The Scourge Of Born Again Loyalism: Charlie Freel

The Scourge Of Born Again Loyalism


Israel is without a doubt the longest and the most deliberately targeted democratic Nation in the history of
the world.
For thousands of years it has endured and overcame slavery, oppression, attempted extermination, ethnic cleansing, and all out war, waged against it repeatedly by seemingly overwhelming and totally undefeatable amalgamations of theoretically and physically much more powerful enemy Nations.
In everyone of these situations, the Nation of Israel has eventually emerged victorious.
Israel’s latest amalgamation of enemies,( supported by the IRA and republican infiltrated trade unions) are still failing to grasp the glaring truth of their own battle cry, “God is Great”.
If Israel’s enemies and their republican supporters, were not so totally blinded by sectarian hatred, then they would have realised long ago, due to Israel’s long succession of miraculous victories against seemingly un-surmountable odds, just how great God really is.
Israel has faithfully held fast to its unshakable belief, that if God was with them then, none could stand against them.
Israel has employed a long and successful campaign of terrorising its terrorist enemies regardless of the opinions of the rest of the world, safe in the knowledge that it was defending good against evil.
Terrorists nations throughout the world and their IRA supporters now realise that, Never Again Will The Children of Israel Be Marched Meekly Into the Gas Chambers.
Here in Northern Ireland the Ulster Volunteers of 1912-1918 and the Ulster Volunteers of the seventies held dear their cause, “For God And Ulster”, as they swore to defend by use of force if necessary, the democratic right of the People of Northern Ireland to decide their own future.
In much the same way as the Nation of Israel, we, the Ulster Volunteers of the early seventies sought to terrorise the terrorist enemies of democracy here in Northern Ireland, again just like the Nation of Israel, secure in the knowledge that, we occupied the moral high ground.
We also, in a similar fashion to the Nation of Israel, carried out our campaign successfully with total disregard to world opinion.
Unfortunately for Loyalism, it now seems that a few of our original Volunteers, in their futile attempts at pandering to world opinion and republicanism, seem to be renouncing their original sincerity of cause.
These ideologically Born Again Loyalists, in their futile efforts to impress the arty farty world of academia and the undemocratic IRA/DUP Government, now seem to be blaming their original defence of democracy on the exuberance of youth, Working Class Poverty, gutless politicians and our fore-fathers. BULLSHIT.
Have they so quickly forgotten the sectarian, no warning bombing of the Four Step Inn, Bloody Friday, the cowardly republican murders by ambush, on the Lower Newtownards Road from St Matthews Chapel and the countless other sectarian no warning atrocities, which forced the Loyalist Working Class to take up arms in defence of democracy.
Charlie Freel.


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