Churches Non-Role in Loyalist Working Class Areas

Last  week while the Loyalist Working Class were preparing to celebrate the Centenary of the Ulster Covenant, the limp wristed peace at any price leadership of the Methodist Church deliberately betrayed the sacred memory of our Forefathers, by expressing their regret for the actions of our Forefathers during the Home rule crisis of 1912.


 Who exactly did this Southern Irish influenced group of lily livered weasels, think they were speaking for? They certainly were not speaking for the many thousands of sincere Methodists who took to the streets of Belfast on Saturday, to honour the actions, the bravery and the sacrifices of our Paramilitary Forefathers back in 1912.   These arrogant self righteous traitors, had absolutely no mandate or permission from grass root Methodists, to make such a treacherous unrepresentative statement, on behalf of the Methodist Church.  They most certainly had no right to express regret on behalf of the many thousands of sincere Ulster Methodists of 1912, who by their actions and sacrifices proved that they were far better Ulstermen, Christians and Methodists, than this present day  clique of Methodist traitors.    Jesus Christ himself made it perfectly clear during his earthly ministry, that even Gods sacred 10 Commandments can be broken, if it is to achieve a greater good.           During the 1798 United Ulster rising by mainly Presbyterian Protestants, against the oppressive English Landlords and the oppressive Anglican Church, the vast majority of Protestant Ministers stood shoulder to shoulder with the Protestant Working Class, many of these sincere Christian Ministers were hanged by the English, after the rising.      Again during the 1912 Protestant Rising by the Paramilitary Ulster Volunteers, in defence of the right of the People of Ulster to decide their own destiny, Protestant Ministers stood shoulder to shoulder with the Protestant Working Class, against an oppressive British Government.

I sincerely believe that the vast majority of present day Protestant Ministers, spend so much of their time with their self-righteous heads stuck so far up into clouds looking for God, that they are of no earthly good to God or the Protestant Working Class.  The proof is in the rows and rows of empty pews in Protestant Churches, in The Protestant Working Class districts of Northern Ireland


Charlie Freel.


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  1. Gareth Mulvenna

    Excellent book on this issue by Philip Orr entitled ‘New Loyalties: Christian Faith and the Protestant Working Class’. Worth a read.