survey. Official? Who by? Fancy giving some details about that? Who paid for it? Any independent view on that? Have you ever been asked to do a survey on the Sunday world?

Finally we are greeted with the fact (?) that 54,938 copies were bought in Northern Ireland over the last six months of 2012. Is that so? On the positive side that means the vast majority of adults in Northern Ireland did not buy the rag.

“According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the average circulation of the Sunday World, for the period January 2012 to June 2012, was 246,875. This represented an 8% decline on a year-on-year basis. “Wikipedia.  And given that on page2 they say that they sold 217,141 on both sides of the border then that represents another drop in circulation. In fact there has been an on-going drop in circulation generally of newspapers due to factors such as the rise of the internet, etc. Some people have suggested that the newspaper will disappear. I feel sad at this losing the good newspapers and journalists like the great Hugh Mc Ilvanney    However that is tempered by the hope that maybe just maybe someday the Sunday World and the gutter writers will go the way of the glorious News of the World.


Gaudeamus Igitur


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