As an ex-Royal Ulster Rifleman, Ex-Royal Irish Ranger, ex-Belfast Fireman, and ex-Loyalist Political Prisoner, I am totally disgusted with  this latest act of treachery by this cowardly British Government.


   What we witnessed in Belfast today, was not the act of casual common courtesy which this treacherous  British Government and the totally dishonest IRA ,would have us believe it was.     Casual common courtesy was what was bravely displayed by the old IRA/Sein Fein man, who defied the IRA and shook the Queens hand in Cork last year.     What we witnessed in Belfast today was a contrived and totally orchestrated act of capitulation by the British Government.  Today we witnessed the Queen being deliberately placed into a contrived position by the British Government and the spineless DUP, whereby out of basic common courtesy she shook the totally unrepentant, bloody hands of slaughter.          By this duplicitous and treacherously contrived act, the British Government has completely and deliberately dishonoured the memory of the thousands of totally innocent men, women, children and babies slaughtered, by these same unrepentant bloody hands of slaughter during the past 100 years.         The fact that the IRA/Sein Fein, held meetings all over Ireland to explain to their fellow terrorists, just exactly what their real motive was, proves that this was also no act of common courtesy on their part.           Today the British Government, the spineless DUP and the God fathers of IRA terrorism have united to dance on the graves of every totally innocent victim of evil slaughtered, since the beginning of the World.  Today the British Government has warmly clasped the bloody hands of evil.     Charlie Freel.


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