Gifting a Seat to Irish Republicanism: Charlie Freel



The most sensible and easily the most successful graduated response that Unionists could possibly partake in, in response to the sectarian belligerence of intolerant Irish  Republicanism and the treacherous Alliance party at this moment in time, would be the selection of one United Unionist Candidate, in every constituency of Northern Ireland for the fast approaching Westminster Election.

The IRA/Sinn Fein and the treacherous Alliance party, united on Belfast City Council, to defy the clearly expressed and massively endorsed wishes of the people of Northern Ireland, ( VIA NUMEROUS EQUALITY COMMISSION ORGANISED OPINION POLLS) regarding the flying of our democratically selected National Standard at Belfast City Hall, in the Capital City of Northern Ireland.

Since that time, dozens of young Working Class Loyalists have been prosecuted, for protesting in defence of the democratic right ,of the democratically agreed National Standard of The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, to be flown every day at The City Hall in Belfast , the Capital City of Northern Ireland.


The two main Unionist  parties, have both declared an interest in obeying the clearly expressed , desired wishes, of the United Unionist electorate,( especially in Loyalist Working Class areas,) for a United Unionist response aimed at defeating the constant drip, drip, drip, deliberate erosion of  Loyalist Working Class Culture, by the belligerently intolerant, IRA/Sinn Fein and the treacherous Alliance party.

In South Belfast,  the DUP and the UUP, are both betraying the clearly expressed wishes of the Loyalist  Working Class. They are both selfishly running  totally uninspiring candidates, neither of whom have the  credentials , or the record of service  required, to inspire the sort of  Loyalist working class response that would be required, to return this seat to Unionism.


One option would be, for the United Working Class Loyalists of South Belfast , to select a well respected,  local Community worker, with a proven record of sincere Community service within the Loyalist Working Class Community of South Belfast, to stand as a United Unionist Candidate.  Then force the DUP and the UUP, to engage with the Loyalist Working Class Community of South Belfast, with the sincere determination to select  one agreed United Unionist Candidate for South Belfast.  Thereby ensuring that the South Belfast Electorate returns a genuine agreed Unionist  MP, for South Belfast.


IF the DUP and the UUP, refuse to co-operate, then the seat will be as good as lost again, to Irish Republicanism. In that case, the local Community selected United Unionist Candidate ,should then go ahead and stand for the seat, thereby giving the Loyalist Working Class Community of South Belfast the opportunity to register a protest vote against the selfishly divisive, party before People and party before Country,  actions of betrayal by  both the DUP and the UUP.

Charlie Freel.     



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