Ulster’s Fallen Volunteers and our National Standard must not be Betrayed: Charlie Freel



At this time of National crisis all sincere Unionists have a duty to unite, under the Covenant OF Authentic, original Ulster Loyalism, IE, FOR GOD AND ULSTER.

Now is the time to be done with, pompous self righteous posturing, by, our self seeking, small minded, so called Unionist Politicians and secretly aspiring, wannabe, fringe Loyalist, Parties.


The provisional IRA/Sinn Fein, are now both politically and militarily in their strongest ever position, in the near future they will have complete control of the armed forces of the Republic of Ireland.

Here in Northern Ireland, thanks to a  constantly bickering, ever increasing, multitude of divisive, so called Unionist Parties and successive, treacherous British Governments who have meekly allowed convicted IRA/Sinn Fein terrorists to be elected into Government in Northern Ireland, our own security forces can now be immediately hamstrung and nullified by a ridiculous motion of concern from the IRA/Sinn Fein and a “peace at any price” Alliance party, with their woolly headed justice minister.


Drastic situations require drastic actions, the Ulster Volunteers of 1912 and the Ulster Volunteers of the early seventies, were not found wanting in our Countries hour of need.

Let’s make a start by ensuring, that an agreed, unanimously acceptable, non divisive, United unionist candidate represents Unionism in EVERY CONSTITUANCY, at the fast approaching Westminster Elections.


The ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland are again facing “DAYS OF STRESS AND TRIAL,” not since 1912 has Northern Ireland been in more need of, a strong sincere United Unionist Voice, at Westminster.

A strong sincere United Unionist Voice, not to simply slavishly obey, the dictates of a notoriously un-trustworthy Westminster, nor the dictates of an equally untrustworthy Conservative, or Labour Government, but to ensure that the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own future is protected.


Northern Irelands right to United Kingdom Status, has been loyally earned by the precious blood of many generations of our forefathers, sacrificed on countless battlefields throughout the World, in defence of other peoples democracies and under the Sacred Colours of, Our United, National Standard.



Charlie Freel.


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  1. Glenn Bradley

    I oft read articles and wonder what myth, propaganda or downright lies lead to such emotional outbursts. This is one such article.

    During the 3rd Home Rule Bill, a time of real National Crisis, my great grandparents (all of them) and wider ancestors where in various Units of the UVF. From south Derry to west Belfast they actively engaged the principle of Irish Unionism i.e. that Irish citizens would continue to take a role within a United Kingdom made of Scots, Welsh, English and Irish. Great uncles fought at the Somme, surviving the War and one of my Great Grandfathers (Granny Martha’s father) fell on the 3rd day of the Somme. They didn’t fight “For God and Ulster” no more than a Royal Irish soldier today would fight for “Faugh a Ballagh” or a Para for “Utrinque Paratus”.

    When the Government of Ireland Act 1920 occurred and this tiny Island was partitioned, they followed Lord Carson’s lead and expressed disgust. As they’d tell their children and grandchildren passed onto their great grandchildren like me “… we didn’t put our hand up and get murdered at the Somme for half a loaf…” in reference to the fact that their beloved province of Ulster was also partitioned (let alone the Island). Therefore not all Ulster Volunteers, including Lord Carson, where content with the formation of a 6 county Northern Ireland state: a fact and reality often denied or lost in the later layers of myth and propaganda.

    When the UVF reconstituted in 1966 there can be no doubt that many brave men and women put their hands up again. Some went to jail for military actions or their political idealism. On this page I doubt I need to remind that Commanding Long Kesh was the late Gusty Spence, a pioneer of progressive loyalist thinking along with the late Billy Mitchell. Later Gusty and Billy would add the likes of Plum Smith, Billy Hutchinson, Winky Rea, the late David Ervine to their widening ‘thinking soldier’ method to achieve success. These Volunteers supported outside the Kesh by representatives like my late uncle Hugh Smyth along with Davy Overend, Ken Hagan, Jim McDonald and many, many others where creating a platform that if wholly embraced could take the Volunteer Movement forward politically. It wasn’t ‘wannabee’ or ‘fringe’ – a model was drafted that should and could carry the Ulster Volunteers to be a Political Force that had the ability to challenge the ‘fur coat’ brigade of the UUP and the sectarian, self righteous, belligerent mentality of the DUP leading Unionism, and it is utterly crass today to dismiss such fantastic advanced political thinking.

    Northern Ireland is not in a day of stress and trial. Ulster Volunteer Leaders with other Unionists ensured that a level playing field of democracy was created during the negotiations that led to the Belfast Agreement (GFA) in 1997. No political party or guerrilla army can remove the 1 million + UK Citizens from this Island without the consent of those citizens. Northern Ireland is safe within the UK providing the democratic wishes of the people of Northern Ireland wish that to remain so. The principle of consent and peaceful democracy are the path of the here and now.

    To heighten representation to deliver the real social & economic needs required in impoverished communities by all means let Unionism put the best single, constituency candidate forward for election to Westminster but do it for ethical reasons, not sectarian?

    As for a ‘National Standard’? When in the Army I never fought for the Ulster Banner or any standard. The flag of my Nation is the Union Jack, I’ve 1 flag, and I treat it with the respect and the reverence it deserves. As a soldier the Union flag was never flown 365 24/7 – it was ceremoniously taken down daily, neatly folded before being raised again at reveille. On operations I can only recall the Union flag being used as a beacon to US Aircraft so they didn’t bomb us in a blue on blue incident! Years ago, the colours of the 36th Ulster Division used to hang in a lounge bar called “The Orange Cross” placed there by the Shankill Ex Servicemens Association and it most certainly wasn’t an Ulster Banner!? I think we’ve enough Union Flags flying upside down or in tatters from lamp posts without further calls to fly or protect some unofficial Standard?

    In closing I’ll conclude with the words of the late Gusty “….. never be afraid, we where born here and you’ve as much right to be here as any other person so I am telling you: get into a room, see the whites of their eyes and challenge them. Expose the lunacy that their inheritance or ancestry is superior to yours. Take them to task on the failed economy a United Ireland would surely create today. Fight with the tactics of a soldier and the brains of a poet….” Not fringe; not wannabee; never divisive.

    • Thank you for your reply Glenn, as for your indignant emotional outburst, lets examine it point by point.

      First of all let me assure you that, I don’t require the imaginary inspirations of myth, propaganda, or downright lies, which you refer to but fail to even remotely elaborate on, as ammunition for my article.
      I rely totally on hard earned personal experience. Six years service with the Royal Ulster Rifles and the Royal Irish Rangers, full time service with the Belfast Fire Brigade during the height of the IRA no warning indiscriminate bombing campaign, second in command of Compound 18 Long Kesh and Regimental Sergeant Major of all UVF/RHC compounds during the mid seventies, and the very first of the very few political prisoners, Loyalist or republican, to refuse all paroles, on the grounds of unrepentant political status.
      Unlike yourself I wont indulge in a long drawn out roll of, British ex-servicemen Ancestors, even though I could at least match and probably out do yours.( as no doubt could many other Loyalist Working Class Families in Northern Ireland.) I am proud to admit that, at this present moment in time, I have a Son still following in our unbroken Family tradition of serving in the British Forces.
      What I will say is that, you are in no position to confidently and honestly state that your Ancestors did not consider themselves to be fighting for God and Ulster, any more than I can confidently and honestly state that mine were.
      I can however confidently and honestly state that, when my Ancestors signed the Ulster Covenant and answered Carsons call to arms, both at home and within the British Army, they were unmistakeably and voluntarily swearing to fight for God and Ulster.
      The fact that your Ancestors were so outraged by the shameful abandonment of the other three Counties of Ulster after the War, would seem to suggest that your Ancestors were also fighting for God and Ulster.

      As for the often cited, worn out, small list of Compound 21 Volunteers from the early seventies, who you rightly claim were converted by Gusty to, “Ideologically Born Again Loyalism,” with its mantra of, poor me, why me, it was all down to my bad parenting, my lack of education, my bigoted forefathers, my lack of well paid employment, my backstreet neighbourhood, the fur coated Unionist politicians, the Orange Order, Paisley, any excuse will do as long as I don’t have to take responsibility for my own actions.

      Well for every name on your small list, there were dozens of and in many cases better Ulster Volunteers, who stayed true to our mantra of “No Statements, No Regrets, No Surrender.
      Despite Gustys many sincere attempts to spread the Gospel of “Ideologically born again Loyalism” to the other UVF/RHC, compounds, it was always met with disapproval by the Command Staff and the Volunteers of Compound 18, who made it perfectly clear to Gusty that, they considered militant republicanism, to be totally incapable of genuine trust, genuine honesty, genuine peace or sincere reconciliation, until they had achieved their ultimate goal of a republican dominated, united Ireland, by any means at their disposal. Now with 40 years of hind sight, even the converts to “ideologically born again Loyalism”, are beginning to realise that the Volunteers of Compound 18 were right.

      Sadly Glen you seem to be of the misguided opinion that the IRA/Sinn Fein, the British Government and the Government of the Republic, can be trusted and that the dishonestly achieved, Good Friday Agreement in some way guarantees Northern Irelands position, within the UK.
      Surely Glen as an ex-British serviceman you have learned by now that Loyalty and truthfulness, are words that can be retranslated in a thousand conveniently different ways, to suit any no longer desirable situation, as defined by the civil service dictionary of the totally untrustworthy British Government.
      The IRA bombing of Canary Wharf proved beyond doubt that, the Loyalty of the British Government is governed solely by the bank of England, it is measured in pounds shillings and pence.
      Successive British Prime Ministers like Harold Wilson and Tony Blair, would have gladly abandoned Northern Ireland long ago, if they could have done so without losing face and the certainty of a Civil War.

      In your confused paragraph regarding our democratically chosen National Standard. You appear to be confusing our National Standard with the Ulster Flag, the UVF colours, banners, and lamp post flags.
      My article makes it perfectly clear that while we remain part of the United Kingdom then we have only one National Standard and that it should be flown as of right, respectfully, on a daily basis on the City hall in Belfast the Capital City of Northern Ireland and at Stormont the seat of Parliament in Northern Ireland.
      There is nothing even remotely sectarian about displaying the National Standard of a Nation at its seats of power.
      You also seem to be of the opinion that at a time when the IRA/Sinn Fein is in the strongest position that ,it has ever been, thanks to the fact that our ordinary Roman Catholic Country men and women are willing to forsake their basic human moral and basic religious principles, to vote for convicted republican terrorists that, it would be sectarian for Unionists to select one agreeable, non divisive United Unionist Candidate for each Westminster seat, in the defence of Civil and Religious Liberty for all and the democratic right of the People of Northern Ireland to decide their own future. Wise up Glenn.
      Charlie Freel.

  2. Glenn Bradley


    As David would say: “This is my perception, it’s one of many”.

    You’re entitled to your opinions and I mine so we’ll have to agree to disagree. Not withstanding, great debate. Time will tell whose rationale was on the side of history.

    Best wishes.

    • Hello again Glen, I sincerely thank you for your welcome participation, it was beginning to look like the supporters of “Ideologically Born Again Loyalism”, were only prepared to argue their case, in the columns of Brian Rowan, O’Malley, and all the rest of the parasitic journalists, who have been and are still, feeding of the back of the conflict, for the past 45 years.
      Charlie Freel.