An interesting article in yesterday Irish News—and that is something you very rarely say about his weekly column—from the top class apologist for Sinn Fein, Jimmy Gibney.  Not so genial Jim is commenting on the previous days staged events when his former Commander in Chief Martin McGuiness shook the hand of his reigning Monarch, Queen Elizabeth the Second.


  As you would expect he applied quite a bit of spin to his yarn but not nearly as much as that being used by his former dead comrades he speaks so highly of.  No doubt they will be turning like proverbial tops at the thought of the capitulation from their erstwhile colleagues—a near total submission to the British Crown.  Jimmy speaks highly of a number of former fellow volunteers and in particular he mentions two sets of four IRA men blown up by their own devices in 1972.  The first four died when a bomb exploded prematurely in a car they were travelling in along Knock dual carriageway—the second a few months later—again due to a premature explosion in a house in Anderson Street, Short Strand.  Four innocent civilians were also killed.  It is unlikely that we will ever know what the intended targets for those two bombs would have been, but no doubt they were intended for “strategic economic targets”—just like the one that Jimmy was the in Crumlin Road jail for—The buffs Club on the Albertbridge Road!!  A key economic target no doubt  maybe they were selling their drink too cheap!!
                                        Gibney waxes eloquently about the importance of the handshake and “the response from the relatives of those who lost loved ones, either as IRA members or those killed by British forces and loyalists, was generous and understanding”.  The article continues in this vein basically quoting the party line in the concerted attempt to justify the complete surrender of Sinn Fein.  True loyalists will never be convinced by anything perpetuated from that quarter and it is becoming more noticeable that neither will true republicans.  The fact that there is a mounting dissidence amongst former associates is incontrovertible evidence of this.  As with all good comedians Jimmy is able to regale us with brilliant punch lines.  And, here, he didn’t disappoint.  Check this one out……”the symbolism of the Irish President Michael D Higgins, Queen Elizabeth, peter Robinson and martin McGuinness together in the Lyric Theatre yesterday was an emotional juncture in the transition from the old Ireland to the new Ireland”.   Not laughing loud enough?  Try this one then….”but inside that room there is also evidence of the new Ireland—an Ireland of equals where, as Gerry Adams said last Sunday. “” there is space for everyone and for all opinions and identities””.   Peter Kay and Michael McIntyre must be glancing nervously over their shoulders at this new clown on the block.  Someone please take Gibney to the side and whisper quietly that in reality all that this meeting and handshake did was prove unequivocally that RSF have completely acquiesced to Britain and have given up the ghost completely. Ar ta la os cionn.


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