Upsetting the IRA/DUP Applecart.

The Working Class loyalist flag protesters, who are on the verge of upsetting the undemocratic, gerrymandered, totally unrepresentative IRA/DUP apple cart up at Stormont, must not allow their popular democratic campaign in defence of the democratically chosen National Flag of Northern Ireland, to be nullified or usurped by the failed Grand Old Duke of Yorkers, and Fur coat Unionist politicians who have betrayed our trust repeatedly in the past.          These never, never, never treacherous imposters, must be peacefully forced to withdraw from the Stormont Charade thereby causing its collapse.          The deliberately undemocratic refusal by the IRA/SDLP/Alliance coalition to participate in legitimate discussions, on the flying of the National Standard at Stormont, the National Seat of Government in Northern Ireland, renders the present Assembly deliberately bigoted, sectarian, and totally unfit to continue in its present form.          After the collapse of the present assembly, there should be an immediate Northern Ireland Referendum, on a straight forward Union with Great Britain, or United Ireland basis.  Followed by a properly democratic first past the post election of a properly democratic assembly.    The undisputed National Standard of the democratically selected Nation, would then be able to fly without dispute from all Government buildings and the perpetually whinging little Irelanders would be left without a legitimate leg to stand on.


Charlie Freel.


2 Responses to Upsetting the IRA/DUP Applecart.

  1. I have to agree with you and also i remain sceptical regarding this new Unionist forum , all i can see is mainstream Unionism tapping into PUP policy and making it their own now . They know that many working class communities will abandon them come election time and it is obvious that they have had the feelers put out to see what the ordinary Joe public are thinking regarding the present climate surrounding our identity and culture being stripped away by the newly formed pan nationalist front . I think the DUP in particular will drop out of this forum once they have got what they want from it , so , if Loyalism goes into it i hope they do it with open eyes .Too many times Loyalism has been used and abused by mainstream Unionism , they must learn from the past , hopefully with the rebirth of Billy Hutchinson , as the leader of modern day Loyalism , they can strive to become the party they were in and around the mid 90′s , i’d expect no less than 5-6 councillors and hopefully an MLA too if the right people can guide and focus on the battle ahead to regain lost Loyalist voters . Time will tell if the DUP and UUP are genuine enough but i suspect the motives behind this are more about the UUP and DUP than loyalist communities ..

  2. @ Billy Joe , you’re right on the money mate , my opinion is that the PUP should be targeting the seats they want or expect to win , now , not 6 months before the elections , they need to be out and about in those areas now . Show the people that they have an alternitive other than mainstream politicians who don’t care about them . I read the Forum principles and it was like reading a PUP manifesto pamphlet from 1996 . Hopefully the PUP have people studying the statistics of the last 2 local elections and studying the voting patterns of the Unionist/Loyalist community and can tap into it .I can pinpoint myself areas where i expect the PUP to triumph and also an area were they could bring home an elected MLA given the right choice in candidate and the right election team . I hope that for the next 2 years the UVF can remain incident free and with this it can bring about a change in peoples views on the PUP . Without being disrespectful in any way it is obvious that because of UVF actions people deserted the PUP , who have been at the core of working class communities for 30 years .Yet those aforementioned people have still worked endlessly for their communities putting in more time and effort than those elected by democratic means . I just wonder at times why those who vote for the DUP and UUP from working class areas do so . So the stakes have been set , to the mainstream parties by the remergence of a new fluent forward thinking brand of Loyalism headed by Billy Hutchinson and a network of community activists and party members . The battle plans need drawn up quickly as the stakes are very high , if after the next election they end up with the same number of elected representitives i think it will be time for the PUP to call it a day with regards to standing in elections , we are at a crossroads in Unionism/Loyalism , optimistically speaking , it is now or never …