A Terrorist Shrine–Who Decides?

A Terrorist Shrine? Who Decides?


A venue in Mid Ulster will be the setting for a meeting of those persons opposed to the development of a peace and reconciliation centre on the old site of Long Kesh / Maze Prison. This project has also wrongly been dubbed ‘the Terrorists Shrine’. Tom Elliot (UUP) is the main opposition and wants to undermine the project so much that it will be scrapped. The DUP feel the project should reflect all sides and aspects of the Troubles. Mr Elliott said: “A vast swathe of the people affected simply don’t want this shrine. The paramilitaries might want it as a tribute to their murder campaign, but the families of security personnel, prison officers and politicians who know the score just don’t want to be part of it.”  (News Letter 25 March 2013) When is Unionist politicians going to accept that Loyalist ex-prisoners and families of these ex-prisoners have a right to be at this meeting? I read the list that Mr Elliot expects and I never noticed EPIC on that list. Have organisations like EPIC been consulted? Has there been any research done with Loyalist ex-prisoners? How do these prisoners feel about this centre? Is it a ‘Terrorists Shrine’? The DUP are seemingly driving this project and it makes me concerned as to their motivation. Those who spent years incarcerated in Long Kesh / Maze Prison could respond to this giving their opinion and perhaps we could take it forward?

South Belfast


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  1. Charlie Freel

    Republicans with their inbred, ingrained culture of victimhood, are desperately longing for somewhere that they can attend, with their gullible Irish American sponsers of indiscriminate sectarian slaughter. Together they will be able to wallow in their cherished Irish Republican, misty eyed, drink inspired dellusions of victimhood, sacrifice and slaughter, fraudulantly justified in the name of dear old Ireland. Irish Republicans with their consistant record of military failure and defeat, are desperately looking for some shred of creditable acclaim to justify their latest failed campaign of ethnic slaughter and the shamefull betrayal of their hunger strikers, by their acceptance of employment by the British Government, in the running of Northern Ireland.
    Loyalists must refuse to participate in this grotesque monument to terrorism, we are quite capable of remembering our fallen comrades and our ex-prisoners respectfully in our own areas, in our own historic manner.
    We must not let their memory or sacrifice become tarnished by association with this monument to terrorism.
    By refusing to participate we will be exposing the lengths, that the DUP are willing to travel, in their futile attempts to appease their IRA partners.
    Our attitude to Long Kesh, should be the same as those expressed by an ex-Loyalist Prisoner in the last verse of “Crumlin Road”
    Crumlin Road, Crumlin Road, with yer aul prison walls, Crumlin Road with yer cells full of depression,
    No more your searchlights rake the night, searching for the flight, of the prisoners who have long escaped your sorrow.
    Crumlin Road, Crumlin Road, may yeah crumble may yeah fall, Yer walls turn to dust then blow away,
    May the whole world forget, the place where you sit, the whole world forget you and your sorrows.

  2. South Belfast

    Hi BillyJoe

    Interesting to hear you point of view on the matter and yes perhaps there is some naivety but this is primarily because of my lack of knowledge around the political parties. Im sorry you feel so strongly about the republicans turning it into shrine almost saying that others are not able to stop them. Maybe with the right Loyalist leadership that may not happen. I now understand how the DUP are prepared to bed almost anyone in order to retain power. Although being politically naive i have been aware of the demonisation of former Loyalist Prisoners, especially by the D.U.P. and just today a friend of mine helped me to recall the rallying war cry of none other than the Rev Ian, we spoke of how he addressed his 3rd force in Newtownards and if the Crown refused to recruit them then they would do it themselves i.e. to exterminate the IRA. Was the motives here to fill Northern Irelands prisons? Is it naive to draw opinion? My thoughts are simple enough and if retaining the site as a peace and reconciliation is not wanted by Loyalist ex-prisoners then so be it.