Ivan Little Joins The Bandwagon

It would appear that, going by his article in the Sunday World this week, Ivan Little has joined the ranks of the lazy armchair journalists, who make a fat living out of denigrating the Loyalist Working Class.    Ed Curran of the Belfast Telegraph would describe us as the lowest common denominator, while the drunken excuse for a journalist at the Sunday Cesspit, has labelled  young Loyalist band followers, as hangers on and rabble.


 Now Ivan Little appears to have jumped on the anti Loyalist Working Class bandwagon, by expressing his surprise at the lack of blue bags and drunkards, at the Stormont Centenary parade.     In his desperation to find a dark angle, that would justify and pay for his attendance at Stormont, Ivan Little then turns his attention to the stalls selling Loyalist memorabilia and what he describes as CDs linked to the paramilitaries of the UDA and the present day UVF.    What a bloody hypocrite, in last week’s edition he was boasting about finding the signature of his paramilitary Grandfather on the paramilitary Ulster Covenant records of 1912.  If he had taken the trouble to listen to a few of the offending CDs, he would have found that the majority of them are a tribute to either, the paramilitary Ulster Volunteers of 1912-1918, or else the paramilitary Ulster Volunteers of the early seventies, who were out trying to tackle the IRA, while he was making a fat living out of writing and talking about them.     Still not satisfied that these unexploded CDs, were enough to justify and pay for his disappointing trip to Stormont, he then turns his poison pen in the direction of the flute band proudly bearing the name of their fallen former member and comrade John Gregg.   Ivan Little then goes on to insult the Fallen Comrades of my own ex-regiment, The Royal Ulster Rifles, by suggesting that their old Regimental Motto of Quis- Separabit,( None shall separate us ) was not an appropriate motto for a family day out, on the grounds that it has now been borrowed by the paramilitary Ulster Defence Association.

Considering the fact that Stormont is now the power base of the totally undemocratic, unrepresentative IRA/DUP dictatorship, I can think of no better place than Stormont for the voiceless Loyalist Working Class to unite and declare afresh that, NONE SHALL SEPARATE US.                               Charlie Freel.



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