Don’t Get Mad: Don’t Get Even, Just Get Smart: Charlie Freel




Seanna Walsh-who classes
Raymond McCreesh as a hero.

I am no fan of the Nolan Show, but in his last show, regarding the disgraceful behaviour of Mid Ulster Republicans concerning the Poppy and the children’s play park dedicated to Terrorism, Nolan has to be congratulated for helping to remove the balaclava from the face of bitter, twisted, sectarian republicanism. The totally belligerent, unadulterated, bigoted hatred that, was displayed by the two republican representatives, should be a lesson to ALL THE ORDINARY DECENT PEOPLE OF NORTHERN IRELAND.(Protestant, Catholic and non-aligned), that bitter, twisted, sectarian republicanism, is totally incapable of sincere peace or reconciliation.

It is time for the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, to stop wasting their time getting mad, it is now time to get smart.

With regard to the Poppy, The Poppy is a Worldwide recognised symbol of Remembrance for the war dead regardless of Religion or Nationality. This year, all the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, can use the belligerent hatred, of bitter twisted republicans To raise a lot more money for our disabled Ex- Servicemen, by all donating an extra pound each this year for our poppies on behalf of, and in remembrance of, the poor bitter, twisted, republican councillors of Mid Ulster.


As for the play park dedicated to terrorism, this is a clear warning light for all the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, of the sort of belligerently warped, civil and religious lack of liberty that, we can

expect in every area where militant republicanism is elected.   The smart

and only sensible answer to this belligerent display of hatred is, for all the sincerely Unionist supporting people and political parties of Northern Ireland to unite.

In the upcoming Westminster election and in all future elections, we must Unite behind one democratically agreed, non divisive, sincere Unionist candidate in each seat.


Charlie Freel.


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