What Are Loyalists Loyal To?: The Other Villager

What Are Loyalists Loyal To?

A very interesting article and one I have lots of difficulty with. Loyalism? What are Loyalists loyal to exactly? It certainly isn’t the British State or its Constabulary, as we see every year when contentious marches are opposed. Perhaps it’s Protestantism? But then I don’t see much evidence of the teaching of Jesus being displayed by members of ‘Loyalist’ terrorist groups or their supporters.  It’s a word that doesn’t appear to have meaning, or at least one I can see.  Social and economic depravation is at it’s worst where terrorist, community organisations flourish the most.  The ‘Peoples Army’ have butchered more of their own community than the so called enemy ever did and this applies to the IRA also.  I come from a working class (Those that work) estate, I sought employment, found it and made a humble life for me and my family.  Never once did I or those around me cry and beg for Peace III monies. In an apparent catch up and using the exact same marxist, Sinn Fein mantra, Progressive Loyalists are now adopting this ‘Poor me’, begging bowl strategy.  A common trait within the socialist community. Respect is not given, it is earned!  How do you expect Republicans to respect your culture and traditions when you insist in parading it over the top of them on an annual basis?  For the record, I support the right to parade, it is an important part of the culture and history of this Country, but refusal to negotiate where offence is taken is downright stupid. You don’t believe Republicans have moved in anyway shape or form to respect the view point of your community?  Not even that they have declared the armed struggle as a failure and are now implimenting British Rule in what they see as Ireland?  Sinn Fein have a strategy, they are sticking to it and it’s working.  Take the parade they voluntarily re-routed recently.  What did that tell the world?  It told the world that unlike the Loyalists, we are approachable and level headed. It invited the world to look at who the peacemakers are, who the resonable ones are.  It was of course a well thought out and deliberate strategy, but as far as image and moulding opinions was concerned, it was a very clever and cynical move indeed. Contrast that with the violence, stubborn attitudes and economically unsound behaviour displayed on the Crumlin Road/Ardoyne. How do we move on then? For starters, we need to leave the ‘Poor me’ attitude behind. We need real politics and not the sectarian drivel we have at the moment.  When we stop looking at people as Catholics or Protestants and start looking at them as individuals, only then will we slowly start to make the economic and social changes you crave. Hopefully we can do away with the ‘No one likes us we don’t care’ belief and put out a genuine hand of friendship to those we previously saw as our enemies, maybe then the silver lining can be realised.


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  1. As a proud Working Class Loyalist, I am perfectly willing to answer the questions posed by, the other Villager.
    I was born and raised in the back-streets of East Belfast, in a no bathroom, no hot water, terrace house, with an outside toilet. My Dad worked long hours every day in the shipyard to provide for us, while my Wee Mum, who had worked in a munitions factory during the War, while her 3 Brothers served with the Royal Ulster Rifles, at Dunkirk, Normandy and Korea, kept our little home cleaner than any palace on the Malone Road. None of the afore mentioned where Royalists, or Little Englanders, yet every one of them was a proud Northern Ireland Loyalist. My Grandfathers 3 Brothers and my Grandmothers Brothers, all served at the Somme, again none of them were Royalists or little Englanders, yet every one of them were proud Northern Ireland Loyalists.
    I myself served with the Royal Ulster Rifles and the Royal Irish Rangers. I also served as a full time Belfast Fireman, with the Belfast Fire Brigade, during the height of the IRAs cowardly no warning, indiscriminate, sectarian bombing campaign in the early seventies. Yet again I was never a Royalist or a little Englander, but God willing, will always remain a proud Working Class Northern Ireland Loyalist.
    The other Villager asks, “what are Northern Ireland Loyalists loyal to?”
    Unfortunately for Loyalism, just like Christianity and every other human organisation, it is composed of differing levels of commitment which will always vary, depending on the sincerity and honesty of its individual members.
    Just like the Police, the Judiciary, Politicians, the Media, the Ministry, the Priesthood, and the Monarchy, Loyalism has also been infiltrated by individual rogues, who true to their nature will always put the carrot before the cause.
    The other Villager in his article, uses a broad brush to smear ( unintentionally I hope) the entire Loyalist Working Class Community with his begging bowl assertions.
    He is of course totally wrong in his assertion on social and economic depravation, the facts are that terrorism is indisputably at its worst, in areas where social and economic depravation is allowed to flourish.
    Again with regard to his original question, I will answer it on behalf of past generations of my own Family and the sincere Ulster Volunteers that I had the privilege to serve with as, Regimental Sergeant Major of all UVF/RHC compounds in Long Kesh during the mid-seventies.
    A sincere Northern Ireland Loyalist, is someone who is willing to defend with use of force if necessary, the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland, to decide their own future.