Friday the 13th: Or an Early April Fool’s Day Out with the Loony Left: Charlie Freel



Last Fridays farcically meaningless, one day token strike, by the looney lefters, without a doubt resulted in the weirdest collection of strange bed-fellows, ever to be seen in Northern Ireland.


Old original trade unionists, from the days when trade unionism was directed by the workers on the shop floor and strikes lasted until the clearly defined, achievable goal was achieved, will have watched on in disbelief as workers were conned into participating in such a farcical sham strike, by the heavily infiltrated, republican supporting, big house, fur coated, managing directors of the treacherous, Irish trade union movement.


Genuine, solidarity sincere, original trade unionists, will have watched on in disbelief as some deluded workers trooped out, at the behest of the same treacherous, Irish congress of trade unions who had stood silently by, as the NIPSA Classroom assistants were betrayed, by the black legging, Unite, Unison and GMB, non-solidarity supporting, so called trade unions, who actively encouraged their members to undermine the Classroom assistants totally legitimate strike, by crossing the NIPSA picket lines.

It was obvious by their black legging, solidarity destroying behaviour, that the treacherous Unite, Unison and GMB leaderships, were willing to abandon every principle of basic trade unionism rather than offend their friends in the IRA/Sinn Fein and Catriona  Ruanne, the IRA/Sinn Fein education minister.


It was therefore totally unbelievable for old original, sincere trade unionists, to witness the shameful spectacle of the betrayed, NIPSA trade unionists, allowing themselves to be associated with and tarnished by, the treacherous, black legging, non-trade unionists of Unison, Unite and GMB, at last Fridays farcical, token strike.


As expected the usual collection of extreme, looney lefters of the communist party, the IRA, the dissident IRA, the dissidently dissident IRA, the in your face, homosexual brigade and the ever dependable, never done an honest day’s work in their life brigade, were all in attendance.


The hypocrites of the day award was a close run match between, the IRA/Sinn Fein, for having the hard neck to turn up to protest about the policies they are supporting up at Stormont and the pink section of the PUP.  Very recently the pink section of the PUP, in support of farcical, same sex sham marriage, were telling everyone daft enough to listen, that the Loyalist people of Northern Ireland should slavishly obey the dictates of the Sovereign British Government. Last Friday they suddenly changed their minds and started marching to a republican tune instead, in opposition to the dictates of equality, from their Sovereign British Government.  The event was about to be declared a draw until, one of the East Belfast Pink section of the PUP was reported to have said that, at the upcoming election, he would be casting his vote for the treacherous, alliance party, by writing No Surrender across his ballot paper, rather than support a United Unionist Candidate.


Charlie Freel.



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