A Letter From A Former Prisoner

Working Class Leadership

Many Ulster Volunteer prisoners emerged from the Loyalist Compounds of Long Kesh in the seventies after serving long prison sentences, they were totally unrepentant and determined to carry on the fight, to defend the right of the Majority to decide their own future despite the united efforts of the IRA campaign of indiscriminate slaughter, and an underhanded policy of peace by appeasement, that was being orchestrated secretly behind closed doors, by a deviously treacherous British Government. 


   Most of these Ulster Volunteers had withstood the torture and trauma of the interrogation centres, making no statements of admission, they had refused to submit to the age old British prosecution bribe of a shorter sentence if they expressed regret and betrayed their comrades during trial. They had reinforced their right to be classified as political prisoners by their defiant shouts of No Surrender, directed at their trial Judges on sentencing.   During their incarceration they conducted themselves as political prisoners, refusing to wear any clothes other than civilian clothes, and no uniform other than the uniform of the Ulster Volunteers.   They had victoriously defied brutal confrontations with the British Army in the battles for political status and political segregation. They took complete internal control of their own Compounds and ran them in as strict a military fashion, as any of the top British Army Regiments.       After their release they were totally astounded to discover that working class Loyalists were still totally obsessed with a one sided union, with the totally unreliable partner who had betrayed them so callously and despite the loyalty and sacrifice of our forefathers in countless wars, had the cowardly audacity to brand us spongers.          Due to disillusionment, a sense of having been betrayed by their own people and the fact that the same empty politicians who had marched them to the top of the hill and then speedily  turned back in the past, were all now securely employed by the British Government in very profitable political family businesses, which they had taken the opportunity to create from the conflict, many of our sincere Ulster Volunteer ex-prisoners decided to withdraw their services, as a mark of disgust.           I consider this site to be an excellent mechanism to persuade these experienced ex –Volunteers back into our political ranks, to help create the sort of Loyalist Working class blue collar party, with the sort of Working class blue collar leadership, envisaged by Dr John Coulter in his recent post on this site.  



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  1. James Kerr

    I,m glad that the people who have taken it upon themself to start this website, have had the courage to do so. At least the true stories, and accurate accounts may be heard from the people who were there. I was too yong in those early days, to really understand the real issues. Having learnt over the years from men who were in prison and them who were’nt, what the fight really was for. As in those days, when men and women took up the fight. Today is no differant from then, we still have a fight on our hands. The same fight, the same enimies, but we need to fight them in a differant way. In the corridors of power. We have for too long as a Protestant people have sat back, and let everybody else take the lead. I hope and pray that you use your knowledge and go the political way. We need to educate our young people the importance of getting involved in politics and local affairs. Thank you and God Bless