The Past Is All He Has

Another fine little poem by regular contributor, Charlie Freel.  Judging by all his previous poems I feel it is time that Charlie compiled them into a book.  This is just the latest in the line of many excellent pieces.


He stands on the same aul street corner, where his fathers had stood years before,

Recounting past glories of far better days, about the sash that his fathers had wore.

There were pubs then on every street corner, a bookies and chippie next door,

The pride of the East was Glentoran, so why would he want anymore?

But the Oval now sits nearly empty and its sad to admit, but it’s true,

Depression’s the scourge of the East now, instead of them hallions in blue.


Down Mersy Street, sat Gallaghers factory, the producers of Gallaghers blues,

Willy Woodbine was made on the Castlereagh Road, close by, the tool factory of Hughes.

Apprentices now are a thing of the past, as is working your way up, to the top,

If you’ve not got an “ A “ Star In everything else, common sense is considered a flop.


The cranes in the shipyards lay idle, the slipways are launching no more,

The ropeworks supplying its ropes to the World, has long ago bolted its doors,

But  he’s still got his flag, and he’s still got his drum, and he’ll march till his feet they turn blue,

Because the past is all that holds meaning, when your future depends on the bureau.



One Response to The Past Is All He Has

  1. Charlie Freel

    I only found out about the PUP CONFERENCE by reading about it in the News Letter while at work, on the actual morning of the conference. Thankfully I was too far away to attend. It appears that the PUP answer to the problems expressed in this poem, is ansh language course. This useless and obselete qualification in Irish, can then of course be reinforced at a later stage, by an equally useless “A” Star, in the equally useless and obselete Ulster Scotch language. At a time when our young people are in desperate need of meaningfull productive courses, in meaningfull productive skills, the IRA/DUP dictatorship up at Stormont are squandering a fortune of tax payers money, on these two absolutely useless Mickey Mouse languages. To be absoloutely honest, I believe that the vast majority of the totally disillusioned loyalist working class electorate, would feel inclined to tell the PUP, to shove their Irish language course as far up Matt Baggot as they can get it.