Don’t Let The Facts ………etc:

Don’t let the facts stand ….

Billy’s Weekly liar (10.2.13, page 5) is at its usual tactics of smear, spin and outright lies from its many mysterious sources. However I am intrigued by the rather lax adherence to fact in the recent article “I’m out of here”.  The Hateful World, in its northern edition (how many loyalists know that the money for this rag goes straight down to Dublin into pockets of some dubious and unnamed people?)

As per the scurrilous tactic of picking someone they hate and then running a never ending campaign of vilification they picked on a man with cancer, in this case Jimmy Campbell, who was the only man convicted of the Mc Gurks bombing.  And obviously it didn’t bother the rag to talk about Jimmy only days after he had died. Having been incarcerated with Jimmy and knowing him well I’m glad to say, I’m proud to have known him.

The article by the chief ‘rent a lie’ says correctly that Jimmy was sentenced in 1978 having been arrested in 1977. In the latter paragraphs Irelands own ‘Josef Goebbels’ says that Jimmy served less than 15 years. So, if arrested in 1977 and he served 15 years then I calculate that he would have got out in 1992, which is true. How then could Jimmy be released under the Good Friday Agreement in 1998? (see second last paragraph)  A further 6 years after he had left prison?

Which leaves me to ask just how accurate is the rest of the guff he churns out?  How could he get something so simple, so wrong?  Maybe in Mc Dowell’s eagerness to smear and discredit he forgot to get the calculator out?  So go ahead Billy Liar, how do you explain this away?  Or just ignore it like so many times before?  Of course that is the shameful prerogative of the gutless and non-responsible gutter press.


Gaudeamus Igitur


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  1. I wonder if Jim, Richard and the other Sunday World journalists are members of the NUJ? If they are i wonder when the last time was that they read the NUJ Code of Conduct.

    Readers of Long Kesh Inside Out can read the Code of Conduct on this link and decide if they think they stick to that code or not…….