I t has emerged recently that the former Commanderof UK Land Forces Sir John Wilsey, confirmed that Freddie Scappiticci was indeed working for British Intelligence before he was unmasked in 2003.  Sir John was duped into giving up this information when he received a telephone call from whistleblower Ian Hurst who was masquerading as a Channel Four researcher working under the name of Jeremy Chiles.  He revealed that Scap had been recruited as far back as 1976 and such was his importance that he was considered to be a “Golden Egg “by his controllers.

And such was his usefulness that the RUC Special Branch tried unsuccessfully to poach him from their erstwhile allies.  Special Branch always did know a gooddeal when they seen one!!

This attempted move came after the setting up in 1984 of the FRU—Force Research Unit—which Freddie was connected to—along with his handler, a soldier called Peter Jones.  Scappiticci was less than keen to assist the Special Branch—according to Sir John, who met him more than once– because he considered the RUC to be a sectarian force.  Well, I suppose it is comforting to know that the bold Fred, through all his years as a senior IRA figure—when he was not only interned but ran one of the Cages—throughout his time as the most senior figure of the IRA’s so called Nutting Squad—and after his “turning” in the mid seventies—that he was never sectarian.  And the fact that the 30 odd alleged informers who Freddie allowed to be killed to protect himself were all Catholics, is surely proof of this.


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