What A Farce



Once again we have the republican movement acting like the great peace makers of this country and the ‘peace process’ over the question of whether Martin McGuiness will shake the hand of the Queen.I implore those who are reading this, do not be fooled by the republican P.R. machine which has been working on this situation for the past number of weeks or months.


How many times have we heard from prominent Sinn Fein people and the many sympathetic journalists, that this is a brave, history making move by Mr McGuiness?  It is a move which has to be discussed at the highest levels in the republican movement. The republican movement will consider what is best for the peace process and what is best to unite the people of this country. This will be a watershed between Britain and Ireland.

What a crock!

Long ago Sinn Fein realised their IRA and its sectarian campaign against the British people was doomed to failure. When recognising this they started negotiating with the British government the best way for them to bow out without losing face. We may never know the true content of these discussions but, as has been seen with Sinn Fein’s acquiescence regarding whether some of the hunger strikers lived or died, some details will eventually come out. 

Let us look at this republican movement. They murdered and terrorised claiming they would never stop until they achieved a United Ireland. All the while they were having cosy chats with their ‘enemy’.

Once they got into power their ideals started going out the window. Remember Acton’s famous quote, ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Never has this statement been more apt than in relation to Sinn Fein.

Sinn Fein states their opposition to the British and claims to want the British out of Ireland. Sinn Fein is milking Westminster to claim £460,000 a year for its constituency offices in Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein try to claim some moral ground by stating an end to ‘double jobbing’.  Sinn Fein would have lost more than £700,000 in future expenses had they not ordered its five MPs to quit Stormont.

Isn’t it strange that this Irish Republican party chooses to keep its seats at Westminster but give up its seats in Belfast?

Although it has been kept quiet in the press, there has been a steady stream of activists, both political and military who have left the Republican movement since Sinn Fein signed up with the British.

The so called ‘free press’ for reason only known to themselves are happy to print anything the Republican movement asks and, more seriously, to ignore what the Republican movement do not want printed.

Remember the child abuse in the republican movement, including Gerry Adams’ covering up for his brother, Claudy and McGuiness meeting the murdering priest Chesney, denying it, then admitting it but stating he’d forgot, Adams’ involvement in the murder of Jean McConville, Adams’ claim he has never been in the IRA, McGuniness claim he left the IRA in 1974.

These stories go on and on but fall by the wayside after the Sinn Fein publicity machine issue a denial.

Now once again Sinn Fein are trying to act like the great peace makers because McGuiness is going to shake hands with the Queen.

Do you really think the British Monarch has been sitting idly by, nervously waiting to see if and when Martin McGuiness and Sinn Fein decide he should shake her hand.

How do you think the Queen feels about having to shake the hand of this terrorist whose organisation murdered her husband’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten. Along with Lord Mountbatten the IRA murdered 2 children Nicholas Knatchbull, 14, one of his twin grandsons, and Paul Maxwell, 15, a local boat boy. Another passenger on the boat, Lady Brabourne, 82, died the day after the attack.

Sure pay attention to the headlines over the next number of days and months but don’t believe the hype.

The headlines are stating how McGuiness is reaching out to the Unionist community. While others in his party are calling on the Equality Commission to investigate whether it is legal to fly a flag from City Hall for the Armed Forces Day. They are behind the Equality Impact Assessment on whether the Union Flag should fly at City Hall. They are behind the many protests at band parades across the country.

Ask yourself, what difference would it make to you as a unionist/loyalist if McGuiness did not shake the Queens hand next week?

Then ask yourself what will it benefit Sinn Fein when McGuiness does shake the Queens hand next week?

Once again the critical questioning and challenging of Sinn Fein and their publicity machine from the Unionist parties and the press has been deathly quiet while, once again Sinn Fein milk the situation for their own ends.






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