On Thursday You Are Either With Us Or Against Us: Charlie Freel



Thursday will hopefully  see the long awaited removal of the treacherous yellow banner of the Alliance Party, which has for too long  disgraced East Belfast since the removal of the equally shameful  swish family Robinson, at the last Westminster election.         Peter Robinson made the fatal mistake of taking the Loyalist Working Class Unionists of East Belfast for granted and paid the price.

The Alliance party despite being gifted a seat, that they had never earned, has  made the same mistake and compounded it with treachery, by uniting with the enemies of Ulster, the IRA/Sinn Fein, to defy the overwhelming will of the people of Northern Ireland, as unanimously expressed in numerous equality commission conducted opinion polls, to restrict the displaying of the democratically chosen National Standard of the United Kingdom, at the Belfast City Hall, in the Capital City of Northern Ireland.

Thursday is also make your mind up time, for the East Belfast PUP. The out of control Trojan horse within their ranks, has spent the past few months covertly tweeting intolerant , anti-agreed Unionist, Hetrophobic and Christophobic  tweets to and from their fellow covert twitter twats, some of whom are devout Republican twitter twats, with the covert purpose of undermining United Unionism in East Belfast.

Now after months of pretending to be sitting impartially on the fence, while at the same time attempting to undermine agreed Unionism and United Unionism, these fraudulent Loyalists have now finally made it clear that, they will be betraying our National Standard and the sincere desire of the Loyalist Working Class for Unionist Unity, by  voting against the agreed Unionist Candidate in East Belfast.        These people attempt to excuse their treachery by proclaiming themselves to be conscientious objectors of the DUP, this would possibly have been a plausible excuse, if the Agreed Unionist Candidate had been one of the old DUP, Grand old Duke Of Yorkers.

He is not, he is an intelligent  and tolerant young East Belfast Man, who  the PUP have  no personal gripe with and who I believe deserves the chance to prove himself as the Agreed Unionist MP for East Belfast.

Despite my own militant Loyalist background, I have never due to the cowardice and the dishonesty, of the Grand Old Duke ever voted DUP.         On Thursday I and my family,( 10 votes) will be putting Country before party and conscientious objection of the DUP, in support United Unionism, our National Standard and as a mark of respect for my Fallen Comrades and every Ulster Volunteer that, ever took up arms in defence of the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own destiny.



Charlie Freel.   


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