Ask My Mate Marty If I’m A Liar.

                                                 ASK MY MATE MARTY IF I’M A LIAR.

They have to be the funniest comedy duo since, Stan and Ollie.  Peter and Marty were at their pompously belligerent best, as they farcically attempted to justify their ludicrous decision to retain the ugly eyesore H-Block and equally ugly Prison Hospital at Long Kesh, as tourist attractions in the interests of their sham peace and non existing reconciliation pact.

Peter— red faced and with eyes bulging, nearly burst all his blood vessels in his bumbling efforts to assure us all that, his new mate Marty and the IRA, don’t really want the H Block and the hospital to become a memorial to the IRA hunger strikers.   Marty,  equally red faced and sweating, blustered and bleathered, without ever actually confirming Peters ludicrous statement.
It was hilarious to witness the totally discredited leader of the totally discredited, Never, Never, Never, Grand Old Duke of Yorkers, defending the aspirations of the IRA, in the face of opposition from The innocent Victims of terrorism, the RUC, the Prison Service, the PUP, UVF/RHC  Ex- Loyalist Prisoners and all the other Unionist Parties.
It is therefore pretty obvious to everyone except the comically belligerent, Stan and Ollie that, if the remainder of Long Kesh  isn’t bulldozed, then the only people participating in their farcical  Sham-Peace and non- existing reconciliation centre, will be the Never,  Never, Never DUP and  the Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie, IRA.

Charlie Freel.


One Response to Ask My Mate Marty If I’m A Liar.

  1. robert allen

    I and a number of ACT participants from South Belfast had a tour around the Maze/Long Kesh site a number of months ago.

    All in our group queried why the H Block which is being kept, (No. 5 I think), was the one where the dirty protest started and where Billy Wright, with the assistance of the prison authorities was murdered. If a Block has to be kept then why not keep a Block which had less relevance to the republican groups?

    The person showing us around tried to say this was just by chance. Needless to say no one in our group was buying this.

    Then in the hospital wing we were told that the cell in which Bobby Sands’ died no longer had a bed in it due to the fact that so many republican visitors were stealing the bed springs believing it was the actual bed in which he died.

    As you have pointed out Charlie, Stan and Ollie are both once again backing each other stating it won’t be a shrine to the IRA/Republicans. I suppose it’s understandable that the one time head of the IRA from Londonderry would lie about this but why are the DUP lying to the public and backing SF once again?

    “It is quite clear now the price for Sinn Fein support for the Maze project including the stadium is a shrine to IRA terrorism. However it is dressed up, whatever spin is deployed, the preservation of a section of the H-Blocks would become a shrine to terrorists …” (Nigel Dodds June 22, 2007).
    Is it any wonder Nigel was hospitalised – these kind of lies make us all sick!

    It didn’t take long for the DUP tune to change. What about the promises made to the Loyalist community at the height of the flag protests?

    You can be sure that as soon as it is available Sinn Fein will be booking this site for their annual conference. Maybe Peter will attend as their guest speaker…