This week in the papers 3


Some interesting stuff in the papers this week – from Johnny Evans to Denis Donaldson, Stephen Nolan to Martin McGuiness – all good stuff. There were a few stories that made me smile – I’m sure you did as well – if you read them. Let me start with Stephen Nolan. Nolan’s new weekly TV show started this week – in my opinion it wasn’t a great start – the guy looks likes two guys and he seemed quite nervous. But it was Friday’s Belfast Telegraph review by Joe Nawaz that had me smiling. Joe called Nolan ‘the cake loving Mother Teresa of chat’ – some would say this is a great description – and said he watched the show in ‘extra wide-angled awe!’ – Brilliant. Funny enough the result of a poll conducted by the show found that 57% of respondents agreed that punishment attacks were, sometimes, acceptable – quite a shock to Nolan – I think he’s now searching for a different ‘pulse of the people’ – the one he thought he had has let him down.

My second ‘cynical smile’ of the week was when Peter Robinson in an UTV interview, was asked to comment about Ian Hurst/Martin Ingram’s input to the Smithwick hearing about Garda collusion in the murder of Harry Breen and Bob Buchanan. Ingram said that Martin McGuiness, as Northern Commander of the IRA would have sanctioned the double murder. Robinson’s reply was that his mate Martin should go to the tribunal and give evidence – he said ‘ if people have committed crimes then they’re answerable, no matter what their position’. My mind immediately dragged up sordid stories of infidelity, dodgy grants, land purchases and Clontibret – funny that. I also imagined the guaranteed ‘righteous indignation’ he would have demonstrated 10 years ago if this story had have been about. Times have changed.


On to Mister Johnny Evans. You have to admit that the ‘big lad’ has made a dramatic improvement since last season – he looks confident, assured and willing to shoulder responsibility. What he said in an interview, and returned the smile to my face, and was reported by the Belfast Telegraph was this –‘people thought I had a bad season but, in my mind, it was only a period of games in which I didn’t play too well’. It’s the sort of same thing Johnny, isn’t it?


Read this week that the family of Denis Donaldson are preparing to go to court because Donaldson’s inquest had been adjourned again – for the ninth time!

Surely this shouldn’t be allowed to happen – the family deserve better but we all know this ‘dirty war’ is still going on – albeit on a different ‘battlefield’. Speaking of which – that well known ‘humanist’ and co-founder of ‘HELP’, Raymond McCord, has been in the news this week. HELP have been informed by the CRC that they are withdrawing £56K of funding because HELP has not met criteria demanded by CRC. McCord son’s inquest starts this week and he is hoping, after requesting an ‘Article 2’ inquest, that Policemen and so called UVF agents will attend. That will be fun Raymond!!


The dissident republicans seem to be stepping up their campaign. They planted a device under a car parked in the Ballygomartin Road area of Belfast. The intended target was a policeman who previously owned the car. Is there anything worse than a stupid terrorist group having access to bombs, weapons and bad or out of date intelligence? These morons also planted a 600lb. bomb near Newry – Martin, I suppose you know nothing about either?



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