PUP Against The Maze/Long Kesh Site: Charlie Freel

The PUP has enjoyed a massive surge of support, as a result of Billy Hutchinsons sincere support for the defenders of the National Standard. He has successfully tapped into the sincerely held beliefs of the vast majority of the Loyalist Working Class.

Now as a result of the latest devious act of collusion by the IRA/DUP parasites up at Stormont, with regard to retention of the already existing shrine to Republican terrorism at Long Kesh, the PUP have the perfect opportunity to also gain the support and gratitude of the thousands of innocent victims of indiscriminate Republican  terrorism and the support of every decent person in Northern Ireland, by publically broadcasting their unconditional support for the complete demolition of the whole prison.

This act of public solidarity with the genuinely innocent victims of the conflict, would be prove the sincerity of the famous apology made on our behalf by Gusty Spence and expose the DUP as Republican collaborators.


2 Responses to PUP Against The Maze/Long Kesh Site: Charlie Freel

  1. Gareth Mulvenna

    Surely Loyalists have a story to tell as part of the Long Kesh project as well? This website, with the fantastic photos, is proof of that.

    • Charlie Freel

      Yes Gareth, we have one hell of a story to tell about how, because of the cowardice and betrayal of successive British Governments, we were forced to take up arms in defence of the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland, to decide their own future.
      Immediately after sentencing, while still being held in the holding cells of Crumlin Road Courthouse, my comrades and I wrote in letters a foot high, the same answer which we had given to the judge on sentencing, “No Statements, No Regrets, No Surrender”.
      Unfortunately it would appear that, there are now some within our ranks intent on abandoning the principles of the Old Volunteers of the seventies and our Fallen Comrades, in pursuit of a profitable future wallowing in a collusive pool of professional false victimhood, with our unrepentant enemies the sectarian ethnic cleansers of the IRA.
      We the Old Volunteers of the seventies are more than capable of telling the truth of the conflict, with courage and honesty, taking full responsibility for and explaining our actions, in a site of our own choosing, with our own Volunteers.
      To enter into a false peace and non-existant reconciliation centre with our totally unrepentant enemies, would I believe, be a betrayal of every principle that we have ever held dear and even more importantly, a complete betrayal of the Genuinely Innocent Victims of the conflict.