No Surrender!!!: Beware: It Does Not Suffer Fools Gladly.


It has been hinted at, in East Belfast that, the tactic of writing NO SURRENDER, across the ballet sheet in the upcoming election, would be a more preferable option than, voting for a United Unionist Candidate in East Belfast.

This suggested act of treachery, could well result in the treacherous, non- union and non- National Standard supporting alliance party, being re-elected by default in East Belfast.

It would be a betrayal of the thousands of ordinary decent Loyalists, who have been protesting and in many cases prosecuted, for making a stand in defence of our National Standard.

It would be a betrayal  of every Ulster Volunteer who had ever charged into no-man’s land, with the cry of NO SURRENDER, on their lips.

It would also be a total betrayal of every Ulster Volunteer of the early seventies, who defiantly proclaimed NO SURRENDER in the courts upon sentencing and throughout their entire imprisonment.


Every sincere Unionist in East Belfast needs to realise the seriousness of our countries present situation, Country must be put before petty, party, or petty, personal aspirations, remember every split, spoiled, or unused Unionist vote, will be a vote for the treacherous, alliance party.


“NO SURRENDER” is not a declaration to be made lightly, or insincerely, especially by fraudulent Loyalists, it has a habit of coming back to severely bite, those who use it dishonestly.

Now would be a suitable time to remember the words of, “Where now the no surrender men.”


Where now the no surrender men, where now their cries of never?

Where now the pledges cheaply made, without the courage to deliver?

Where now the hands that would not shake, the bloody hands of slaughter?

Where now the papers boastfully waved, for guns that would not utter?


Where now the wavers of the flag, where now the ranks of marchers?

Where now resistance Red Berets? all sold out by your masters.

All sold for riches power and fame, lie cast aside the cannon fodder.

Misused, disowned, shamefully cast aside, in exchange for Stormont Plunder.


Charlie Freel.




3 Responses to No Surrender!!!: Beware: It Does Not Suffer Fools Gladly.

  1. Raymond Laverty

    the article seems to contradict itself. The ‘No Surrender’ poem possibly outlines why not to vote for those who have sought fame and power at Stormont. What would Charlie have those who have been sold out by “their masters” do? Furthermore it’s not a United Unionist Candidate it’s a DUP/ UUP Candidate.

    • Thank you for your reply Raymond, The poem was in fact written by myself, so I am probably the best person to exactly outline the context, in which it was written and its intended context in the above article.

      The poem was written, at the time of and as a response to, the dishonestly presented and gullibly accepted, Good Friday and Saint Andrews agreements, fraudulently imposed upon the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, without the honesty to declare the dirty underhand deals that had been agreed to, by the British Government and the IRA. It was a response to the fraudulent, cheaply broken pledges of never, never, never,(“NO SURRENDER” to terrorism) that had been insincerely made, by successive, dishonest, British Governments and Unionist Politicians.
      The poem was used in the context of the above article, to remind those who would seek to dishonestly misuse, the sincere battle cry of our Fore-Fathers for cheap, insincere, politically divisive, motives, that, in much the same way as the above offenders, their cowardly insincerity will ultimately be revealed.

      It is also being used as a timely warning to those Unionist Politicians who, are intending to appeal for the votes of a United Unionist Electorate that, they will be expected to put Country above and beyond, petty party divisiveness, in the interests of their United Unionist Electorate.
      Exclamations of, ” No Surrender”, are best left to those who in the past, have been tried and tested by fire and still remained true to the cause of GOD and ULSTER.
      Charlie Freel.

    • Sorry Raymond, just realised I have not fully answered your questions.
      The original article was in fact written and submitted before the declaration of an agreed Unionist Candidate in East Belfast, and it was in fact calling for, one non-divisive, United Unionist Candidate, to be selected for every electoral seat.
      Now that an agreed Unionist, has been selected with support of both the main Unionist Parties, it is I believe, in the best interests of our Country, important that, the United Unionist Electorate of East Belfast Unite, to insure the removal of the non-Unionist and non-National Standard supporting, treacherous, alliance party from East Belfast.
      Those Sincere Unionists, who have in the past been sold out by their fraudulent, Unionist masters, must resist the temptation to become, poor me, why me, sorry I ever heard of God, sorry I ever heard of Ulster, “ideologically born again Loyalists”.
      The Grand old Duke of York is gone, in future, insure that those who lead you up the hill have the sincerity and the courage, to lead you over the hill and beyond.
      Charlie Freel.