So—the day has come and gone and to my knowledge no earth shattering events have occurred.  Nothing has transpired that should make us re-evaluate the worth of a paltry handshake.  The build up—at least the media led version—had us believe that this was the handshake that would eclipse all other handshakes.


  Certainly there is a huge significance behind the grasp–from both a nationalist and a unionist perspective.  This cannot be played down.  There is a feeling however that much of the hype has been manufactured—stage managed—at least on the republican side.  Up until the last moment the general public were left guessing if such a monumental meeting would in fact take place.  In true melodramatic fashion we had the –will he, won’t he scenario-ensuring a building of excitement.  The truth may well be that a decision was taken a long time ago.  And that decision almost certainly wasn’t taken by Martin himself, but rather the Ard Chomhairle.  This wasn’t a handshake like those we witnessed previously between the monarch and the Old IRA veteran in Cork last year or indeed the one between her and Mary McAleese.  There was no warmth involved, no feeling and certainly no respect—at least from McGuinness.  In the days leading up to this “significant” event we have been submerged in a torrent of guff from many quarters regaling us with the importance of the act.  Much of this rhetoric emanated from “leading loyalists” who were claiming that the proof was here at last that the war was over and the handshake was an indicator to the loyalist communities of the Sinn Fein Bona Fides.  What it is really a gauge of is the lengths they will go to to hoodwink the people of this country into believing that they have moral decency or scruples.  This latest stage managed charade has been years in the making.  When it looked like they had a golden opportunity last year to meet with the Queen when she visited Ireland they made much noise about the time not being right and republicans weren’t ready to make that move.  So exactly what has changed in one year then?  Not a lot in all honesty.  Then we had policy makers like Danny Morrison saying that they—Sinn Fein—were surprised at the reception the Queen received and the openness in which she was received.  He admitted that he had changed his opinion on that visit after previously labelling Elizabeth, “the Queen of Sheep”.  Yesterdays contrived affair from the Kings of Duplicity will do nothing to convince the loyalist community that there is a seismic shift in thinking from the denizens of Parnell Square.  The thinking from those quarters will never change—it’s not in their repertoire—and it will remain the same always.  By hook or by crook the egotistical and power hungry zealots who control the entire Republican Sinn Fein empire—no pun intended—will do all in their considerable power to ensure their dominance and pre-eminence.  The reality is that this cabal of fraudsters are more interested in seeing the Queens face on folding currency than they are of seeing her hand extended toward them.



  1. In response to 13th Batt: you have made some very relative comments and I believe that we–loyalist working classes–dont realise the importance of long term planning–it isnt in our psyche–perhaps this is due to generations of being ruled bu the other classes and being told our place. I remember reading–a long time ago–that Sinn Fein/IRA seen the year 1981 as a real watershed in their history and everything they planned from that point on had long term–30 year plus–objectives. So dont be fooled into thinking that an event such as a handshake was only planned and agreed recently–this has been a long time in the making–and always will have a “payback” factor worked in. Just wait and see what the payback is for a simple handshake.